Swimsuits Through History

Swimsuits Through History
Swimsuits Through History
Published on 11/23/2017
Swimsuits Through History


Skipped the 80's cause after Jaws released no body was trying to get in the ocean.
This video was neat. And the variety in the models was super neat.
What's not neat is all the women in the comments bashing on skinny women.
All women are real women, no matter what their body size is.
funny how some of these clothes are worn to parties now
It's amazing no one drowned in the 20's
I like that non of the girls were model stick figures. They all looked like regular realistic girls which everyone could relate to :) it's refreshing and nice :)
They skipped the 80s!
#1950 eugh, am I the only one who really wants the 1950's and 40's swimming costumes?
You guys are annoying with the, "look normal women" models are normal women too. They can't help how their bodies look after the shoot and how they put them out like that. There are plenty of girls with "model bodies" that aren't models that can't help looking like that. Stop body shaming everyone. There is NO such thing is normal sized.
2010: everything so small that it only covers your nipples and butt crack. I swear I can't find a suit that will cover my ass! So frustrating to shop for suits nowadays
So is dehumanizing skinny women supposed to make you bitter bitches feel better?
Ehm no bikinis today aren't made for each body type any busty girl will tell you that
Aaannnndddd here I am wearing a one piece with a dark baggy tshirt and shorts as a swim suit xD
At the rate we're going in 2030... Bathing suits will be our birthday suits!! 👙✌
I think what people are trying to say about using "normal" women is that this video was made with girls that are not in the fashion industry, women that you are most likely to find in the streets, in your school, in your job (unless if you work as a designer or something). I think we are all pretty...(:
Buzzfeed forever not pushing those impossible body standards! :D
And yet I still can't find one that looks decent on me. These ladies all looked gorgeous.
The song was so annoying to be honest
You totally skipped the 80s. Remember,the extremely high French cut suites??
Finally beautiful REAL girls used as models.
Interesting. Wish the hair matched the eras though.
Actually I thought all of the swimsuits were cute.
I'm slim but I don't see where this video is negative towards smaller women... The video shows what the everyday woman looks like and they were all different sizes. Some ppl just want to find something to be offended about. Smh
For the first time, i feel like my body is perfect. Thank you for showing normal people, instead of skinny and photoshopped.
Shouldve chosen better looking girls :/
So glad that they used normal size girls! Points for buzzfeed!
I guess the 80's didn't count since they didn't include it.
Love it, But I hate when these types of videos skip a decade.
Interesting how people are 'happy' because curvy girls are being used. There is a difference between curvy and fat. Stop using naturally curvy woman as a way to justify they fact that you are fat. Same way a smallwr woman should not use the fact that someone is naturally thin as a way to justify other destructive life habits.
Summers throughout history
Every women in this video was beautiful ❤
What about the 80s? Was everyone going nude?
normal sized? nice going. now only big girls are normal? gtfo .. talk about hypocrisy right? if skinny girls or under size 10 wrote that what they'd be body shaming? cmon
I like how all of you asshats are hating on skinny women. Saying shit like, "I like how all of your models are real women. Not skinny sticks." Like girls that are naturally skinny aren't real, or aren't women. That's fucked up. Not all girls are fat. Some women are naturally skinny. Imagine if these comments were reversed, saying, "I'm glad all your models were skinny, none of this 'normal, fat women stuff'". I think it's funny how okay it is to slander skinny women just because they're skinny. Hypocrites
How many people want a BuzzFeed Swimsuit Calendar now? Do one for the Try Guys as well. ;)
black and blue...really? haha. NOT racist btw
I know... I'm not the first person to say this, but they didn't include the '80s! Remember those swimsuit bottoms that were really really high cut on the sides? That didn't start in the '90s because of Baywatch. Also, side boob became popular in the '80s too... I guess they didn't want to freak anyone out. I always hated those swimsuit styles in the '80s anyway. Too much for me to see as a kid!
1920s all the way... Curse you sexual revolution...
Every one is getting way too butt hurt over this! Goodness! All women are beautiful, skinny or curvy. Just because they aren't models doesn't mean you should get butt hurt over it! Face it curvy is in! Skinny has always been in and still is! everyone is 'real'. And if this video is making you insecure, imagine the comments the girls in the video are reading right now. For real guys, it's really stupid if you're getting butt hurt- face it theres other shapes and sizes out there. Just because you are happy with your own doesn't mean you have to bring others down. It is nice to see a larger variety of shapes rather then 'Barbie' like girls that media has made the ideal girl to be. Just be nice to others.
That's 80s!!!
wtf is with the sour women "real sized girls" sooooo...what are thinner women?
Dat boobie bounce at the end though...
The girl at the end who bounced her boobs. I can't be the only one who saw that!!
i hate how most of you fat people comment on these type of videos complaing about skinny women, now if you offended by the word fat then you should be if you dont like skinny women talking about you like that then keepy your ignorant comments to yourself. on the other hand we control how small we are god made us the way he wanted us.
"Normal women"??
Look people, wether you're skinny, chunky, tall, short, we're all women and we're all beautiful. You saying an extremely skinny person isn't "normal" is just as bad as anyone who shames a woman who is overweight.
I'm so sick of seeing the hypocrisy on every post I come across.
I understand, you thought your "normal woman" comment was harmless...but really, it's invalid.
Just like the rest of the world and everything on it, women are all different.
Stop the shaming. You sound like the media when you shame each other. 💕💕
I'm tired of hear "normal sized girls" just because I'm small doesn't mean I'm not normal...
People have to find an excuse to complaint. If buzzfeed uses average women who dont portray the eternal model type figure they are essentially body shaming the skinny women population. If people say they like seeing average women in these type of videos instead of models that are used in media and fashion industry they are body shaming skinny women as well. Cause there is no way to be politically correct here. The words normal, average, skinny & models are forbidden to be used unless you are ready to be hunted down are burned alive... ok got it!
I just completely love the fact that there are lots of types of bodies in this! That's a lovely video. Thank you for putting normal and beautiful girls :)
A women's body is their own business. The fact that I see women bashing women is sickening. How can you stop the cycle of hate if your contributions are negative in its own right?
Love all the skinny shaming on this post. All of you who are saying those things are hypocrites

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