Super Sunday on Ten

TV’s best drama. TV’s best comedy. All on TV’s best night: Super Sunday on TEN.
Super Sunday on Ten
Published on 11/24/2017
TV’s best drama. TV’s best comedy. All on TV’s best night: Super Sunday on TEN.


you mean boring sunday night?
Homeland and Modern Family = boring? Are you kidding me?
No, tv best drama.. Is NCIS!
Yep boring as.
The best sunday homeland modern family vegas n merlin great tv...never boring...
yes it is boring
What the song called that is used in the ads for this? And can you please tell us the actual name of the remix version. Thanks in advance! :D
define 'best'...
'Best' = least local and least supportive of local talent, unless of course that 'talent' stems from reality television.
Homeland...Claire Daines looking confused in every scene.
Love this show <3
'Merlin' and 'The New Normal' are great. Shame I have already seen most of them.
The Worst TV station I have ever seen... 3 mins of program.. 2 mins of crappy adverts that insult the inteligence.
its like a replay lol
wow this show is very bad i wont watch it
Homeland is amazing. Modern family is the gay industry spreading their propaganda
Homeland and Modern Family are brilliant, Merlin is decent, The New Normal could be ok from what I've seen. But this is 2012; please don't claim to be "fast tracking" a series when you're clearly not. :P
steve u r the gay 1, just cause u cant appreciate us gays!!!!!!!!!
Steve you're somewhat pathetic
Have you not heard of foxtel
50% advertising is not tv, i might as well watch the shopping network
like this
MERLIN! that is all.
It's a flop
Blablabla I also want to give my opinion of all the TV shows. Everyone listen to me.
I am straight Jordan. Like I said I cant stand GAY propaganda
Gay propaganda? Hahahaha . What a wanker!!
hi honey bun how are u??? xoxox Aunty D
oooooohhhh homeland, Brody is not to shabby, pity he a decietful traitor.
hi mate how do you get time to watch tv ?
LOVE Modern Family - hilarious!
I like the Shie folks
Why would u put this on my site who are you but hey. - hello everybody - come and enjoy a yoga class
so many morons who cannot absorb such a top quality drama as homeland commenting....go f*ck yourselves.
Awesome show
Best TV show since Deadwood! Finally - something worth watching!!
I find it boring and slow ..give me NCIS any day
Well it's good to see ten putting up a comeback amidst their declining market value. But I don't think pumping more money into their entertainment portfolio is the way to go...
wish they'd stop filling mail and fb up with SPAM
hey are you hunnie? x
F*ck television, wake up to yourselves!
you working for ten now mate ?
The way I am now I wouldn't trust ne either !
No thats silly makin jelly!
hi princess roy is in your room all snuggled up lol
I thought your news program had been axed?
I dont think so, person of interest on Channel 9 is better

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