Supra Vs. Lambo

Supra Vs. Lambo
Published on 12/11/2017


Is that chase camera a car or a ak47?
God dam I need to win the lotto
People keep dogging on the supra driver. They can really be a handful at that power level whereas the lambo can hook way more power and be rock solid. I miss the days when nothing could touch 1k hp Supras on the highway but it's cool seeing how crazy fast these other newer cars are now.
Bye bye rice piper
holly fucking shit the car with more horsepower fucking won, there is no fucking way that just happened
If thwe guy knew how drive that supra he might have a chance
Even the camera car is faster there the supra.
I came to read the excuses from the import lovers on why the supra lost....
You're talking a twin turbo v10 vs a 6 cylinder...........
Only god would win
Yeah lambo has real horsepower. Supra lied about his hp
Never underestimate the supra... 50k vs... What does a Lamborghini cost? 250k? Another 10k a better driver and that supra would drag that "super-car"
Rudy Frank Shawn Bowerman 0:25-0:35 :DDDDDDD I'd still rather have the supra
Ronnie Kenny Omar M. That sound doe!
It know it would not be easy because of aerodynamics, but would love some old American cars to show up at some point. Would be cool to see a 32 Ford, 55 Chevy, 67 Mustang, 67 Corvette. Hell even some old trucks even.
Dominic Peper vs Darian Moritz
The driver in the supra is shitty. He's granny shifting that beast >_<
1500 HP. BOLLOCKS. !!!
But then i would be lying to you.
I'm sorry but this style of racing utilizes no skills. The with the most horse power wins. It's cool to see cars go fast but this isn't racing!
Zachariah Galindo, Andrew Williams
Mark Khoury Gawad Ashkar Tony Dakwar Adham R Dakwar Robert Assy
How is this even a match if it's 1500 hp to 1100 hp?!
DJ Fisher looks just like mine but is not mine.
Amir M
Typical supra big numbers but so much lage the race is over before the turbo even spools
Adrian Carrera Anthony Delarosa Berny Pupo That thing is a beast!
Austin Galloway this lambo kills this supra
Underground street kings there stuff is nasty on the interstate
That's crazy! How fast can those things go?? Justin Olvera
This is the stuff I have been telling u I wanna see when we go see Brittni Rodgers and Nick Rodgers
Wait wait wait, you're telling me a supra will consistently loose to a lambo with 400 more hp? gtfo
Muhammad Omair Awan
Philipp Glinski immer an Ampeln 😂
Ty Smith Louis Gomes
Jesse Jdm Silence well you like cars heh
Jemy Quant Gregory Boekhoudt Joward Croes un co pa jemy keda nice un ko pe wak ken ta buta riba caya
Brett Venardis
Anthony Phillipians Tavarone
Marco Lemaire vs Steven Stinga
Nora Leal
Marcello Hess
Konstantinos Tzortzoglou
I keep seeing thats not a race because its a 400hp difference. Ive seen 1000hp cars rip 1500hp cars all depends how its geared and the driver not to mention the supra is probably lighter
Youjung Lee 램보 겁나빨라
THAT LAMBO THO 😍😜 Kimberly Paige Riddle
Det er sånn her en bil skal låte Jonas og Jørgen :P

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