Ridiculous Soccer Goal !

Ridiculous Soccer Goal !
Ridiculous Soccer Goal !
Published on 10/19/2017
Ridiculous Soccer Goal !


This comment will probably go unnoticed but sometimes when my mom isn't home, I like to super glue my thumbs to my nipples and pretend I'm a T-Rex.
Legend says that the goalie is still finding the ball
Paul Pogba!
like if you watched more than 15 times LOL
Jimmy Lopez
Thats Me ;)(;
Nurani when did you record me playin ? x)
Pogba is gangsta
Haris Spahič Almedin Besic Nurdin Hrustic
Ok that was very sexual Ivan Galvan
Erubey Ponce
Jesus Fernandez
Ryen Teo
Alejandro Romero pretty sure thats a 100 curve
King Pogba!
MAAD city Kendrick Lamar
OMG Leandro Tjonaffo Levi Saarloos Ephraim Benneh
It kinda obvious why he made it ^_^
Christopher Liera Kevin Flores Cj Johnson god damn!
Kevin Flores Christopher Liera Elijah Suos
Henry Carranza\
Chuy Holguin Edgar Hernandez Beto Fernandez SCORE ME A GOAL LIKE THIS!!!
Chuy Carrillo Jessie Jimenez Manny Nwosu
Nancy Gnay ;p no but one day lol
It was Papis demba cisse, plays for Newcastle united so good
Cj Johnson I think that was balotteli . But that was crazy
Isai Barraza
Jonathan Rodriguez
Yea guilty Jamie Hough
Aidan Gray is that you
Peter Tanackovic Pogba 19 black tank!
Alex Anthony White holy shit
Shit :00
Mathew Fabela Itzely Candelario Uriel Yuyo Hernandez Tony Macias Damn....
Lucas Archambault
Tu me fais un but de meme jte marie !:0 Noémie Levesque
I've scored a few like that Erendy Flores
Ezra Lingam thats 2 sick!
Juventus the best thats why
Emmanuel Olufelo Adrian Carter Zafar Cr-Seven cnt believe man utd sold pogba.. he is only 20
Fuckkkk. ! Brandon Villalobos Alexis Gutierrez Ronnie Riofrio Calderon Edgar Roman
Genaro Fernandez
J-c Hanna :OO
Proud to be black :)
Baldwin who dis boah?
Ik man Anthony Flores
Félix Daoust VAGGG c un killer se gars la
Dammn Anthony Flores

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