Sexy Food Facts That’ll Turn You On

Sexy Food Facts That’ll Turn You On
Sexy Food Facts That’ll Turn You On
Published on 11/19/2017
Sexy Food Facts That’ll Turn You On


This music sounds like some cheap porn
I thought there was going to be cakes shaped as penises or boobs. Tbh.
Guys.. the video isn't meant to turn you on ... It's informing you about aphrodisiac foods.
dat ranch.
The ~BuzzFeed After Dark~ NSFW hours are getting earlier and earlier... It's 4PM guys...
*Mike Myers voice*
Are you horny baby?
"The darker the better" YES PLEASE! exactly how i like my men..
Finally real food porn!!
is not "Montezuma" is "Moctezuma".
I think all food is sexy #NoDiscrimination
Lol "ask your doctor about watermelon."
So, you have to actually eat these foods in order to reap the benefits of these foods. I don't think some of you actually knew that. 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Who else thought the cucumber would have a totally different meaning to it 😂
It's called food porn, as in videos or pictures that make one hungry by stimulating one's pleasure sensors. Nobody is saying you get turned on by a carrot so calm your tits.
Who cuts an avocado that way?
Hmmm gonna start eating and drinking this food on romantic nights with bae
All food is sexy tbh
Funny how they tried to make the food look sexy
I wonder if you blast this music, that one family member is like, you watching porn?! No, I'm watching sexy food.
Buzzfeed. Bringing a whole new meaning to food porn.
Um, really? That was called " SEXY FOOD"? I guess banana and ice cream is sexy food
i´m hungry AND horny now, thanks buzzfeed :P
Food porn?
Food porn.
Ew no foods turn me on.. dont get me wrong I love food but its not sexy. Dont paint me in chocolate .guag. being sticky is not sexy. (For the reccord I didnt watch the video) I cant watch ppl play with food its annoying
Why is the thumbnail a guy wanking off a cucumber?..... Not even gonna watch the video
o that chocolate definitley turned me on ;) hahaha
How dare they sexualize food so wrong! Ugh humans are pigs!
When I'd first read the name, I thought I'd watch some food shitty shapes, but here's what I really think!
I think that the way this video is made is much more seductive than the facts themselves.
Who the hell needs to know sex facts with food during the day ? Don't you think this could have wait till later on at night when everybody's not on it?
Oh yeah, because when I think sexy, I think oysters 😂
What's left to make it cheap porn is the 70s mustache.
You guys need to get your facts right!! The correct name of the Aztec emperor is Moctezuma, not MONTEZUMA.
Was this video supposed to turn me on or make me hungry 😒😒😒? Cz none of em' happened
Boy do I love science porn!!
I have the weirdest boner...
People is information not a porn video.. LOL
if food is sexy or turns you on please see a doctor
This video made me hungry
Damn you buzzfeed and your weird fetishes.
Increases blood flow to vagina! XD wtf.
I don't know about you guys, but I felt awkward watching this video. Lol!! 🙊🙊
I stopped watching at cucumbers ._.
All food turns me on tbh.
Honestly, i never felt sexy while eating an avocado salad O_O
Okay Kimberly Lam, how do you know what porn music sounds like?? Of course, they are talking about getting in the mood with food.
Explains why black men love watermelons o-o lol
Wtf I just ate and I'm hungry derp
So that's why I cry uncontrollably after eating dove dark choclates
I eat chocolate when I'm in a PMS rage. Not much of an aphrodisiac, but a mood stabilizer lol 😂
i think i just watched food porn.

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