The 15 Most Underrated Feelings Of All Time

The 15 Most Underrated Feelings Of All Time
The 15 Most Underrated Feelings Of All Time
Published on 12/10/2017
The 15 Most Underrated Feelings Of All Time


The sounds of waves and the smell of the salty sea
Holding a child or a purring cat.
Hearing a thunderstorm. Taking a nice hot bath
Driving on an empty highway
being able to play my music & sing as loud as I want because I'm home alone 😍
Getting up early to go on vacation😍
The warmth and quiet of the empty car. Like a little nook all to yourself.
The feeling you get just before you open a brand new book in a favorite series.
Fresh bed sheets. But even more, jumping into my bed with fresh bed sheets after a relaxing bath. ✌🏼
Seeing my daughter asleep in her own bed after another long hospital stay!
The first drink of ice cold water when you are burning up.
waking up next to the person i love cuddling me <3
Climbing back into your warm bed after you had to get up in a cold house because you had to pee.
The feeling of freshly shaved legs... Or the cool side of the pillow.
When someone goes for seconds of the food you made
wish there was more of this and less of stressing about school
The cool breeze on a hot summer day. The last bell on the last day of school. Feeling beach sand in between your toes.
The feeling after a great dump.
The smell of hose water lol
Sitting on your porch when it rains in the country
go back home after so many years working in a foreign country. :-)
Coming home from vacation to a clean house.
When the fridge is full of food.
Waking up, looking at your clock and realizing you still have a few hours of sleep before you have to wake up.
Probably been said but that feeling after a shower. Especially after working out, or after a long day of housework.
Clocking out of work for your vacation
Bringing a new pet home!
Knowingly acknowledging the amazing small moments is the key to a happy life. Live in the moment!
A sunny but slightly chilly and breezy fall day. *shivers*
And the way the air smells right at dusk during the summer. You can smell the humidity coming off of the earth and it's so peaceful and amazing.
Best buzzfeed video 😫
When you're at a concert and you close your eyes and just feel connected to everything and you know everyone else feels it too.
That last feeling scares me, I live with a lot of people, and if I heard dead silence it's just weird and lonely.. I like having lots of noise lol
Getting naked as soon as I get home.
When I order something online and forget about it and come home to a nice present for myself
I've got a few...
1. I've got A LOT of sinus and allergy problems. When the pressure in my head releases after a long day (or night) of not being able to hear anything, it's amazing.
2. Fresh, clean, sheets
3. New socks
Watching ur kids tie their shoes for the first time cause you taught them. Making ur parents proud of you. Helping someone elderly. Watching the sun rise with someone you love.
Sleeping in my own bed after a week away. And not having to be anywhere today
i know your not supposed to but cleaning your ears with q tips, that feeling you get when a great beat comes on and it makes you make the "stank" putting on clothes fresh out the dryer. "cuddling" after a woman has just got out a hot bath....
So.....we're gonna pretend that pooping isn't one of the best feelings in the world? LMAO honest?
The song is called Formula Fun by Birocratic!
I feel strangely calm after watching that video.
Flipping the pillow on a hot night and getting the "cool side"😌😌
Drinking something warm on a chilly day
I don't think you understand what underrated means.
Listening to a cool new song on buzzfeed 🎶🎶🎶
what song on this video?
Being in either the car or the bath and listening to the rain.
Also, farting in the bath! 😄
This vid alone made me feel nice relating to the feelings listed...
I can think of one that's vastly underrated but it's nasty...nothing like the very first one and I'm not talking about sex.
One of the best videos, buzzfeed!

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