Text From Crazy Exes That Will Make You Happy You’re Single

Text From Crazy Exes That Will Make You Happy You’re Single
Text From Crazy Exes That Will Make You Happy You’re Single
Published on 10/17/2017
Text From Crazy Exes That Will Make You Happy You’re Single


I want to laugh, but really if you've ever been in love you realize that love can make you crazy lol.
I initially thought it said "text from Crazy EYES." #VanillaAndChocolateSwirl 😭😂
Still not happy I'm single tbh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I've seriously considered a restraining order, but kicking his ass would be so much more effective.
I see what you did there throwing the dress conundrum in again ;)
What about the "Suicidal"
"If it's obvious that I ignored THIRTY TWO CALLS, why would you keep trying?"
Hahahahaha I love that.
Bitches be crazy. I love it when I get a "Hey" from an ex. I love being missed.
My names Elizabeth, my ex was like that.
Hahah, I love these. Kinda sad to say I've been on both sides of these texts, oops!
The policeman one makes me so mad for some reason. Like unless the other person actually did something illegal, taking it to that level is unnecessary. And kind of childish. Urghhh haha
My ex was the one that never gave up. Even after I told him to leave me alone and he said ok, but would continue harassing me. Had to finally block him from everything.
These are actually indicative of really abusive relationships. It's not "funny shit"...
The dress was obviously blue and black.
That's how all my exes end up...
I read that as Crazy Eyes. My Orange is the New Black feels are too real!!!!!
The caller was DEFINITELY my ex. Dude wouldn't take a goddamn hint and would spam my phone with texts on top of the calls.
THIS IS WHY WE BROKE UP! best text! lol
Most all of these look like reasons for restraining orders... o.o;
This is why before breaking up with someone, you change your number, sneak all your stuff back, and block them from all of social media hahahah
That awkward moment when buzzfeed uses the name of your ex in their video 📹 #Stillhurts
They forgot the "I'll kill myself if you don't talk to me" crazy ex. That was my ex....that was hell for a couple weeks.
Haha funny ass shit we all go through
I wonder how many relationships ended over that dumb dress?
Like 1/2 of these might actually be legit (crazy ppl) but the other half are those ppl that were in love enuf w someone that they actually believed that "I'm just waitin for him/her to leave, so hang in there w me" b.s. or that, "my b.m./b.d.' stuff......
Yea, talk out your asses, but y'all know many of you loved someone enuf to fall for it at one time or another.....
And if someone were to take your texts out of context, you know you looked like a friggn whacka-do!!!😂
lol this is so me xD im that ex
Randy Perez, hey the single life doesn't seem so bad huh, u could be gettn crazy texts! Lol :-P
My ex sent me some really odd shit... Like saying I broke into his car and that I tried to run him over after..... Only thing my car got repo'd the day before, so no way for me to mob over there lol.
Damn, ive had all those kinds if crazies as exes. Hmmm...thank God my husband was trained well. Hahaaa
Better to have loved and lost than to never love at all. I never love before..... :/
I can relate to the sweatshirt one 😂
My ex threatened my best friend because he thought she "manipulated" me into dumping him.
An ex of mine just left a note on my Windshield the other day..."I still think about u"
If my ex replied me like that I would punch in his face, respect above everything. At least for what we shared.
They don't have the "obsessive stalker ex" lol. Like "I don't care if your married, be with me too I love you so much." ex boyfriend from SEVEN YEARS AGO. Still stalls me.
Buzzfeed, some cheerful music doesn't mask that most or all of these texts are obsessive, stalking, and manipulative, which are indicative of abusive situations.
"Did you draw a penis on my car?" ... Hahahahaha 😂😂 ohhhhh the high school days..
I would tag a certain person that this relates to but I blocked that hoe! Lol
I think we've all had some crazy & have all been the crazy at least once.
That's just my opinion though. Lol.
I still have a guy that I dated almost TEN YEARS AGO on my back. I block him on everything, but he always makes a new account. He's psycho.
That sweatshirt thing happened to me. Like damn, just give me my clothes back lol. But I ain't gonna report anyone over a sweatshirt...
Send me the sweatshirt and no one gets hurt hahahaha
Paola Briseño Cinthya Landeros me recordo a alguien :v (121 mensajes de whats, preguntando si soñe con otro, seguirnos a la casa de Bere, apareciendo en el camino a mi casa, todaaaas las mañanas mensajes, solo violo mi privacidad cibernetica "una vez" , encontrando todaaaas mis cosas perdidas, suponiendo cualquier estupidez sobre por que friendzone) para que tener un ex si puedes tenerlo todos en uno que ni siquiera fueron mnada YAAAAY :v
Okay the sweatshirt person was reasonable...sweatshirts can get pricy!
Not really funny when you consider its behavior like this that brought about the stalking laws of the 1990s.
LOL, the policeman *high fives*
How did you get some of the texts my ex sent? Seriously, he is a psycho and did many similar things...
I had the time of the day person, annoying, had to block them in the end

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