Relationship goals

Relationship goals by: kennedy grace LIKE - 7 Second Videos
Relationship goals
Published on 11/19/2017
Relationship goals
by: kennedy grace
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Those 2 girls are 12
Am I the only one who thinks they are around 11 ?
really beautiful sisters
Longest 7 second video I've ever seen
how old are they? 10?!!
"Relationship" goals
This is pedo stuff
How old ? 6? 7?
Don't worry, she can't get pregnant, he still has no sperm in his balls...
Wtf is wrong with her ?her face looks like 20 and her body like 8
they are 10 and do this and i am 16 and still make a beard with shampo when i shower :/
And in a few months time she'll be pregnant
I feel sorry for you if that's your relationship goal...
What the fuck did i just watch.....
Up next on 16 and pregnant....
Time to leave earth
It was so uncomfortable watching them be all touchy and kissy. They look insanely too young to do that type of thing! 😖😖
Well this is gay.
Wow so much haters in here. I on the other hand think its lovely these two girls enjoy each others company
When 12 year olds have a better love life then u -_-
relationshipgoals wtf ?! fuck this shit -.- how ald are they ...
Introducing a new show on MTV, 9 and Pregnant
I'm scared
Still a better love story than twilight
Crazy ass lesbians
they look about 10 years old 😂😂
That just looks wrong in so many levels
1.33min small sister cant take it any more
Relation ship goals at 14?.......
WHAT THE FUCK you cunt. you're fucking 10.
your biggest concern should be getting the right kind of toy in a motha fuckin kiddie meal
The lil girl in the background at 1:32😂
Dafuq go back to kindergarden!👉
When I was their age I was crying when my dollies head was coming off!
state of his froggy toad eyes
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Eyebrows didn't found.
I didn't know ten year olds were dating I have to lock up my sister now.. Great
I hope they are not brother and sister........I had mixed feelings watching this video lol lil creepy for me
So fucking cringy😷
At that age I wasn't even allowed to date, let alone have a boy in my room!. My dad would have kicked my ass!!
He looks about 8 she looks about 14 but they myst be the same age. Girls grow soo quick. Looks
How old are they? 11 ? 12 ? I played with Barbie when I was at their age 😳
They are like 8 and they are already in a relationship and I am still sitting here at 18 and single :(
One day later she's pregnant
I feel embarrassed for them...
shut the fuck up!
they are happy, its not your problem!
Relation ship goals ? They are like fucking 8 years old man
Diggah wat für Goal, schwanger mit 12 und Schläge von Baba
Go do you're homework!!!!!
"relationship goals" 😂😂😂😂😂😂 ya'll are like 10yrs old wtf you mean?! hahah
I must admit that they are kinda cute..... xD

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