Teens Watched ’90s Music Videos For The First Time And Their Reactions Will Make You Feel Old

Teens Watched ’90s Music Videos For The First Time And Their Reactions Will Make You Feel Old
Teens Watched ’90s Music Videos For The First Time And Their Reactions Will Make You Feel Old
Published on 10/17/2017
Teens Watched ’90s Music Videos For The First Time And Their Reactions Will Make You Feel Old


Don't. you. dare. talk. smack. on. Missy.
"I thought that it was, like, 2010 that women were being objectified but I think it started earlier than I thought"... Oh god. That's not being young, that's being oblivious to the world.
I was born in '95 and even I know Missy Elliot is a musical legend... C'mon now.
These teenagers are annoying....And I am NOT old LOL
who has leopard sheets when they are a kid?
The 90's music is way better than the music that's played today.
Music videos were crappy back then but music was good...now roles have reversed and music is crappier today and videos are better...
These teens are morons
Whatever - get off my lawn.
Anyone else remember when MTV actually revolved around music??? Getting home from school and watching Carson play the top videos!? oh! And Making The Video (that I now see was a 1999 show but who cares)!!! I loved that show!!!!! Born in 91...I don't feel old, but I miss the old shows
What's really upsetting is they said Shania Twain is annoying.
Did that girl seriously refer to Missy Elliot as an "it"?
These are definitely the teens who thought Missy Elliott was a new artist at the Superbowl smh
It's still familiar to them. You should show them the 70's and 80's ones.
I was born in 95 and I know every single one of those songs by heart. These guys annoyed the shit out of me.
This hurt to watch and i hate that girl with the permanent sour face. Fuck her for insulting missy like that.
Comparing Shania Twain to Taylor Swift, as if Shania is some form of her? No thank you, my good miss. :P
Watched the Eiffel 65 'Blue' video then says, "Wait, why is everything blue!?" REALLY!!!
Waiting for "Like my comment if you are a 90s kid" comment.
"I thought it was like... 2010 when women were being objectified." Seriously?
wow all of these kids are like shut ins to even mention glee is the worst thing ever smh to ask why everything is blue for effel 65 blue?? are they fucken retarded? The youth of today is going to shit
I'm actually offended hahah. 90s music and the videos were awesome!!
as a teen born in the 90s, this hurts my heart to see this. how did they not see this growing up????? v.v i am ashamed of my generation
Saying Shania Twain is like Taylor Swift is beyond wrong in so many ways... Shania Twain is a friggen legend ... Taylor Swift doesn't even begin to compare.
Let's see ... No, no one walked around in leopard clothing in the 90s. We didn't think Missy Elliott's weird suit was normal, I don't think anyone really understood it. We didn't think the graphics for Blue was good then either, we knew they were cheesy. ... kids.
No love for Blink-182?!
Lol kids these days if they only knew the struggle of no iPhone iPad cell phones and highly updated computers or video games they might have to go outside and play ;)
Can BUZZFEED feature more kids of color?!?! Asian, Mexican, Indian, Polynesian...?!?
Someone please get a 90s class together and teach them grunge...
"This video is like a parody" ummm have they not seen Lady Gagas crazy vids?? :P
Saying Shania Twain is more annoying than Taylor Swift makes me want to cry
No Buzzfeed. Leave reaction videos to The Fine Bros...
Seriously can i just reach thru my phone and smack them across the back of their heads and walk away, 80s/90s music was THE SHIT i loved everything from those eras , everything was better back then.
It's seems like a lot of the people that do videos for you guys live very sheltered lives like they're all super privileged and because of that they didn't get to experience a lot so they're always able to do videos like this and give what they think are edgy comments and comments that they think are intelligent but instead just sound like they've been living under a rock their whole lives
They should have shown "Smells Like Teen Spirit"
They should have picked better music videos then those. Busta Rhymes videos were the shit
These people are annoying and I want to slap them all.
Ok yeah fuck these kids
This hurt my heart. 90s music is way better than this crap they call music these days.. my Pandora is always on 90s country or 90s alternative.. sometimes even 90s pop.. it was an epic era for music lol
"Its like Taylor Swift..but with leopard print" ....no. no. Where are the black kids though? I'm almost positive they would have known who shaggy was.
Umm.. I was born in '97 and would much rather listen to the older ('50-'90s) music than any of this new shit.
***White teens watch....
It would have been better to show them 80's & 90's cartoons
Danni come on. I was born 93 and I know shania is not taylor swift with leopard print. I HATE TEENAGERS
"Young people don't know anything, especially that they're young." - Don Draper
Don't compare shaina to Taylor just no !!
Hell, they should have played them the "Californication," "Butterfly," & "Say You'll Be There" music videos for a real 90's experience. lol
Will not even watch because if you haven't seen a 90s music video your opinions & thoughts are invalid.

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