Puppies Vs. Babies: The Ultimate Showdown

Puppies Vs. Babies: The Ultimate Showdown via America's Funniest Home Videos
Puppies Vs. Babies: The Ultimate Showdown
Published on 11/17/2017
Puppies Vs. Babies: The Ultimate Showdown
via America's Funniest Home Videos


The kid with the pillow at the baby gate should have won his round. That was genius!
But why did you let the baby eat toilet paper 😞
smart baby put the pillow down 1st <3
Puppies always win because kids suck.
I don't understand how puppies won on some of these.
Wow people treat their pets better than children. Amusing eh
Puppies ALWAYS win. 🐶🐾💕💜
Are they really comparing babies to dogs?
Puppies are way better then children in every way shape and form
RIP picture comments
I think on the last round the baby had to win coz the thing with the pillow was actually pretty clever :D
How did the baby who put the pillow down NOT win that round?
I seriously thought the baby was gonna break his neck flipping over that gate. Not ok
Please dont compare dogs with babies ... Love dogs but babies are humans and shouldnt be compare to dogs.
I think the take away here is that parents fail. Parents always fail.
Babies should of won
ALWAYS the puppies😄😄😄
Lol! Dogs are cool!
Dogs always humans are horrible when they grow up lol
Lmfao this made my day
Oh......STOP with crap about comparing puppies with BABIES!!.....ppl AREN'T saying that they literally come first (puppies). ....it was strictly in fun!! :-) :-).. ...can tell these ppl don't really like dogs!!??!!......
EVERYBODY LOVES PUPPIES & BABIES!!!!.....so get over it!!!
You are just looking for things to BITCH ABOUT!!!!.......:-) :-) :-)
Puppies will always win💕💓
Babies should have won
Forget that, babies always win over puppies!
yeahhhhhhh, i watch my kid instead of videoing him during dangerous situations... like jumping off or over things.. Ill let him do those things, but I always make sure ill have both hands ready to catch him so he's not breaking his tailbone or his neck. These were cute though.
Of course puppies win.
Puppies > baby's
4-1 really? Seriously? Most definitely 3-3 and needed a tie breaker. Whoever awards the points definitely has a unique view of these videos
I disagree. Babies win
Half of these isn't puppies and some these parents aren't good parents.
I want a puppy.
Compairing kids to puppies... Kids win hands down in my book!
I'll take a puppy any time over a baby!
Puppies will always win not matter how ;-)
The babies should have won most of those!! Puppies are amazing, but the babies should have had that!
I'm gonna be that mom, and say y'all all suck. You should be glad someone likes babies over puppies or your stupid butts wouldn't be here. My babies are precious and I'll take them over a dog any day.
This is funny Tashza Taylor but I can't believe some of these ppl just sat there and filmed their babies doing really dangerous stuff for a "funny video".
the dog bumping into the baby and the last one always make me laugh😂
Dogs win yay cuz I don't like baby's ewwwwwwwww
Dude! The baby should've won for eating and jumping. And the gate!
Babies > puppies
Can't believe that parents just let them children do such dangerous things
There was a dog which obviously wasn't a puppie
These are like the worse parents ever
as long as nobody got hurt i think it's a gas
I saw like two pups, the rest were grown dogs. This is cheating lol
Smh bitch doesnt know how to fucking parent id smack my child for trying to eat tolit paper. like bitch why you letting your kid do that dumb shit
I liked the babies more lol theirs were funnier.

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