Sounds from my childhood

Sounds from my childhood
Sounds from my childhood
Published on 11/17/2017
Sounds from my childhood


please work, please work!
Holy shit, I never realized it had such a massive bass..
This needs to be immediately followed by the music from crash bandicoot...
oh god those days , when gaming was about gaming , not fucking dlcs and shit
and don't forget the sound of the disc speeding up :3
(players chanting in the background)"please don't freeze, please don't freeze, please don't freeze"
Metal gear solid 1 :D
True beauty!
When nostalgia hits you like the comet that killed the dinosaurs...
Oddly not a sound from my childhood... teenage years yes. My Childhood was spent blowing into NES, SNES, and Genesis Cartridges :)
Nostalgia bonner!!
that sound gives me heartpumping excitement. xD 90's kids
Anthem of our childhood!
And its stuck !
"Oh shit, its jammed again"
*open the disc cover n wipe the disc using tshirt then put it back*
And wait for miracle to happen.. haha..
brings back the frustrating feeling when it doesnt start. :/
chills down my spine
replayed it like fifteen times,then i started crying
tht relieve !!
myps4 makes this sound everytime i turn it on!

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