Pranks in the desert can be fun

Pranks in the desert can be fun
Pranks in the desert can be fun
Published on 11/24/2017
Pranks in the desert can be fun


How is this funny ? Its a matter of shame to those Muslims who makes fun of Namaz.. Astagfirullah.
This is not funny !!!! Astagfirullah
Astagfirullah May Allah forgive us. shame on them and shame on us for watching
Please don't post this kind of video
not funny. remove this video please
Its not funny at all He is Just praying you know what Actually he is in contact with god and the other guys is disturbing him which god dont like...:/
Shame on such Muslims who makes fun of NAMAZ
To make fun of others' religion is NOT funny at all.. pay some respect please..
This is not funny
This video intends to religious harassment ! u shldn't post it...May Allah show u the bright path..
U shall not do this to people who pray to god
هذا حرام وسخريه حرام
not funny. remove this
its not funny wtf !! remove this video !!1
Thts very bad, u should not make fun of our religious things
This is not funny..
حرام واستهزاء بالدين
tobah astaghfaar.due to this thing we are throghing in hell by Allah.
This is not funny.
Allha ,god, make us sooo it will accept ,,,no need to afraid my friends, ,,, ,we re child of that, ,,,he,she know everything, ,,and we are human beings sooo we are sometime, ,,pray, ,sometime ,,,sad, sometimes happy sometime funny, ,,,and love each other, ,,,,
Bloody idiots. Bustards
This is not funny at all. It's prayer and respect it
nau-zu-billah .
You should be ashamed of your self
And not funny
This is rude
Not funny
its really very bad to make a joke during pray. Allah hum sub ko maaf ker dain mujay maloom hota to ye hargiz na daikhta. Astagfirullah
Allah give hadayat.
It's not funny
Astagfiruallah this is not funny
That was my thinking too. This isn't funny at all. I am Christian and found this very disrespectful to the gentleman!
This is not funny
Ha-ha-ha😒 its not funny😒 astagfirUllah!🙍
Hayop ang dalawan llaki ang sama impirno kyo mbobolok....insallah....
Stupid Arabs.....
Lol but the admin not even do the joke, You must decapitare those guys, lmao. This is just a video, and in fact im an atheist, so I dont care and you too either.
Not good
Astagfirullah :(
How rude. Not funny
this is totally wrong :/
Toba astagfirullah....sham on u
Isi matti k nichay hisab hona ha tab rona or phir moka nai milna.
It's not funny stupid..
Stupid ass admin what the heck r u thinking of when u post this kind of stupid stuff IDIOT
It shouldn't have been done.

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