Struggles Only Former Brace Faces Understand

Struggles Only Former Brace Faces Understand
Struggles Only Former Brace Faces Understand
Published on 10/21/2017
Struggles Only Former Brace Faces Understand


They should've included. Took off your braces and still finding wax and elastic amongst your belongings months after and the scary thought of your teeth going back to its original crooked state when you don't wear your retainers lol and also doing everything you're not supposed to do and going to the orthodontist and being told that you're doing everything right when you know you've being breaking every rule and they never seem to notice ha. Also staring at your teeth after you've taken your braces off and being obsessed with your smile lol
I was so excited to get my braces off so I can finally eat again. First thing I did when I got them off was take a bite out of an apple xD So much blood, and so many tears LOL
Current brace face and I gotta say ...I feel y'all; the rubber bands are stupid and I hate I can't eat candy πŸ˜’ but I love my braces!
My sister has managed to get those damn rubber bands behind the tv and I will never understand how
Kassandra Villanueva they need to add another item. Your parents reminding you how much they paid for braces. πŸ˜‰
I am still being haunted by the rubber bands till this day.
Goop wasn't that bad, I ate all the food, there was only really 2 colour choices (blue or light blue) unless you wanted to look like you have food in your teeth, the wax didn't do shit, tightening hurts like fuck and that's it.
That video alone gave me goose bumps. So glad to have survived being a brace face for over two years! Love my smile now!
Sooooo accurate lol. But they forgot that some of us needed an expander too before the braces. Hated those things.:p
The molds always made me almost throw up..the colors are mostly neon i requested it to my orto glad she is my cousin..the food oh yeah i cant even bite a fries after each adjustment..i have great memories with my retainers :)
Cerys Woodall - Now you're officially a 'former brace face'
I'm officially a former brace face or whateverrrrrrr πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œ Shayla
I had braces when I was 17 followed by corrective jaw surgery 😭 Even though the experience was horrible, I wouldn't trade in my current smile 😁 MY SHINY TEETH AND ME
I had them in first grade before I had all my adult teeth. I was very confused on why that happened. Also I threw up during the molds..
Alice Hegenbarth!!!!!! I can relate to half of these even though I've never had braces just just from how much you moaned about them to meπŸ˜©πŸ™ˆ!πŸ˜‚!!!
We should have just played this on repeat for brace care .... Hannah Daly Gayle Stephen Carolyn Charnock πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ˜
Sad thing is they had to remove a perfectly good tooth when they messed up and didnt put enough glue on one tooth and bracket. Now i have three instead of four teeth on my bottom front teeth. at least thats what my ortho did
Erin Molly
Am I the only one who loved the goo what I want at the end
I didn't use the wax I didn't find tighten sore
I ended up punching my doc. He said just hit if I hurt you he ended up tightening it to tight popping off one of the brackets so in return I hit him like he said. Not lightly either knocked him on his butt. Needless to say he was hesitant to tighten mine anymore lol
Stefan Gutic Sneha Bhamra Tyla Rata this was me; taking rubber bands off before lunch, amongst other things ahahaha
Had them in year 5 I was 10 years old. Can relate to all of this and I got called train tracks by so many people Jennah Rae
I ripped off the retainer that was glued to the back of my bottom teeth because I couldn't sleep since it bothered my tongue at night. Pair of pliers did it. My orthodontist was not happy, but quite impressed I managed to yank it off without damaging my teeth completely.
Felicia Purperhart "former" brace faces my ass
Hollie Foley officially a former brace facsπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‚
Cant wait for that former brace face!😞
I friggin hated that goo stuff sooo much!!! God it was awful! I had to go through 6 years of work since I had an overbite and a narrow upper pallet and a gab between my front teeth so I had this pallet expander thing for a while, then more braces, then chain wire braces to deal with the gap, then this bar like thing that ran from my upper jaw to my lower jaw to correct the overbite, then more braces on top of that, then the bars came out and I was in a rotation of chain braces to normal braces to braces with the rubber bands for the rest of the time, it was friggin annoying especially if I had a cold sore and the orthodontist had to work where it was, shed always poke and stretch it and itd hurt like hell, but my teeth look great now, you should see a before and after, best feeling was when I finally got them off for good and feeling my smooth teeth
none of this was even that bad. I've had braces for four years and two more to go and I honestly never feel them. the bands weren't terrible at all and the tightening wasn't bad at all either. and cutting the wires didn't hurt it was relief. you all need to stop being little babies and suck it up cause it's not bad
Josie Wu thanks god we are both former brace faces!
I had braces for 5 years - top in 3rd grade, bottom in 4th - with rubber bands, and the palate apparatus, aka jaw expander. The apparatus hurt like hell when you cranked the key, it made me drool, and my family called me a Sleestak. When I had those suckers taken off, I couldn't stop rubbing my tongue across my super slick teeth and ate a healthy portion of steak for celebration.
Jin Wee the struggles of being a brace face πŸ™Š
Oh the joy!! I don't miss mine at all now, best feeling ever when they come off. The rubber bands are the most annoying things ever and still find them on the floor lol. Oh Melissa you will have so much fun with picking the food out between the bands so much joy. I am sympathetic to you
Aemal Khan hahaha this is you girl πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œ the last thing "you cant stop smiling when they are gone" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Katelyn NΓ­ Mhimneach can't find your actual comment! hahahaha your elastic things! grrrrr, the day I take them off I might actually cry a river of overjoyed tears.... if I EVER get them off!!!
I had braces twice!!!! In the 3rd grade and then again in the 8th grade. The first time it didn't hurt and I don't every remember being in any pain or discomfort. The second time I had them full top set and bottom set. I went to McDonald's after I got them and ordered a cheese burger I bit into a pickle and it was the most excruciating pain id ever felt in my life. I lived on ibuprofen for the first week or 2. Almost had to have head gear they told me I had to wear my rubber bands just at night and they would check again in a month to see of i needed the head gear. I wore my rubber bands 24/7 i refused to have head gear lol
My dentist is not that competent. Didn't know how to adjust correctly with poor thinking/decision-making skills. Better to look and trust for a competent dentist.
Sadly, the "you can't stop smiling when they come off" part didn't apply to me... I felt so insecure everytime I smiled when I had braces that I started to only smile with my mouth closed, and kept the habit of never smiling showing my teeth even if it's been 4 years that I don't have braces anymore... πŸ˜”
No one ever talks about invisalign braces πŸ˜… The mold, the buttons, new pain every two weeks, having to take them out to eat and people looking at you like you're gross (much like taking off the bands of normal braces) and you still can't eat certain foods with invisalign either cause you're teeth are loose and sore gums not to mention the possibility of your teeth shifting and not staying in place when you're long passed supposed to be able to go without them
Trim wires?? My orthodontist replaced the wires everytime with new ones! Keeping the old ones in for the 9 months I had braces sounds icky... Maybe that's why mine took 9 months and not 2 years like other places
I had some kind of orthodontic work in my mouth (expander for 6 months TWICE and braces on TWICE) from the time I was in first grade until I was in 9th grade. It was Hell. I was teased because most kids had never heard of these things, being so young.
And, my wisdom teeth are growing in, so my bottom teeth are all crooked again. πŸ˜•
You guys defs have it worse :( I'm sorry
I'm doing Invisalign and the only things I hate about it is cleaning it and trying to remember to put it back in my mouth... And maybe the constant removal to eat... So much saliva.. Erk
That's why I got braces when I was like 11/12- I didn't care as much as I would have if I were 17 years old. And they have permanent retainers now... There's no reason to fuss with one of those removable ones
I got my braces off about 7 years ago. I was fine for a few years after, but then I stopped wearing my I have one tooth that sticks out more than the others, and it bugs the hell out of me.
I was lucky I didn't need the elastics, I would say when I first got them on it hurt for the first few weeks other than that they where fine apart from an occasional sensitive tooth here and there, I was lucky to have a range of coloured bands to choose from, never used my wax however sometimes the end of the wire did poke into my cheek a few times, the cleaning of the glue when I got them off hurt and I did throw up a little when I had the mold goo in my mouth for my retainers AHAHA
I'm getting braces soon....this video makes me think twice about getting them. But honestly, I rather go through all the pain and discomfort so I can stop being constantly teased about my funky teeth. Totally will be worth it.
Did anyone else stop wearing their retainer and now it hurts to wear and now your teeth have shifted and you don't know what to do now? Lmao
I think they are better then, Invisalign. I hear from adults and kids, Invisalign is expensive, lose the incert and have to pay BIG bucks. I could be wrong, but, I'm not footing the bill for the dentist to buy another boat or trip to Europe, the old fashion braces DON'T GET LOST. (:
Luckily, I have straight teeth and never had braces. Now, after weirdly wanting them when I was younger, I realize I was actually lucky not to have them because of the hassle and pain involved.
I couldnt wear the temporary brace. Put it on in the evening and in the morning throughout the day, i couldnt eat a thing, cause my teeth were so sore :(. Not even a boiled potatoe. So lady in white decided, its good enough and no more :). So far only one stubborn tooth has moved a millimeter. The rest are fine
I would make my orthodontist put silver and pink bands on my brackets and he would get SO MAD. He would ask me a million times what I meant and I would tell him "I want pink and gray. Pink on every other tooth and gray in between!" He couldn't grasp it. One time I think he even put two gray next to each other to try and stop me from asking for two different colors, but I fixed it myself when I got home 😎 Idk why he thought it was so challenging lol
Funny thing is, I was the total opposite when it came to braces (I had them from May of 6th grade to March of 7th grade) - I was happy to get them on but so mad to get them off. Plus, my parents let me eat what I wanted as long as I was careful. I loved showing off my braces the day after I got them on, but I didn't want to smile for anyone after I got them removed. Everyone at school was like "yay! You got your braces off! You look great!" and I was like "You suck! Leave me alone!" Jeez, I was a strange child then.
Lol lol lol. I seem to remember when Sherrell Haynie told her orthodontist screw that...I'm not wearing those damn rubber bands as a matter of fact, take my braces off. Those braces days were something else :)

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