Quality time with my father

Quality time with my father Vine By: Brandon Calvillo
Quality time with my father
Published on 12/11/2017
Quality time with my father
Vine By: Brandon Calvillo


Lmao who recorded this. Funny dad tho
so staged
Fuck, how fast people comment -_-
Meanwhile in Justin Bieber's ass   ~•    ~•        ~•       ~•    ~•   ~•      ~•    ~•        ~•                                                 ~•     ~•      ~•    ~•        ~•     ~•      ~•    ~•        ~•      ~•      ~•    ~•        ~•     ~•      ~•    ~•        ~•      ~•    ~•
like my comment for no reason :v
*uses iphone to film himself using iphone*
That's a real father .. Busting your balls to make you a better man
Thank god my dad's not the only one who does this.
His face says it all.
"How did he know?..."
fucked up dad lmao !
this is funny?
I know this will probably get lost in the comments but sometimes when my moms not home.... i like to eat her cookie dough.
wow when this page started off it posted great ideas, funny content and original stuff. now everyone tries to get 7 seconds of fame with staged bullshit, stolen material or boring daily situations
Am I the only one that didn't laugh?
Nothing worse than a troll father. lol
"Whose the lucky guy " LMFAO xDDDD
Why is it funny to date a guy?
All you people who keep commenting "How do people comment so fast" Are Just trying to get likes, yeah the first time someone said it it was probably legit now its Just a phrase like whores use.
Why do you have two phones?
The father is totally gay!
F*ck Brazil
Well he would be a lucky guy if it was a guy :) he's a cutie!!
"who is the lucky guy hahahaha"
I don't know what to write so I'm giving you waffles recipe:
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1/2 cup vegetable oil
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4 teaspoons baking powder
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This is the funniest thing😂😂😂 Megan Purves Laurie Hendry Arina Yazdi Emma Hamilton
best vine
texting a phone while holding an other making videos. yea i always do that way in case my father told me a hilarious burn.
Awkward when its actually a guy
Luke I legit imagine your dad to be exactly like that
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Faletolu Mauai Vaega Me and J lol
Corey Russell, Maddie Patricia
haha Emily Gjertsson this is you and your dad haha Mika MotoshigeAndrea Quinones
Pierre Kirsten Nico Becker Christopher Rebholz hahahaha
This is Fernando Anorve hahaha
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Lukas Valdemar Thorborg Pedersen
lms if u watchedmore than once for the laugh
Vali Cornea Fcf Rechyn Claudiu Cld Stefan Fane Jmi CipRi Cik Copona
Omg awesome dad
Jim Spies Joris Rikken
Llike if you watched this more than once
Alyk Barnes

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