Ramen Pizza

Ramen Pizza
Ramen Pizza
Published on 11/23/2017
Ramen Pizza


But the noodles are still hard as a rock 😒
I swear the struggle has to be super real for you to make this and actually eat it. or you just have weird ass eating habits
I feel like the person who runs the fb page at the buzzfeed office went for a restroom break, and then someone strolled on by their computer and uploaded this terrible thing.
Or you can walk your ass to dominos and get some normal pixza
the struggle is real
Clearly a college student's struggle Lmbo
better with english muffins
Okay... I am currently a broke college student and have learned how to make miracles out of random foods... and I would never make this...
or just buy a $5 hot and ready pizza at little ceasers.
Some great Italian deceased chef is rolling in his grave right now 😜
That's "I'm high as hell bro" food
It's not Digiorno it's Destruggle
I'm sure cardboard with the same toppings would taste better
Prison food the best lol
Emptying the whole jar for that?
My stomach hurts!
And then you snort the flavor packet
Bag of cheese 3 bucks. Bag of pepperoni 2.50. Jar of sauce 1. Pack of Ramen .20. So 6.70. Or large little Ceasars for 5. Hmmmm
Or use a bagel, English muffin or bread? 😳
Man buzzfeed is high af
I'm pregnant and I wouldn't even eat this
Ramen is terrible for your body
If you're that hard up for cash then you need to take your broke self to Little Caesar's.
Cheaper to make the dough from scratch...or use bread at least because this is gross!
Little ceasers is only 5 dollars..... This costs more to eat than that
These ingredients cost more than an actual pizza
Jeezus Christ!!! Ramen pizza??? Get a job!!!
Why not use a English muffin or bagel? Just as cheap. And probably tastes a million times better
Its not delivery, its di'struggle .
Sick !!!!
Stoner food lol
For fuck sakes the pepperoni goes UNDER the cheese
But u not gonna record eating it tho smh
Pizza is only 5 bucks for a box. This is straight prison food. Lmao
Who got stoned and thought of this? Lol
If u didnt grow up eating ramen you dont know the struggle ... I know where I come from we all tried to hook up our ramen to something awsome lol I would totally eat this !
Idk how to feel about this
That would taste like shitt. Ramen like that is nasty. Fail video.
I stick to my pizza sorry
Stefany Belegris kkk nossa pizza de pobre
Whyyy ruin a PERFECTLY good pack of ramen!? Just someone please just tell me WHYYYY????
This look like the pizza you just made lol Taralynn Hall
I feel like the first ingredient in this has got to be "sadness" but it looks alright.
What a waste of sauce
never ate ramen, never will eat ramen... will eat hushpuppies instead
If u can afford all the ingredients to make this shit then you can afford a $3 slice of REAL pizza.
That is prison pizza.....
Flavor packet is just a topping over cheese didn't u all know? Where is the ramen crust? ... Listen whomever wants to eat this go for it you'll have it all cuz no normal person would eat this! Certainly not gonna be on the food network channel anytime soon. 😂😂😂😂
That look nasty

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