Surprise Pregnancy Announcements That'll Make You Happycry

Surprise Pregnancy Announcements That'll Make You Happycry via America's Funniest Home Videos
Surprise Pregnancy Announcements That'll Make You Happycry
Published on 11/17/2017
Surprise Pregnancy Announcements That'll Make You Happycry
via America's Funniest Home Videos


the grandpa at the end hit me in the feels
*sniff sniff* Hey who put these onions here?! 😡
I just have something in my eye. Like a twig, you know, or a branch
Did an only lady just get so excited that she pooped herself? 😂😂😂
I wish my mother had reacted like this. When I told her she told me I had to have an abortion.
The last one got me
The grandpa got me 😭
I think it depends on the situation. When I got pregnant the first time, they were ecstatic. My dad cried. Second time, that's great! Lol now when my brothers wife got pregnant after almost three years of trying, we were like these people. In these videos, some may have been trying for a long time and the news was so amazing that it finally happened.
I've never seen anybody reacting like this to news like these ones. It's just so wonderful
I'm a sucker for a crying grown man 😬
Are we gonna just ignore the lady who shit herself?
I hope my family reacts like this when I get pregnant. Especially my boyfriend's family.
My grandmother offered my mother ten grand to abort me. My mother acted so dismayed when I was pregnant. These are heart-warming.
When you should've put it in her ass...
Damnit buzzfeed! You don't tell me when I happycry! 😭😭😭
Awww...that video was too cute
I told my self i wouldn't cry before i watched this! Ugh man the feels
damn you, buzzfeed. you got me.
This is super cute !
Its like she pooped her pants, felt it then smelt it lmao
I'm 40 weeks pregnant and I couldn't watch this. Not because I didn't want to, but because I literally couldn't see the the video through all my (happy) tears! Beautiful video.
Damn I'm pregnant and this just set me over. So sweet!!! Those babies are blessed to have them as grandparents.
Buzzfeed, do more of these. I like these.
That last grandpa makes me lose it every time
The onion cutting ninjas have struck again! 😭😭
I just pooped my pants☺💩❤
I'm 100% sure all these girls are happily married.
When my parents found out I was pregnant they were like oh shit....
I cried
"I just pooped in my pants." LOL!
Aww the grandpa was the sweetest <3
"I just pooped my pants!" ;-)
The last one made me cry! So stinkin' precious!!! ☺😍
Better than when my mom told me I should be spayed!
Been TTC for a year now, I only wish to have this reaction from my loved ones!
I guess this only happens to white people.... 👀👀👀
This totally made me stupid cry and wish I had recorded my mom's reaction. She did a shimmy and shake. It was too cute. She passed away before she could meet her grandson, that she was sure was a girl LOL
I'll never have kids cause I'm terrified of this world we live in. I'm married for 5 years and financially stable enough to have a family but it's like the people on this planet keep getting worse by the day. And I wont even go into the working conditions and government control. Its all very scary and I wouldn't want to subject another human to this kind of torture.
I wish I would have gotten at least one reaction like this. No one was happy for me. I mean they "got used to the idea" and now love my daughter but I got nothing but hate.
The grandpa in the last one made me cry!!! Awww this is so awesome
:( sad thing is idk if my mom will be there when I'm a young woman n when I have a child someday...
I hate y'all!! Got me up here crying!!
When my sister's got pregnant it was more like "oh shit"
"What the hell is that? Woaaaaaaa im gunna be a gran mama" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Damn these pregnancy hormones!
Cried my eyes out ,and about to watch it again and again and again
I did shed a tear or two. Got me all up in my feelings wanting a baby.
I wanna do this for our parents baby. Keep it a secret till we can surprise them all like this ❤️💋 specially since it's all of their first times being grandparents :) Noah
This is gonna be you when I surprise you years later 😂☺💘 Xochitl Lucero

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