TENplay - TV Your Way

TENplay - TV Your Way
Published on 11/24/2017


Wtf is wrong with it today.. It just kicks you out and the adds have different volumes.. I will record rather than ten play. Plus I can fast forward the adds..
Well done TEN love to see.
will it do airplay ?
Hi channel ten, do you have any idea when you will be airing season 11 of NCIS?? #tiva
Really missing Law & Order. Bring it back on please!
Can't stand gay shot on celebrity get of my tv
Finally!!! Australia is always so far behind the US when it comes to tv technology!!!
is this why the channel ten app wouldnt work on xbox live before cos you're already making the changes?
If the new "Wake Up" programme on Channel 10 is going to promote McDonalds Recycled Products (ie Golden Arches of Death), I will switch 10 off, and start a campaign to "Switch Off Ten" - SOT, as McDonalds is not fit for human consumption!
will tenplay be available on windows phone?
Looks awesome! Can't wait!!
Absolutely blown away by this. As a media student who wrote a essay only a few weeks ago about how media organisations still aren't winning the illegal downloading war with fast-tracking and catch up services, this is pretty cool :) Can't wait for Homeland!
Can i watch new new homeland series on the xbox app?
Hopefully HTML5 and not Flash-based? Meaning it will actually work on all smartphones & smart TVs?
Why was SVU replaced tonight?? Will it be back next week?
Glad to see Ten wiping Nine and Seven clean of their "catch up" services.
Look forward to the TenPlay release! :)
Hey Channel Ten what's the song playing on the new ad for eyewitness news? Thanks in advance! :)
When is this being released on Android?
How soon?
It looks like ABC iView, well done!
I'm impressed! When's the launch date?

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