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Published on 11/19/2017
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This is cute. All the negative comment about bad parenting i guess those ppl dont have any child/children. smh.
Soooo bad ,you must feed your little kids and make them to sleep nicely,she was suffering but someone video it and enjoying,how stupid
Melinda Leilua this is so vaya the heffa. And check out the negative comments sayn to stop giving the baby cheetos coz its a choking hazard n it causes the baby to be overweight. Its just a snack u judgemental faggots..shove some cheetos up ur ass!!
Charlene Whitlock carefree life. Eat sleep repeat
That's sad....put the baby to bed....luckily he didn't choke...
Mmm, didn't like this video... How those parents could give their little daughter those Cheetos, that's really sad!!! This baby will have a big nutritional disorder...
Hannah Lisette Torres.. Haja
Jennifer Martinez hahaha sleep wins
This is not funny
Lilo Phương Linh Kim Oanh Nguyen
Annie Peng Dalena Nguyen Mandy Ma ALL DAY ERRDAY STRUGGLE.
Israa M Jihan Beera
Wow. Pathetic! I thought it was cute at the very beginning. Due to the fact that kids fall asleep while eating a lot. But this was not funny what so ever. 1 minute into the video you can see the baby was kind of choking and nothing was done about it. If you see your child dozing off while eating AND starting to choke. Put that effin camera down and tend to your child. Wash the babies face Put him/her for a nap. Clearly the baby is tired. C'mon
They don't care about the baby not only is she eating junk food but could have choked and is laying on a Matt near an uncovered electrical outlet! People these are the type of kids people use to beg for money at the train station. They are on drugs the whole time to stay asleep. They are on heroine or scotch to stay asleep and some even die while in the ladies arms because they are being pimped. So before you think this is cute know what's going on and stop giving beggars money even if they have a kid, give them food instead! Wake up people and save the children
This is very dangerous. Poor baby might choked!!
Baby eating junk food??
Irresponsible parenting :/
Someone take the Cheettos and put that poor baby to sleep!!
I don't think this is funny at all....this screams choking hazard! Not to mention over weight, obviously she's not hungry...take them away!
How sad I agree about chocking please the parents of this baby on video think about that!!
Yathrib Elhaj Oshi Hala Al Haj shofto Hussam Zeibak qwalaaaaaa
Jyoti SabharwalHoney Sheth
Baby could have choked...not funny..
very cute baby i like ur habit
This is u Shelley Singh
the effects of junk food
Poisoned by Cheetos? Lol
Gonzales , it's not about the junk food ,it's about them giving it to her while sleepy , she could choke
I really don't see nothing funny about that , that is very dangerous and I hope you checked the baby's mouth for the chip that it put in there before she laid her head down , that is soooo dangerous she could have choked on one
Monica Izamar Mata 😂😂😂😂😂
Clement Paul
Clement Paul
jajajaj sueños q paso
Saad Nobee toi...unable to choose between food n sleep
Poor baby....mum please but baby in bed rather than recording vedio. ..
where is his mum?
This is coincidence of entire, we shouldnt say child abuse or some thing bad about filming it....funny but knowledge of child behaviour. My pleasure, who film this video!!!
poor child
Mysterrious TW
hahahhaaaaaa.. very cute... I love this...
not good.stupid
lcng yata ang baby
limit of cutness
Sleep win.... !!! Lol

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