President Obama made a BuzzFeed video: Things Everybody Does But Doesn't Talk About

President Obama made a BuzzFeed video: Things Everybody Does But Doesn't Talk About
President Obama made a BuzzFeed video: Things Everybody Does But Doesn't Talk About
Published on 10/23/2017
President Obama made a BuzzFeed video: Things Everybody Does But Doesn't Talk About


I love my president.
"Can I live?"
"You do you."
Fuck what people say. Best President ever. Period.
I do have to for under $100 is a fucking lie.
If he wasn't like... you know... ruining the country... he'd be a bad ass president.
Im from the uk and i might have missed something here. Please someone explain how a president who has made healthcare accessible to a lot of people is 'bad'? Also and again, i apologise for sounding stupid but this debt issue that keeps coming up, was that not an issue under Bush when he waged a trillion dollar war on people who live in caves? Maybe being British makes me stupid but i cant see how these reasons make him the worst president since colonial rule???
Absolutely brilliant - I love that our president can goof around like this and connect with people in a real way about a serious issue!
The fact that we have Isis burning men alive and this motherfucker doesn't do anything about it.
Are people blind!? I paid $700 on penalties for not having health insurance. It costs a furtune and it doesnt cover ANYTHING (not even emergency room). "Aww he is so charming" guys, you're so easy to manipulate... or you're 15 years old or unemployed.
If this dude worried a bit more about the country instead of spending 40% of his time in propaganda and making videos to pay for his deficit, things would be much better. Ignorance is a blessing for those who are amused by his campaign jokes while he shoves Obamacare down their throats. :l
As much as I dislike him, I didn't hate this.
Yall know why he did this right? To reach to younger people sign up for healthcare by the deadline.. #smart #obamaisawesome
All the under 25's who are still in college LOOOOOOOOOOVE Him!!!! Everyone else who has held down a job knows the TRUUUUUUUUUUTH about him the cold shoulder to Netanyahu. Claims "he didn't have the time" to go to Paris to stand against islamic terrorism. Takes lavish multi million dollar vacations at taxpayer expense, let 4 brave American's in Benghazi die, but he DOES have time for this nonsense, while our country is going down the toilet because of his policies. Sounds like the life of a dictator, to me!
Glad there was time to make a video when ISIS is still killing innocents. I would have made this Comment no matter who the president was.
Surprise surprise doing what he does best, fucking around! I'm sure he'll go golfing after.
Watching Obama use a selfie stick = day made :)
This was WAY more important than handling ISIS. Eh, just burning people alive and beheadings. No big deal.
can I live? #Respect (y)
It's the president, I 😍 loved it. No matter what I still support and believe in Obama. Thanks for the ☺ smile and laugh to start my day.
What a loser of a president, I'm sorry I have to say that but for real. He apparently has nothing better to do except this and golf while our country tanks. Absolutely ridiculous.
I just laugh at those calling him a failure....can't even get mad a stupidity
Americans dying over seas and starving in America but hey lemme make a comercial that makes no sense
I don't want my president to be cute or waste time making videos to pat himself on the back. I want a better leader who puts the focus on people who deserve help like the Christians being murdered because they won't convert to Islam.
😂😂😂😂😂😂 *Spills coffee* "Ugh Thanks Obama" 😂😂😂 They do blame him for everything though, he's cool af Can he live???
I love buzzfeed...but this was a stupid video on their part. Just because of the fact that that piece of shit president is included in it. And no its not because he's black and it doesn't mean he's not a good father husband or friend but as a president he's gonna be the death of us all. Just can't way for his term to be finished so we can move on to the next (hopefully less shitty) president.
Love that thousands of innocent people are being slaughtered in the Middle East, and innocent prisoners of war are being decapitated and burned alive by Isis, and instead of coming up with a strategy to rescue the remaining prisoners and stop this terrorist group, he's making BuzzFeed videos. Glad to know he has his priorities straight!!
Coolest President ever.
Aren't there seriously more important things the leader of the free world should be attending to rather than once AGAIN letting us know what a narcissist he is???
"Yolo man" haha. Yes.
All of you are so ignorant. Watching this scumbag destroy everything our ancestors and for fathers fought and died for. Struggled and sacrificed there entire lives for us to have our freedom. And you sit here complimenting him and making excuses for him.
He and all of his supporters fully deserve the choice of deportation or death penelty.
Hundreds of millions of true proud Americans turn in there graves at the sight of what America is becoming.
You desgust me.
Buzz feed will never receive my support again.
True Americans out.
" less than $100..." Really? What he doesn't mention is the $10,000 deductible that comes with that nonexistent premium. 10,000,000 comedians out of work, and he tries to be funny. I don't want my President yukking it up and pandering to Americans like they are middle schoolers.
I love seeing our pres like this... i nice reminder in the end he's human like everyone else and he's a dork!! XD
Impressed so many ppl mentioned the dirty mirror. I didn't even notice it prob b/c I myself sometimes have a dirty mirror, kinda like *everybody* does, sometimes. Do you think that was kinda the point? Just wondering.
nice to see his human side. sometimes we get caught up in their politics we don't see that as much. i liked this a lot.
Some of y'all need to get the stick out your ass.
Not an ad for Obamacare at all..
Amazing our president had time to do something as bullshit as this video
So happy our president is focusing on this and "health care deadlines" when ISIS is on the move and killed one of our own, Kayla Mueller. Oh and our border isn't secure. Oh and we are TRILLIONS in debt. But no big deal, carry on with your propaganda.
This is cute =) Whatever your opinion is on the president or politics it's important to remember that he is still human like the rest of us! This is a fun video.
Obama Baby. .We need to enjoy our President a lot more. WHO KNOWS WHAT THE NEXT GUY IS GOING TO BE LIKE!
People on here are making suck a big f###### deal about.. "Oh there's more important things in the world that he should be concerned about" he is human and is having a little fun.. The video is 2 minutes long! Not like he is sitting here filming movies and ish.. Or telenovelas bahaha 😁
Nice try obama. It's like when a celebrity goes to rehab to try and make the public like them again. Behind the scenes however they're still doing whatever the hell they want. If a good president made this video it would be awesome. When a president who is destroyed this country does a video like this it says I don't give a fuck. So Obama while youre hopping around having fun making a video, Americans are going hungry and can't find jobs. And this is acting by the way it's not showing his true side, it's scripted. There are plenty of nice laid-back guys in this world. But doesn't mean they are fit to be a president. This video doesn't change anything Obama has done to this country. And his new healthcare reform is screwing us all over so this is just a tactic.
he's a cool president
Also how much of our taxpayer dollars went to this stupid ad?
You've got to hand it to him, the President really knows how to use social media effectively.
I'm a fan of Buzzfeed but why in the world is Obama wasting his precious time as President of the United States to make a social media video? Makes me sick. Who cares if he's funny and human if he isn't running the very country we all live in? Be an actor if you want to be famous. Don't be the President.
I don't even like Obama, but the "thanks Obama" line is a good one.
"Thanks Obama!!!" HAHAHAHAHA! Don't care if you're right, left or nowhere. It's funny - just enjoy. :-)

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