Seemed like a good idea at the time! Hahahaha

Seemed like a good idea at the time! Hahahaha Had to grab for my hat part way through haha
Seemed like a good idea at the time! Hahahaha
Published on 11/17/2017
Seemed like a good idea at the time! Hahahaha
Had to grab for my hat part way through haha


Still safer than lsx Willys?
The way that air circulates in the bed of a truck is how the intercooler gets air flow. When driving, the air comes off the roof, goes into the bed and spins around. Throw some light garbage into the bed of a truck and you will see what I mean.
Because front turbo is too mainstream..
Thad's why they make go pros.
The comments this truck gets kills me. Only if people knew there was an air duct in the bed lol
There is a very large scoop pulling air up from underneath. You cant see it because I don't have a clear intercooler
Klint Richardson brooooooo do you even get air flow or naahhh? Trollolol
It has a huge scoop cut into the bed that goes down a good ways. Is actually a pretty good setup and helps even the weight out a little bit.
There is a vortex of air being created that is sucking the air through it and back up creating a little bubble of circulating air. So as long as the truck bed is closed its should be effective
Nice job, Klint Richardson. If u can get that many fools talkin shit, you must be doing something right
With a truck the air rolls in the bed, should have put the ic further back though. He could have an electric fan on the underside though
Repping that HALO PERFORMANCE! James TransAm
I talked to the owner of this truck in hartsville Indiana. Pushing 700 to the rear wheels. Prolly the sickest fucking burnout I have ever seen!
Klint Richardson this guy is retarded thinks ur intercooler is not functional
Klint Richardson does anyone know the secret to your intercooler besides a select few?
I'm more than positive that the IC has a fan pulling air,
Not sure if anyone has answered about how efficient this is, but I've seen articles on it. Seems to work for most.
Here's a decent article.
I've seen this truck. It's badass
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So many diesel mechanics & race team owners on here lol. God damn. Why is it so hard to say, "Cool, looks funny but functions for the owner. "
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Have any of you people put leaves in the bed of a truck? Jeez have some common sense
Noah Koch Jeff Lehr
How bad is the lag?
Connor Patton listen to that turbo spool
Klint Richardson truck is nasty
What a dumbass.
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Ummm gopro?
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Is that a s10?
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Lidt ideer til trucken
Dimi Leemans
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I need a napkin
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