So I thought it was a good idea to be sexy

So I thought it was a good idea to be sexy Vine By: Khoaliti
So I thought it was a good idea to be sexy
bed bunk lol room vine dance
Published on 10/18/2017
So I thought it was a good idea to be sexy
Vine By: Khoaliti


Niggaaaaa once you are as tall as the bunk bed it's time to get rid of the bunk bed
You can't even attempt to be sexy if you share a bedroom that contains bunk beds.
Because walking normally is too main stream.
like if you watch it more than once
I feel like this was planned, the way he fell.
This comment will probably go unnoticed. But sometimes when my mom isn't home, I like to sneak into her garden, pour dirt on myself, and pretend that I'm a carrot
That is so fake..
did u watch more that 2 times or was that just me?
People who actually like Pretty Ricky's music deserve a good faceplant now and then.
still better than miley
the man lives the struggle because there are three beds in one room.lmfao
Omg I was drewling until the end!-.-
Who else watched it more then 3 times? xD
Too much fake acts in one Vine
Living like a true Mexican lol 3 beds in one room
He tripped on the air ?
Music please!!!
Why is there 3 beds in the room?!? No Sir !
like if you watched this more than once!
how can you be sexy when you grind on ru bed..... alone
am i the only one, who doesn't like this vine?
Your first mistake was that u were trying to be sexy on a bunk. I'm glad u made it though, cause it cracked me up! Lol
Its fake.
no matter how many times I watch it it NEVER stops being funny!
dude got a bunk bed tho....LMAO
Being sexy when suddenly EPILEPTIC ATTACK!
Yeah....Because we all know just how sexy bunk beds are!
This is so fake it isn't even funny
like if you watched this more than once
How do you even fall like that? ctfu!
Like if you watch it over and over laughing
Nida AlkeviciuteMartyna SveikataiteKarina LukaševičDomino DominykaAugustina Vaiginyte Dominykas Zenkevicius as mirstu ;DDDDDDDDDD
LMFAO!! thats what he gets for grinding on that bed instead of a pole &for being ugly. lol jk im bored as fuck!!
Mwamba Mwape Julia Trias MartinezJaye DaviesAmie GutteridgeClaudia Bennett
1st your bonie butt shouldn't be using a bunk bed as a exotic dance pole, second who dances in their little brothers room facing a stuff monkey, lastly who the hell dances with socks on... only sexy WOMAN does this type of act... not little boys... LOL
Nothing says sexy like bunk beds
Gabrielle S Camargo Giovana Lamarca HAUHAUAHAUHAU
the fall was so faked and done purposely
Paula Rafisa, Isabela RamalhoIsabela Corrêa Soares apenas vejam kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
LOL we gon fuck around and break some one day. Sydny Smith, Jessica Goldstein, Guadalupe Rodriguez
he was good at first...then bamm.... lol
i can't breathe....this is funny..omfg.... Tyler Smith hee hee heesalopppp! lmao Brandon Glasgow Ornella PrinceCüllen
Stéphanie Laurin Karina Cooke quand meme sexy
Lmaooooooooo Sergio Rodriguez AJ Maighnath Nick Quintana
Camila Ribeiro Vinícius Menezes Marianna Padalecki
Michael Musumeci Frankie Strippa Joseph Caccamo Angela Messina Carissa Dunn Giuseppe Mazzà Jessica Jobberns Joshua Pacchiarotta
Thayara Motta
Hernon Monsuete kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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