Texting When You're Single Vs. In A Relationship

Texting When You're Single Vs. In A Relationship
Texting When You're Single Vs. In A Relationship
Published on 12/10/2017
Texting When You're Single Vs. In A Relationship


I hate the "word" Bae. Ugh
More like sex in a relationship vs single
You: "Hey what'cha up to??"
*No response*
*They hate me*
*More panic*
Them: "Hey, just got this."
Being single is awesome!!! Just kidding, I'm typing this while wiping my tears off the screen :/
Why are they basing dating as just having sex ?
The food text is most accurate.
BuzzFeed just upset me.
WTF. Why is this all sex is that all there is? sex! so... single people that aren't the same sex can't hangout as friends wtf is wrong with people I don't have to be fucking my guy friend in order for me to be having a fun time, why do most girls think that's all any guy wants yes 90% but not all guys are sluts just like I'm sure / hoping not all girls are hoes but I could be wrong, havn't met a girl that didn't turn out to be a hoe or another guy that insn't a slut so maybe its all in how you see things but still, do a texting thing without it being all about sex or dating
This is sad for many different reasons. Smh. 😪😪😪
Yaaaaaa thanks for keeping the "bae" bullshit alive assholes
More like, high school relationships vs Adult relationships.
contrary to popular belief (i guess???) people in relationships dont text each other when they want to have sex, and its not all they think about. jesus, buzzfeed.
I gotta start using that! "LETS HAVE SEX! 👉👌" lmao!
"Come home ASAP I want sex!" Um I think I might be a little offended if my boyfriend said that. If I was on vacation I think it'd be "Come home ASAP I miss you!" before that :/ Like all you get in a relationship is sex.
I feel like this is my first highly disappointing buzzfeed video. 👏 You did great in capturing the essence of conversations made by teenagers. I wonder if buzzfeed only hires moderately intelligent people or just a group of kids to do their videos. But hey, they get suckers like me who watch this and leave me wondering why I pressed play to begin with.
Am I the only one that is in it for more than sex!?
Actually in a relationship texts are no where near as sex related :/
Unless you're a no texter. Then the only text is 'WHY WON'T YOU REPLY TO MY TEXTS'
So the point of the video was that being single and having a bae are both boring? Lol. I love buzzfeed but they could've done better than this.
Just goes to show all people care about now days is sex. Where did all the traditional 'marriage before sex' people go? I need them! :c
i think its (Texting by good man vs Texting by bad man)
Those single people have zero text game..
Once you start dating, bae gets an iPhone.
Where is the married part ?!
You guys should do one for married couples... It changes drastically...
All the texts are dumb
Not everybody cares that much about sex .
Being in a relationship isn't all about sex like wtf
Any other asexuals in the house? ?
What I got from this is that single people use android phones and dating people use iPhones
Not everyone in a relationship focuses on having sex.... Just sayin
Inaccurate as fucj
This is the saddest video..im off buzzfeed fuck this
So only the people that are dating are capable of using iMessage. Us single folks gotta settle for sms? Lol😂😂
I am in a relationship for 3 years now and we do more than just have sex and I was single and did more than just think about sex with a guy.
My now husband and I had known each other for only a few weeks and one night I texted him asking if he wanted to "hook up" and we ended up hanging out just watching Netflix. Lol no sex ever happened and we started dating in the next week.
I guessed married with kids is a whole different video. It's "let's have sex." "Maybe tomorrow." Or asking about appointments and diapers.
So relationships are only for sex?!
What's with all the sex texts lol
Shouldn't it be spontaneous?
I guess after 5 years it's just second nature lol
I don't know about you guys, but I never end any texts in "x" or "xxx" or any number of X's. Lol.
Xavier relationship goals hahahahah 😋😈🙏
first rule of thumb... never date a person named poop
WTF is the problem with buzzfeed? Being in a relationship is not all about sex. Couples should make love not just sex. People nowadays -_-
This was just sex sex sex. Stupid.
I'm single for long time. So Obv I've never been experiencing for in a relationship texting -.-
House of Cards (y)
Sorry, I don't text my poop nor would I text like that to my poop if I did.
Who the hell is Julia!
look at all the whiney, First-World kids complaining about how BF didn't "correctly" define their ideas of a small set of situations in the context of when they're single or in a relationship. Jesus, people. STFU.
The people at Buzzfeed must get laid a lot!

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