Signs Drinking Isn't Your Forte

Signs Drinking Isn't Your Forte
Signs Drinking Isn't Your Forte
Published on 10/20/2017
Signs Drinking Isn't Your Forte


"In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is freedom. In water there is bacteria." Benjamin Franklin.
that's me! and once I pee, i am opening the floodgates and frequent trips to the urination station -_-; (y)
Basically me ... I Love weed anyways❤️
Weed > alcohol
People make fun of me for being a bad drinker, but at the end of the night, I only need a little wine while you have to fork over three times as much money to get buzzed, so who's the real winner here?
I personally don't think there's anything wrong with Mike's Hard Lemonade :3
Everyone should be bad at it. It's terrible for your health.
Well.. Couldn't relate to this at all.
Who wants to be good at drinking though?
Im kool with not bein an alcoholic lol
If you suck at drinking booze, just don't drink it. And you don't have to pretend you're drunk to have fun, you just have to be yourself.
I don't like any type of alcohol and I'm pretty happy with it. My liver and my wallet say thanks too.
I suck at drinking but I can smoke for days
Pretty much me down to the T. I just don't enjoy drinking something that makes you feel sick, and then literally makes you sick all the next day. It's just not my cup of tea. 🍵
This is literally my life.
Me af ! lmaoo fuck drinking smoke a blunt instead
I like drinking, I'm good at it, I avoid it because alcoholism runs in the family.
No you suck at drinking if you can't drink without getting blackout drunk
I dont drink and people always wonder why when i'm at parties. It's just funnier when you are sober in my opinion.
Signs to maybe just stick to marijuana
I don't like drinking alcohol.... Hate it.......I can have fun without drinking alcohol or drugs..... I like to still know whats going on when I'm partying.
"You get drunk too quickly" - yeahs so me. I cant handle booze!
I don't drink and my co-workers always want me to go out drinking.
Alcohol poisoning kinda steers you clear of drinking too much.
You make it seem like being "bad" at drinking is a bad thing. So being an alcoholic is a trendy thing to be now?
Alcohol should be banned
Why don't you just tell people that you don't drink? Well, just asking.
I wouldn't say I suck at drinking, I just don't like it that much. Every now and then is alright. But no cheap, nasty beer.
It's always the people who suck at drinking that end up drinking way to much. After those initial drinks are down......The mentality is "this isn't too bad"....until it's too late and your head is over the toilet...if you make it that far.
I definitely suck at being drunk and I'm proud of it getting drunk feels so shitty
how is having unique alchohal make you bad at drinking? technicaly that should be reversed.. it means you are more versed in your liquore choices and probably have a more refined taste.. thus better at drinking? its like saying a cook is a bad cooke for makeing a unique dish ? dont get me wrong.. some people just have bad taste lol
I guess I'm an alcoholic then...
Lol what I used to be awesome at drinking!! Now the girl taking the shot is me and I get drunk off 3 beers lol
More like, "Signs That You're Not an Alcoholic". Only alcoholics will drink anything given to them without caring about what it is they are drinking. Experienced drinkers know what they like and don't take just any drink and they are not going to force themselves to drink a shitty drink.
I suck at drinking but enjoy how it relaxes me and what not.
I dont get drunk that quickly anymore. I can take shots without a tracer. I always finish my drink. And if ppl hand me things, um free alcohol yes ill drink it. Kerrian Miller
Sad how its such a widely accepted thing but in reality drinking is worse for your body than most drugs :P
Lol omg that's me in almost all the scenes I suck at drinking
I don't drink yay :P
I am fucking fantastic at drinking , a great night is 6 double vodka tonics, hella dancing, taking several numbers(which I never call) and a double cheeseburger with the works from Hollywood Coney Island on the corner of Grand River and Schaffer
4-5 good beers will give me a serious buzz, but by good beer I mean 8-9% IPA's.
Hannah Kang cus i know drinking IS your forte...AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA
Collin Nichols I suck at drinking thats y I just do shots lol #babysitter
Drinking isn't your forte poks. Hahaha Chaisy Pon permi ka mahubog una Hahahahha 😂😂😂😂
Me oh my gosh lol I can't drink beer it's so disgusting
This is so me! Ross Cody Holland. Besides the drunk part. I've never experienced that.
Jay who does this remind you of?! Hahhahhaha
50% true for me, I'm mainly a picky drinker on where I drink, who I drink with, what I drink, and when I drink
Buzzfeed is starting to suck. Dammit.
Regan Calder ugh babe, I love you and all but ya drinking game stink xx
Hahahahahah im suck in drinking beh :) 😂😂 nakarelate ako ng bonga.. Darwin Salonga
I suck at drinking because I got fucked over with that allergic to alcohol gene.
aka I get that Asian glow with a small shot 😭

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