Rollercoaster accident

Rollercoaster accident
Rollercoaster accident
Published on 10/18/2017
Rollercoaster accident


I think that not funny
Fuck you Phillip Saiz lmao
Ya me dio miedo Aracely Flores:/
First comment yeah :) .. or you don't care :(
oh my god!!!1
this is why i never get on rollercoasters
that not funny man
Did they die
Fuk that
That funny
Jan Veldhuis Nick Weusthof
Thats why its not true...common sense ...
Don't know why it's under funny videos !? I absolutey hate rollercoaster rides !!!!
Ollie Brightman Jake Truman Kyle Barber
Danielle Thorpe
Sucking video
Lol I never see the news
It's fake cause if it really happened it would be on the news.
shes accsident shes not funny
With Raul Cervantes Vanny Leija

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