Sad Cat Diary

Sad Cat Diary
Sad Cat Diary
Published on 02/20/2017
Sad Cat Diary


In this video , I saw the behaviors of all 7 of my cats.. how sad .. this was a great video !
I love sad cat diary. It never gets old.
The ancient Egyptians worshiped cats as gods.......they have NOT forgotten..... 😾😸😽🙀😺
the cat at 2:30 is actually a sand cat that is a wild species. not a domestic cat.
That reminds of the dog vs cat diary! Lol
The cats look so sad but it's so funny.
Julia Norris hahaha I love these. They're made by some guy on YouTube named zefrank. I guess buzz feed owns his stuff now or soemthing because they've been posting it as theirs
Next week you have to have a happy cat video....though having experienced 63 percent of the items discussed here, I feel your pain. Thanks for the cat video!
Ah cats...they're just so much fun!...
funny how the narrator sounds just like Kevin Costner's diary entries in Dances With Wolves.
Stop moaning the authorities will give you tuna if you stop shiting in the bathtub !
Love it! Hope to hear more of the Sad cat Diary. :D
This is a rip-off of the Sad French Kitty video that won best cat video on the internet in 2012. Here is the original version --
Beautiful cat
I love cats
Too funny!! All you cat owners can identify with all of this!!
such an old video!
Dear diary, The new food she put into my bowl gave me gas. I sat next to her on the couch and the smallest of toots came out of me. One would have thought I had fired the first round of a world war.
Barry Chorney Candice Kazakoff - tinker "they have closed the door to the bedroom, I can only assume they have left me alone to die, I will stand post and sing the song of my people"
This is not only hilarious it is so true of cat!It is exactly why I do not want or care to have a cat!!!
Dear Diary... the earbuds taunt me. Laughing at me with their willowy yearning call. I have committed my life to ending its existence. Every time I think I have been successful, they regenerate themselves returning to their former condition. Sometimes changing color. But always lying there, coiled as if ready to strike. I continue the mission to rid the world of all ear buds before they can take over the entire planet. Alas, the challenge continues as they continue to multiply...
HAHA This is HYSTERICAL. I LOVE IT!!! I've officially decided to come back as a CAT in the next life...please inform the authorities. LOL
I LOVE this!!! HahahahHahahahaha!
The authorities 😂😂😂 It's 3 am the bedroom door is shut they have left me to die I will wait outside and sing the song of my people 😂😂😂😂 dying of laughter!!! Weak!!! Dear diary this may be my last entry 😂😂😂 lort this is funny!!!!
I have seen alot of cat videos , but this one is number one of all time , and in all the cases , its probably true in the cats thinking , lol.
Wendy, Daniela, Laura... Dear Diary, the unstoppable humans keep wiping up my man pee that establishes my home. I must persist in trying again for what is a home without it. Maybe if I stay with the weak one, I can sneak back to the couch... I digress -Franco
I was laughing so hard the dog came in to see what was wrong...because it was a cat video, he didn't get the point....Dear Diary....
Amanda Marie this is one of my favourites. Moe is such an ass sometimes hahaha 2 belly rubs exactly a 3rd one and I will bite the shit out of them as per protocol hahaha
Olivia, Christopher, Jamie
Luna is the empty food dish one
Wednesday is the thumbtack
Pugs is the "song of my people" when he gets locked in the bathroom cabinet
Tristan just thinks we're trying to kill him all the time
That is such a perfect combination of Finnegan and inky. She is outside my bedroom door certain that I have forgotten about her and left her to die overnight. And Finnegan bares his belly for me to rub until he has had exactly enough, at which point, I must snatch my fingers from his personal space or he will draw blood. Thanks for sharing. It was perfect. I hope you are feeling better. Good night.
Elma Alisha Shruthi Ben assorted cat peoples this is too much. "My only other hope for rest is on the computer keyboard, which is nearby, but sadly no one is currently using it."
Alissa Yum Melina Tessier "dear diary, it has come to my attention that the authorities have two hands, but have made it their sadistic policy to only pet me with one at a time"
Ricardo Durand Valerie Bartlett my cats would most definitely be in this video...the half food bowl and door being closed..oh and lets not forget the spreading litter all over the place lol
That is hilarious! Poor cats
I laughed until I cried. Every cat owner knows these stories well and have been given the look. Alas, the said cats still loves us and we it. If you don't have a cat what DO you do for fun.
Ruby Rivera muhkitty's would probably say " my master she loves to wake me up when I am sleeping and doesn't like to share her food even when I try to snatch it from her hand"
Oh, how true! Our church bulletin was on the dining room table and Cali laid on it for a week! If Vincent Price had read this it would have been so very priceless!!☺️🍹🐈
Frank I don't know where you found this but its a classic. You and I know that they have these thoughts as you can see it in their eyes and especially when you talk to them. Thank you so much for hat was a perfect way to start the day. Much love bro
Athina Carless Oreo be like, "dear diary, athina's friends came over today, and I made sure I touched their plate, so they know that everything in this house, EVERYTHING, belongs to me
I just love these videos, including Friskies cat food - wish they would actually put them on TV. It would be a pleasant change from the idiocy we usually get in commercials.
Hali Ann Hajnal...yep. Several of these do apply. Juju is a fan of singing the song of her people RIGHT as I'm falling asleep. They forgot to mention cat ninjas that will suddenly burst from the closet as you sleep and nuzzle your face however.
I know you won't laugh at this, Dolemite. These actually seem more like entries from the dogs' diaries. Just thought I'd invite you into the Buzzfeed train because you're a Cat Dad now.
This is one of my most favorite videos! I think my friends are sick of me showing it to them. Now check out the Sad Dog Diary.
The authorities hereabouts nearly wet their undies listening to this. Max would be best as part of "paranoid cat diary" as in: dear diary, she tried to kill me again today. She said she wanted to dry me off from the rain, and pet me. I know she feeds me and pets me and gives me treats and catnip but I feel SURE this is meant to get my defenses down so she can kill me."
hahahahahah omg! :') Patricia Torvalds Colin Tai so funny and so true...and lol, the Sisyphus reference is relevant to my philosophy this counts as research right!? :')
Hearing these stories through a cats' voice personalizes the history of all of my precious rescues! Truly these lost souls all have a voice, and nothing could be more valuable than the humans that listen to all of them and then reach out and rescue. Thanks to all of you!😺
Brittanee Hawkins Stacy Phebus Hawkins this is what jax acts like , he waits outside the bedroom door for us to open it if we accidentally close it, I fill his bowls every morning before I leave for work and when I get home and top it off he acts like I haven't fed him in days 😂😂😂 but he sure loves baths, he tries to get in every time me or Tony are in there and he sits and watches us use the bathroom , he's definitely a weirdo but we love him.
Would you say "stupid, any POC, or cruel" OR "stupid, gay, or cruel" OR "stupid, insert marginalized group here, or cruel" ??
Enough's enough with putting "deaf" in negative phrases!! It is an identity and a trait-- NOT a convenient insult for anyone to use, even wrapped in kitty cuteness.
Oh how true! Why curl up on any choice of sofas, pillows or comfy rugs......just curl up on your Mum and Dad's organised bank statements and stretch your legs out.....who cares about filing..when you're a cat.......what a life!
Karly, the best one "I have decided to allow the authorities to rub my belly. I have requested 2 runs, no more. Any more and I will bite the shit out of them as per protocol"
Yep...I'm pretty sure Whisper has viewed this feline view political film. She's on a new kick this last week or so...she will only eat food that has just dropped in her small servings...and she has decided that being finger fed is the best thing in the world....not looking good for the humans in the house....

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