Saw just got real

Saw just got real Vine By: KingBach
Saw just got real
Published on 10/19/2017
Saw just got real
Vine By: KingBach


anyone notice that he got free after he saw the baby lmfao
Thumbs up if you watched more than twice ^_^
This guy needs to be in movies
won't that baby be traumatized for life after seeing that mask?
for every like i'll rip a hair off my ass! :)
I don't care if you watched this more than once I don't care if you are from Brazil or Turkey I don't care if you like to go to your back yard I don't care if you are a llama, cover yourself in dirt, and pretend to be a carrot, i dont care if you leaning on your left arm, i dont care if its better than Miley, i dont care if you thing i copy and paste this comment Just watch and shut up
Brasil :p
I just wanted to let anyone who seen this very interesting video know that this particular comment was only made to waste a few moments of your life. The strange part is you are still reading this because you realize the first part of the comment is correct. Now the funny part comes in when your reading because everything I just said was correct. Now peanut butter balls took your cat tool If I am confusing you stop and run backwards. I just wasted more of you time. However thank you for reading this comment.
That awkward moment when you're reading this comment, and can't stop reading because you are so intrigued by it, that you keep reading, and then you realize it says nothing important.
Since when is saw black..
I didn't know that Saw was black.....
Saw got some black ass hands !!! xD
John havin a kid ain't no game nigga, that's life
Like my comment if you are tired of the Brazil/brasil comments. -_-
"That aint no game nigga" LMAO !
Andressa Sales
Saby Wooshi
That ain't no game nigga that's life NOOOOOO!!!
Just raise the baby get it haha like lift it up
Jose Novoa Machado Paola J. Rodríguez
Can't get enough of this
#DWL Arek Atencio Luis Pena David Banner
Ryan Duke Matthew Gunslinger Ryan Cal Hodgson Callum Smith Ellouise Amber Southon Ellie Cummings Chelsea Wootton Danielle Hickton
Calle Vanni bahahahaha
Gregory Woolen haha😂
Lynne Love Lexia Deabay
Asma Mohamed Ibrahim just like u :3 Hasnaa Abdulwahab
Nisha Odedra, my exact attitude towards kids
Alice Harvey
Desi Jolin Brandon Jolin haha
Skylar Carson
Leticia Franzolin
Nolan Korth lol, wowww. Haaahahaa.
Funny Shit I tell ya
Tameia Taylor this is what I was talkin about Lmmfao
Mona Bamblett
Noelle Piehl
Alice Jones Nicholas Martin
Jennifer ve este bahahaha
Suppanat Bunjongsut Non Komkhuntod the king
For real did we just comment at the same time Amy Tousignant
Let's play a game Nicole!
Twisha Jerlissa Kaulin
Donavan SobantuMbongeni TapelaEric Mugo
Quanna Forrest Shanice Davy hahahahahahaha dudes dese days

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