RWD GT-R Loses it on the Air Strip!

Today Only!  Coupon Code - cyber . Might be time to switch back to AWD? :) . From Shift-S3ctor's Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack this summer!
RWD GT-R Loses it on the Air Strip!
Published on 10/18/2017
Today Only! Coupon Code - cyber
Might be time to switch back to AWD? :)
From Shift-S3ctor's Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack this summer!


To those expressing their fanboi alliances: I don't think this says anything about GTR drivers or Corvette drivers. I think this is a good example of modifying the wrong parts and crossing that line where you screw with engineering that far exceeds your abilities. In other words, you thought you were smarter than an MIT grad. Did anyone stop to think that at supercar level, AWD probably wasn't a choice made from preference?
The GTR is a notoriously heavy car, but with acceleration capabilities that boggle physicists. I'm inclined to believe the car was engineered for that drivetrain and to screw with that is to screw yourself out of the balance the original engineers knew would be necessary to make this particular car and it's proportions do what it does.
I'm just a dumb Chevy guy, so what do I know, right? But I think the video proves my point.
And that just goes to show how much gtr drivers rely on their awd, launch control, and electronics.
people can drive cars that do this naturally 3-4 wide but he fails to drive a GTR in a straight line.................
This is literally one of a few gtr wrecks I've seen. There's a long way before vette status lol dude should learn to let off
Maikel Burgt Robin Bosman Vincent van Leeuwen BOOOOST! !!!!!
Too soon junior
Luis CarlosRamos Josh Maestas Sergio Juarez Fidel Bobadilla
Launch control gawn wrong
The car needs all wheel drive. Better launch and better control
Did he even lift?
what i want to know is how to make a gtr rear wheel drive. I'm assuming it would be done electronically through the TCM.
Too much boost in 3rd gear lol Richard Bond
might be time for a new driver
Where are they racing? I would love to race there!
Sorry but he needs some sideway lessons 😜
mira Raymundo ai ta tu nissan que ni agarre tiene jajaja
Ahmad Qanbor
Isn't that the same one that broke its drivetrain???
where's ur launch control now :P
Pedal it... allowing it to shift to 3rd while still spinning and staying in it was the issue here. At least the car is ok, and no one got hurt.
Marco Gonzalez Jesus Perez Joshua Hiett David Gonzalez Chris Jimenez
one wheel spin other one was not
Rafnar Snær Baldvinsson Kevin Jensson Jon Andrè Berg
Tbh my only reaction is he controlled that really well
Joseph Samuels
Benjamin Preissegger
Should have pedaled it
looooooooooooool Joseangel Reyes Berti
Welcome to the real world gtr !! Lol
Diana Aispuro
People saying this proves this and that. It proves nothing, these types of things happen all of the time whether you're driving an AWD car or a RWD car. This ain't nothin new man, Accidents happen. I was suprised he held on for that long. If he wouldn't have turned the wheel I'm sure he could have held it. Don't act surprised.
Some have talent, some have money...
Thank you Bixler. You summed it up perfect. \m/
Kyle Brunswick
Khalil Adli 😍👌
Dude can't drive or handle the power
Gabe Martins rear wheel gtr cant handle it Kevin Deverix
Haha that car is a pos without awd!
Kingsley Boateng
To much power some say. Na we can put bigger turbo. Lol
Spinning ain't winning
It's pretty simple take it home all that power and you don't know how to use it he spun out the gate and didn't even back off lame
Ryan Bailey 😂😂
Can someone help me understand how he spun out a AWD GTR? I might sound ignorant but really I am just confused on how he got so much wheel spin on the rear wheels in an AWD car.
Makes GTR drivers look dumb lol. Just imagine how hard it is for RWD cars that don't have 500lbs of electronics keeping the tires gripping.
1-2-3-4 pas de traction lol sûrement converti rwd Vincent O'Sullivan

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