Stop what you’re doing and watch Noah Ritter at Walking with Dinosaurs. Trust me.

Stop what you’re doing and watch Noah Ritter at Walking with Dinosaurs. Trust me.
Stop what you’re doing and watch Noah Ritter at Walking with Dinosaurs. Trust me.
Published on 10/21/2017
Stop what you’re doing and watch Noah Ritter at Walking with Dinosaurs. Trust me.


Can't get enough of him
This kid must be reincarnated from the Dead End gang of the 30's in Too cute!
Tess that feel when a dino sneezes on you
Now THAT'S a dinosaur exhibit not like these exhibits going through the Midwest exploiting kids love for dinosaurs and costing an arm and a leg. Thanks Ellen crew and of course little Noah. He needs his own show
Bobby Kropkowski I just laughed aloud because this was def you as a kid... and adult, but most likely with sharks and native americans
I've seen Noah on Ellen a lot. Tons of personality. He does all kinds of things. Always with his grandpa.
Molly Kilkelly watch up to at least 1 minute 30 trust me you'll thank me
Emma Moser Ashlee Smithson Casey Josland Emmett Gray Joel Topham Blake George Kurt Mitchell Zac Moran Caitlin Sloan Molly Stapleton i just wanna show everyone
Hahaha😂 Tate Shaw Tiffany Hampton Breanna Bierton Emma Hegyi Araunah-Jovita Gerber Emi Solis Emma Hutchins Ashleigh Patricia Jeannie Black Jeshika Wyles Hayden Bramble Corey Tremble TC Coşkun Gənçərlər Chloe Robinson Monique Melvin Liam Griffiths
Caroline Eggers Sellebjerg Amanda Nicholas Nielsen Katrine Danborg-Aamand Kian Ahranjani Merhawi Berhane Andrew John Peliak Fuglø Karl Palsbro Patricia Elaine Benitez Simone Lau Pedersen Rikke Lilja
Faaaahhhm! I'm dead! This man said "I've seen a lot of dinosaur movies in my day" little boy, you have lived a total of 5 years on this earth, what day? 😅😅Shaniece Cooper
Kelsey McCallops Kathleen Ann this little red head is so cute and hilarious ❤️ this is his second time on Ellen if you haven't seen the first I highly recommend looking it up too!!
Zoe Watson Darcy Ingold Isabella Britt Taylor Piper Jade Elliott Elle Anderson Elise Hughes
Amanda Gavin Matthew Foster Lucy Shirtcliffe Jess Dwyer Samantha Dayman Erica Berg Tiffany Gill Chelsea Jackson
Becky Lin Jason Xin Hao Xue Lambert Lim Oliver Tang Richard Lau Marischa Neal Alissa Lu Emma Lim Ellescia Phung
Jacob Chermok "I've seen a lot of dinosaur movies in my day"
"Oh my god he sneezed on me!"
"Nobody move a muscle!!!!" I love this kid😂😂😍
Marianne Mooney if you're having a bad day just remember that this kid has "watched a lot of dinosaur films in my time" he's too cute
Erica Barron this little guy is amazing and smart too he definitely so have his own show I think he'd do very well
Amanda Bishop this little boy reminds me of Jesse lol I've watched a few of his Vidoeoa with Ellen he's hilarious lol
Omg! My son would die! He loves dinosaurs. He tells me that he wants to be either a paleontologist or a marine biologist and he's only five LOL
Gabrielle Isabel Harriette Osheen Zaynab Scarlett
Jennifer Charles Jenelle Hovey Georgia Hovey Siobhan Carroll Chloe Knight
Georgia BorgIsabel BlancoMolly GibsonMia LairdJade AmblerXanthe PettersonGeorgia WilsonAlex FotheringhamLauren HarringtonCourtney GunnLily BennettLilli BowenJed Katie WoolfordKatie LuscombeZuzu GarciaJade NewbeginMaddy SeeleySiobhan JohnsonHolly GrabhamHamish THIS IS THE BEST THIG EVER
Kristi Mandal Rafeeqah Rasul
I feel like this is young Hunter... am I right? Hunter R Hite tag your mom in this I trust her opinion.
this kid mad funny!! "Ive seen alot of dinosaur movies in my day" Lmfaoo...after i watched this i had to go watch "apparently" gramps always make me watch the #Powerballlll Randilynn Costa
Hayden Smith Tabatha Harman Vanessa Hooper Mikaela Belcastro If this doesnt make you laugh I have no idea what will.
Manh-Tien Bui Vegard Reiersgaard Dalen Jørgen Evensen
Apparently? Tommy McGuinness Dylan Davis Kyle Polley Bradley Michell Jordan Kinsey Braeden Eddy
Christine Antoinette Toni Garrett this kid reminds me of little Brian's personality lol. Except Brian's cuter and funnier! Lol
Zoe Cooper Felix Tait Max Lovie omg I love him
Molly Thomas Oliver Allen Raihana Abdul Rahim Kimberly Searle Lauren Stratford Josephine Pears omfg crying😂😂😂
HAHAHAH SARITA ITS THAT KID Sarita Brittany Shayleigh Caitlin Jessica Ashleigh Rhyannon Shannon Georgia Bel
Kaitlyn Moroney Lianah Ingram Maddi Gallagher Marley Brown Michael Porter Younas FaridTaygon Jean-Louis Joash Chetty Tessa Reidy Pepe Leitupo Madi Cairns-Hita HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
Rory DoyleHugh EvansGary FennAlex Keogh CullinanCathal Greene
Chloe Williams Molly Blair Emma Sayce Abi Shevlin Isobel Deevy Ffion Jones
HAHAHAHAHAHA 01.26 Benedikta Lif Klara Malling Konggaard Natasja Adelsten Rowedder Mariana Yalda Ida Høgh Rasmussen
Eoin Gallagher, Shauna Gallagher Aoibhinn Gallagher Rion Gallagher Caitlín Gallagher
Lorraine Rishell-Shill Genevieve Garcia Jessica Kutz Kimm Carota Kasey Carota Taylor Carota
Jaimy Simone Yvonne Wendy Merel Esther Claudia
Omg Shannon McLaughlin TaylorRose Sheerin Ella Bugdol Caitlin Healy-King Hajar Kobrosli
Doresa Gojani Charlotte Ekelund Prytz Olivia Rumberg Jennifer Johansson Kristhy Bartels "in my days " <3
Olav Børsting Sondre S. Bjørdal Jesper Farem Vermund Jonathan Andreassen Breen Daniel Willumsen Mats Olsen Mats Hermansen Jørgen Skagen
Hahaha se hele
Anthony White Gary Clarke Paul Browne Natasha Stapleton Niamh McDermott Charleen O'Brien Jacqueline O Brien Timmy Patrick Cullinan
Larissa Lohmeier Cynthia Seemann Elvan Kocaoğlu Kim Bierkandt Annika Schmidt
Niamh Mason Lorna Cullen Amy McEvoy Eimear O'Donoghue Deirdre Ryan
Monica McBride Kaitlyn Stringer Ashleigh Inch Briar Palmer Emma Rolston Megan Robertson
Ebony Immi Addie Sinead Taylor Joanna Danni HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAA DUDE 😂😂😂😂
Leah Donohue Emily Cook Jess Wainwright Sarah Bailey Caitlin-Niamh Mcaleavy Olivia Hunter
Julie Åsbo Foss Mie E. Mydske Olsen Lisa Normann Vilde Bjerke Pernille Rasch-olsen

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