Roommate takes revenge with an axe

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Roommate takes revenge with an axe
news lol omg that revenge
Published on 10/18/2017
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<3 <3 <3
am the 1st lol
glad he is not my roomate!
That's so messed up!!!
HAHAHAHA, geil man ich wuerds auch so machen *-* :D
omg. thats
Sounds like a People Court case. LOL
thats a bt extreeme
who does that?!?!!
Wow that was sweet lol
He seems insane
Not funny
Maddie Bage
hell yeah thats revenge
Mike Luhrman
Just a wee bit OTP
They could both use some help
Julie Kitson Paige Tamarah Barry
Ahahahaha fuck this is funny
Hahaha! I like that!
If I were him I would do the same
HERO :D !!
he should have put a camera inside the car
that is nice revenge
Payback is well, a bitch!
Lol well thought out.
Wonder what would happen if u fucked his girlfriend..
have fun
Jim Thompson
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Lol xD that is called a "crazy person"
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Sarah Shanahan
Omg pay backs a bitch Lmao Myke Woods Bryan Schauben Mike Lowe Pat Salcedo Nicole Castiglie
This is the biggest terry Liam Douglas Giles
^ wasteman

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