Stages Of An Office Romance

Stages Of An Office Romance
Stages Of An Office Romance
Published on 12/10/2017
Stages Of An Office Romance


I'm the redheaded guy.
That's a short ass skirt for an office!
I wonder why Buzzfeed stopped making #AshDrew videos. 💔
Sex must've been bad...
The red head with the second coffee at the end.... lol, forever alone!!!
Well that was awfully awkward....
Jim and Pam! Haha
That's why you don't Shit where you eat, folks!
Aren't They Supposed to work? hahah
I've yet to experience this
The Office did it better
Those the only shoes she has?
Plot twist: he found out she had a penis
They missed out the part that she blows up his car when she finds out what a dick he is...and she still has to work with him...
Couldn't be more accurate. 😳
i'm here to figure out why they became awkward after going somewhere.
It's office-ial! This is one of Buzzfeed's cutest videos. ;P
This music makes me think of the music from when you are making your Mii's on the Wii lol
My bf and I worked in a warehouse together. That's how we met. It was basically like this, except we never got into a huge fight.
What is this? Elevator romance? worst music ever.
I prefer Jim and Pam's
Well, that got boring really quickly
She really needs to expand her footwear wardrobe.
Skaaaank bout to get coffee from another dude? nuh uh...
Still a better love story than twilight
Smallest. Office. Ever.
Was with you up until the tie-grab-and-drag.
haha aww i remember those days lol
Based on #Ashdrew I bet *smirk*
I'm just a tad confused
That's an awfully short dress for an office environment.
I thought this was super cute at first then it kinda broke my heart
You don't shit where you eat!
Don't get your honey where you make your money.
Always a better love story than twilight.
I felt like I just watched 50 days of Summer on fast forward
Lol that short skirt. It is not a good idea to date someone in the same office, though.
Kind of reminds me of the show the office
digging her office wardrobe 👌
Does she own another pair of shoes???
According to The Office (US), this is very untrue.
This was me and Chris Reinacher's first week in a nutshell.
Soo how did the tension build !?!
Those shoes she kept wearing. 🙌
Jim and Pam did it better 👌💛
More like Office Affair.
GAH He's so cute
Why is he wearing her pants?
Makes me wish I worked in an office ...

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