School Lunches Around The World

School Lunches Around The World
School Lunches Around The World
Published on 12/11/2017
School Lunches Around The World


Wow the lunch in the US is just pathetic and sad.
In Mexico we eat more than a Torta for lunch! We eat the best food made by our moms!
Philippines should be adobo or sinigang
America: sugar, sugar, salt,sugar sugar. Lol
BS. Never got PB&J sandwiches in my school. Ever.
Hi there, Nigerian here. Um, You're missing Red Sauce (called stew in Nigeria). We always eat our rice with red sauce.
This is bs u.s will never serve chips .. they should put slappy joe , milk, salad, chocolate cookies ..
France is just ballin'
As an American, this is depressing ...
fyi... we actually use plates in the philippines too.. and whatever is on the video is not the norm to eat on a banana leaf
Lol France gives a 4 course meal
I can eat Filipino food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Yum!
A Mexican torta us bigger then that and we usually eat leftover made by mom which are awesome! !!!
Shiiit, wish I had gone to school in France.
Russia "Porridge. Sausage." Just wow.
I like how Korea is a prison plate.
Allow me to say something.
As a senior in high school in the US, I call bullshit.
Our lunches aren't that great. We get some bullshit by-product chicken nuggets or mystery meat sandwich every day.
We're lucky if we get stale hot pockets. I don't even eat because the food is so fucking gross.
Pisses me off to no end.
As an American, we never ever got served chips for lunch, it was even being debated whether to even sell chips anymore separately. The chips they did sell were always baked chips also. We got served some type of main meal, fruits, vegetables, and milk. Never yogurt. We also had the choice of the main meal, usually something like chicken, burger, enchildas, and if you did not want that, you could choose between different sandwiches or salads.
Who the hell eats Doritos with a pb&j
BULLSHIT. America doesn't have that. I dont get a damn gogurt or chips.
I want to know where in the USA they serve peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches. All the time I spent in school it was chicken pattie sandwiches pizza and tater tots. Smh
Yea France is defiantly winning. Yum
Uhm..I don't think Filipino kids eat lunch on banana leaves but that's one good meal right there. Lechon Kawali <3
I WISH my American school lunch looked like that.
You all need to know that in Cuba we don't have lunch, the only time you get lunch is from 1-5th grade and is not that lunch. You would eat that lunch at your house only IF you can find ILLEGALLY beef because beef is Illegal over there. I'm Cuban and I lived there, just saying so no one gets the wrong message from the video.
since when do we get a go gurt and pb&j de fuck
We eat more than a torta for lunch, tho.
I dnt know what school in the USA that is but thats a lie with all the damn cutbacks the kids are lucky to get a danm carton of milk
In what school do they serve that lunch I got six nuggets and a scoop or potatoes a fruit and a milk. Or a piece of pizza that looked ten years old. Someone tried to make the United States look good
Fancy Frenchmen get a 4 course mean 😎👏👏
Banana leaves is used usually only when theres fiesta or big celebration unless you grew up in remote areas then they used banana leaves almost everyday. Plus, lechon kawali seriously? Only rich people in the Philippines can afford that.
um, im american and thats not the lunch we get at school. id never bring my own lunch again if it was 😢
Korea's looks yummy!
Japan should've had a bento....
I have always enjoy all your videos but this one, please, do a little more research . I am Cuban and that's not our what you get for lunch in school. That's not even something my family could afford because ropa vieja is shredded meat and in Cuba, you can't buy meat beacUse it's was too expensive and sometimes prohibited.
In Mexico they do not have school lunches. They have little stores where the children with money can buy something to eat and it is usually chips and a soda. India does not serve lunches either . The children bring something from home or it is brought to them. School lunches in the US never serve Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches either at least not in San Diego county.
HAhah mexico only gets a torta 😂😂😂 im dying who the fuck looked this shit up and came up with it
That's so crazy, because I've lived in America all my life and I've never had that for lunch.
We Filipinos have uniqueness. We put it on banana leaves to make hot rice more fragrant and flavorful.
Thanks for showing our foods to the world
We really appreciate that!
And keep it up!
i went to school in the united states and we got meat mashed potatoes gravy veggies fruit and a roll never did we get chips and a p&j sandwich
This made me miss my bland school lunches. That pizza on Fridays was the best lol
As depressing as the American lunch was, its even more so when it actually looks better than our actual school lunch.....
I'm Mexican American and I could eat a Korean lunch everyday! So damn good!
That lunch food for the US is a joke. All I ever ate in school was packaged crap and greasey shit -_- pj and apple my fucking ass
Gotta love France and their several course meals for lunch.
America's was so far off.
Jsyk.... I'm a lunch lady in the United States and I've never served a PB&J sandwich to anyone, ever.
The American one is a joke. That is not what school lunches look like. That school in the video needs better funding because our school lunches at the school my daughter goes to in PA are hot meals with veggies. On their menu today they had grilled chicken, asparagus (or steamed zucchini) orange slices, roll, and choice between water, milk, juice.
GO KOREA AYYYY Leslie Karen 박예린 Sarah Annie
In Hawaii we eat, lomi salmon, poi, kalua pig, rice, haupia, in a school lunch.

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