Stages Of Not Understanding A Joke

Stages Of Not Understanding A Joke
Stages Of Not Understanding A Joke
Published on 11/17/2017
Stages Of Not Understanding A Joke


i still didn't get the joke damn it..
why he didn't just ask the bartender for the explanation ... ?
faking understanding, confusion, anger, acceptance, understanding(?) lol
Dude when you don't get the joke just laugh along and let it go.
oh god..his bed!
Humans, babies, even hamsters have shoulders lmao !!!
Why are they always in Quinta's bed? Lol
Honestly i dont get it....
I wonder if this is how Castiel ever feels.
In conclusion.. That joke sucked.
Ohhhhh, I thought a chip, like a crack/a small chip.😅😅 Not all cookies are chocolate chip. How was zach suppose to know!! This one was a tough one.
Can somebody explain better still don't get it
Definitely Google it first. But next time, change up the words. Google ALWAYS works.
"yo that joke sucks" after alllll that work!! XD
Sooo babies aren't humans??
Zack is fast becoming my least fav buzzfeed actor
He can't hear the joke over how loud that hair is...
This video is DEFINITELY me... I'm guilty of having sarcasm go over my head EVERY. 👏 DAMN. 👏 TIME. 👏 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Justin, wake the H up
anyone else with 1 stage like me!?
outside: hahaha
inside: whatttttt!?
I still don't get it. Oh no 😒
second 16- his face lmao
I still don't get it
How did anyone not get this within 5 seconds lol
"Humans, babies, hamsters. They all have shoulders." Hahaha 😂
am I the only one who still don't get it LOL
Once I understood it I did laugh pretty hard. So cute lol.
#facepalm People often say don't have a chip on your shoulder. Chocolate chip cookies.. Its meant to be stupid funny. The cookie had a chip on its shoulder. Like a pun. Or as he said at the end of the video its a play on words
Please, someone? ! I still don't get it. .. o think I'm dumb
Oooooh chip like chocolate chip! ☺️
I must be the only one who is honest and says "Ah, I don't really get it lol". one wants to ask about the hamster thing?.... Do hamsters have shoulders?
HahHahahahaha " oh..... yo that joke sucks"
The joke did suck hahaha
I...I still don't fucking understand ughhh @.@
*cue spongebob laugh*
Not once.
That hair tho
The interesting thing is that I don't understand this video and I need someone to explain to me how it's funny.
Fucking Marco Reus
I blame Charles
well then.
I had his exact bed when I was 13. 😕
So dramatic lol
"Humans, babies, even hamsters have shoulders"
So... babies are inhuman?
I still didn't get the joke damn it!?!?!?!?!?
"Human, babies, hamsters. Have shoulders." Since when were babies not human?
I still didn't get the joke....
I mean I understood the expression but maybe the joke was so lame it just didn't occur to
Me that it was supposed to be funny?
Or the jokes not funny ..

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