Scaring a cat in GTA V

Scaring a cat in GTA V
Scaring a cat in GTA V
cat gta game jesus respawn
Published on 10/20/2017
Scaring a cat in GTA V


respawn at the hospital
I'd feel sorry for the cat, but this is GTA. It will respawn near the hospital.
What am I watching. Who are we as a human race.
im a cat and i find this offensive
Cat's face when
perfectly ran over, like it was intended
I think I just died a little
Hahahahahahahaha i knew this game was realistic, but not THIS realistic hahahahaha XD
kitty no!!!!! :(
Noooo, kitty. rip in peace
I loled with the jump, then it died. I loled some more
psst, not a real cat.
Thats GTA. Run over a cat, feel bad for 5 seconds and move on.
To much thought gone into this game 🎮
After I've put so many hours in Gta V I never knew there was cats in the game.... Obviously I didn't play the game well enough haha
1st BLOOD!!
ıs this fucking funny ? no it is sad.
that got really bad really fast... and i didnt even know gta v had cats
Poor cat... :(
and everybody was like
aawwweee that poorrr cat!!!!
Oh no D: I know it's just a game but still ;-;
Just watched this in front of my cat
poor cat 😭
scared of death
Big finnish!
lmao why
he/she cat see the car coming
Aww .. sweet Jesus !
Don't worry folks, it respawned at the vets. Laugh away
Que feo☹☹☹☹☹☹☹
Respawn in 3.....2.....1... lol
poor cat :(
Pls, GTA V find werewolf has?
สัดเอ้ย แมวโดนเหยียบ
:'( Oml wtf
Good thing it's a video game...

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