Signs You’re Not Ready For Kids

Signs You’re Not Ready For Kids via America's Funniest Home Videos
Signs You’re Not Ready For Kids
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Published on 12/11/2017
Signs You’re Not Ready For Kids
via America's Funniest Home Videos


Not sure why people think kids all act this way. If you raise them properly you have nothing to worry about. My daughter was taught table manners and never acted like this!
And the last kid in the hockey mask rocking the baby doll. That's some scary shit!
Ew. Nope.
That kid really just Ate a light...
Everything about this is horrifying. Most of these kids have what seems to be negligent parents lol.
Who the hell gives a toddler a glass bauble?!
Letting kids play with whatever is considered breakable is just stupid, specially if you're recording...
Something women should know about me: I don't like kids. But I do love animals! Lol.
And it's videos like these that keep supporting that. Thanks, but no thanks. I like my cat.
At "I swallowed.. A LIGHT!" With the light flashing through, oh, I couldn't contain myself. Tears. I laughed until I cried.
That kid in the tub is lucky he's not my kid!!
Took my 4 year old daughter to Denny's last night. She sat correctly in the booth, said please and thank you, used appropriate table manners while eating and made pleasant dinner conversation. The waiter actually commented that she was the most well behaved child of that age that he'd ever seen. I'm not saying that she hasn't had moments reminiscent of the ones in this video. She has had her moments, believe me. But last night, watching her behave so well, seeing how my parenting has helped shape her into a pleasant and polite young lady....well that totally makes up for any outburst or paint splatter I've ever dealt with. Parenting is the most difficult job you'll ever have but it is the job you'll love the most and the rewards are ten times sweeter.
This makes me want to cut off my uterus.
Wonder what that dad was doing in "Canada"
Seriously, I wonder if that kid had to have surgery or if he ended up popping out that light lol
Or I just can't stand kids in general. My tolerance level is low. Medium for family and friends kids, but the unknown... Nope....
That last kid would be mine....
I made it to the first girl pulling the noodle out of her month. No thanks.
"Reasons why so many people hate kids"
My daughter has done many similar things and most if the time you're either so shocked or amazed you laugh...because otherwise you
The wash my body kid I would pick him up and make him go to bed without dinner
the "dad" with the chainsaw should be kept in isolation until he fully realizes that he is a prime DICK!
Anyone concerned about the girl in the mask?
I hate children.
How the hell do you let your kids get into and do such horrible things?
And "lucky your dad is in canada"? You cant discipline them yourself?
I don't understand why some of these parents would be actually letting the kids do some of these things or why they were left alone long enough to be doing these things and then thinking it was going to be funny to videotape some of these videos are actually kind of disturbing.
Definitely nomore tv for that last kid
The devil is a lie. I'm not ready.
No one will ever be ready for kids....>.>....we just mentally prepare ourselves for the crazyness.
I'm so like the little boy, just minding my own business, picking my nose, when satan explodes next to me
Speaking of kids!! Lmfao!! This was hilarious! I know it probably wouldn't be if I actually had kids tho! Haaha Laura Gonzalez Dalia Uribe
Stephanie Gomez take pics of the babies ever do any of these things for me!! Haha 😂
"What's wrong with you?!" Lmao
So no one is going to talk about Texas Chainsaw dad but will get worked up over a piece of spaghetti? lol At least she pulled it out before she choked.
That's why I have dogs and cats, don't want kids, ever. I don't know why ppl think every woman wants to have kids. There are millions of us who want no part of it.
I'm shocked by seeing all this kids... they're like indestructible. I'm also surprised how the girl in the beginning of the video took the whole spaghetti out of her mouth. Kids are hilarious!!!
It's not always the parent's fault, guys! Some kids just naturally have an annoying personality & no matter how much discipline you give them, they continue to be annoying as hell! Lol
That one with the light probably should have been taken straight to the er lol that light stops blinking and you know the stomach has broken the light and now there's a lovely pill battery ready to eat through your child's squishy organs...
I have 2 Son. Never Acting like thats
I trained them while stell in my Tummy talks them every days. I keepings Sayings. Be goods to Mommy OK . I'm working 8 months in Factory no Sickness at all . nows boths of them never stops to Olds wents I have them. 37 to 40..nows they stell singles stayed W me.
Ugh what a rancid bunch of little shits. Parenthood is not for me.
I don't know what you all are talking about, most of these are hilarious. I think most parents go thru a couple of these. I don't have kids but I've experienced most of these with my nieces and nephews. 😂😂
I figure is not exactly how you parent that matters I have two kids one was the best of the best never threw a tantrum ever and my little one is so headstrong and the other no matter what I do she's crazy I think a lot has to do with their personality
I laughed so hard when it got to the kid that swallowed the light... I know it's wrong but come on. His belly was flashing!!!
I've probably tagged you in this before but just a little reminder. Cracks me up every time. 😂 Emma Carroll
I'm all of that and I have a 15 month old boy. He stops my heart at least 384822984739-8282 times a day.
Steven Judson the beginning of this reminded me of when Jadon would throw stuff from the 3rd floor balcony!! Lol
Dillon Pratt 😂 those poor chainsaw kids!! That kid that fell behind the bed and knocked the blinds off. Lulz
If this is a test..,, this is the first time ive never wanted to pass one.....
Lyndsay Shank Jackson this is what you signed up for. Get you a helmet and enjoy the ride with your new little blessing.
Can I include "lack of financial stability" along with "doesn't have a gf/wife" to the list? Lol. Cuz, that's where I am. Thankfully. Single with no kids

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