This girl isn't playing around
Published on 11/23/2017
This girl isn't playing around


Man you people take this to serious. It's a 3 gun course comp. She did a good job. Is there anything wrong with giving her praise for that instead of always trying throw them under the bus. Pathetic
Christina M. Munoz I agree with all your arguments except for 1 simple fact. As a vet myself and the training I have had mirrors your own your forgetting that our training started with paper targets and the master marksman medal I hope is on your chest was graded on paper. No matter what skill level a person is or what training someone has its good to see the effort someone has put into it. So let not throw stones and enjoy someone showing off her skill
I know. The nerve of that 14 year old...shooting at stationary targets.
Not impressed. Anyone can shoot at a stationary target, how about while you're receiving live fire...?
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someone is ready for the zombie apocalypse .....
That's a fucking 12 gauge. EASY. LIKE SHOOTING BASKETS THAT Are 4 FT WIDE. Use a pistol and shoot those targets, then talk to me.
all of you call of duty players bitching at her for shooting stationary targets can stfu, mad a 14 y/o girl can shoot a real gun better than you haha
William ƦivƏs Dustin Nathaniel Rives David Perry
The proper way to raise a daughter. Lol
This girl is bad ass
awesome fight
ffs you lot are twats,,,shes 14 ,,,good for her,,i guess you all have 14 year olds that can hold a shotgun like that ...grow up ,,and yes its a 12 bore and easy to shoot them targets but still a skill at her age and size shut up and give her a well done instead of talking trash like you all are hardcore gunslingers ...same old shit
Nice going... To all you clowns making dumbass comments... this is called training.. Its all about honing your skills and improving over time... I bet most of you wannabe tough guys have never even fired a weapon...
killzone 1000 xd
I wanna be near you when the zombies come... lol
another white cracker who will get pregnant before she`s 16 by her redneck dad
Sarah Cuzi'mcoolLikethat Bland that's gonna be Andrea Lee Bland about 12 weeks
Josh, that's me
Agárrense los hermanos Almada, hay competencia.
DeTrojan Mateo
Johan Canis Lupus Lindberg
For all said and done, this girl knows how to shoot. Would not mind be able to do that myself. You go girl
Rinay Singh bruhh !
awesome!! dont mess around dude
Who's that girl 👧..
most of you talking shit...can not shoot as good as this young shut up...
What school she going to shoot up.
If Muslims kids do that then they called t......
David Sutthaluang น่าลองนะคับ เซ็นเซ 55555
Chaneen Bruckner-Iraia jelly
Cholo Velado
wouldent want that b shoting at me
I'm teaching Lydi this Melissa Rockefeller Melanie Rockefeller Anna Langoehr-Rockefeller
she just may shoot up a school
Jennifer Mavian
Wow Jimmy Gore
im a need her when the zombies come
Anders Jahnsen
Oh i know!! I see it too!! Well he has been praticing since he could pick out his own toys. Lol. Dan Johnston
Holly Renna Altenburg his form is already good imagine when hes 8!! My uncle said that like ten times. That he had good form holding the toy guns lol
Well hes going to learn how to shoot either way
I just don't know if he'll be that damn good. Lol.
Holly Renna Altenburg I mean if karate Dont work Dash can always do this!!!
I need her on my team when the zombies come.
She play no games Frederick Miller
This would be my daughter. Fuck these other material obsessed compulsive lieing hoes with a eeehhhhh look at me b.s attitude
Harry Start Rhys Bakker
Doesn't take much skill to be a marksman but for a gel her age I give props
Now that's a marksman seriously not joking great job for a female
Kim Vegard Laursen

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