People Watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians For The First Time

People Watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians For The First Time
People Watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians For The First Time
Published on 10/21/2017
People Watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians For The First Time


What if everyone suddenly stopped giving them attention?
Coffee gives everyone boners.
I remember one time when I was sick and I happen to fall asleep watching the E channel cause a movie was I woke up the next morning to see this crappy show on omg to make things worst my remote was missing and I was too weak to get up and change the channel omg the episode I watched explains why Kylie is the way she is...omg this girl was 13 wearing 4 inch heels so much make up and was asking when could she get a boob job like kourtney omg and then Bruce got upset and made her get up and left the restaurant and took her home...which was good on him..but then Kris of course comes at him and shyt I was just like wtf bruhh he doesn't want his daughter to end up like yours which he failed at and Kris took his balls over the years and it maybe explains why he wanted to be a woman lol (that was just joke guys I have nothing against it good for him) but Yea that was my kardashian experience...
Id rather watch QVC for the rest of my life then one episode of the wretched garbage. Raise your standards for television people. Fueling the fame of someone who has done nothing to deserve it. I have no respect for them.
Am I the only one who loves the Kardashians?
I was honestly entertained for a few episodes lol its just something to watch when you're bored. I get theres nothing to it, its total drama and shit about rich people but it can be funny.
I watched part of an episode way back and I seriously think I injured my brain synapses
I heard that show is used by the CIA to torture people
Tbh I like watching the show #Imnotproudofit #unwantedaddiction
People Watch Honey Boo Boo For the First Time please
She knew that Rob Kardashian was the lawyer for Oj Simpson, that's respect right there she's smart
Family show with viagra 😂
They say they are scripted. Ha well I think buzzfeed is
So all BuzzFeed Staff do or see things for the first time ?
The only thing more useless than watching Keeping Up With The Karshians is watching people watch it
Never watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians
Scott and Khloe should have their own show and that would be worth watching. Them 2 are funny
Watch people, watching another show. Are you freaking kidding me? Lame.
I wrote a shitty status about the kardashians yesterday and now I can't watch this video....hmmmmmm.
I rather eat glass before I watch that show 😒😒
"its like bad scripted tv" does anyone actually think these reality shows show reality? They have producers etc for a reason! Duck dynasty literally admitted that they do table reads
I love Keeping Up With the Kardashians!!!
Wow buzzfeed. Slow news day?
Ok so you are to lazy to change your television and you are hating on women who work (yes owning a business, doing apparences, recording a show, owning a a fmous app etc is work) , you are hating on them. Yeaaaaa
Could have put me in that video!! I don't know a thing about the Kardashians!!
I've never watched this show. I couldn't even finish watching this clip of people watching this show. Frankly, putting viagra in a man's coffee without his knowledge should be considered sexual assault. I would hope someone putting something in my beverage without my knowledge would be treated more seriously than as a good laugh on t.v.
I genuinely enjoy watching their show. Every Sunday I'm tuned in. 😊 I don't understand why all you have to be so negative, if you don't like their show, then don't watch it. Nobody is forcing you to.
It really is like a classic family sitcom. It's like watching Friends or HIMYM except that you can see them get richer from your views.
Watch people loose iq points in less Han 3 minutes
I watched it last week for the first time..... It's meh
Ummm no thanks, I'd rather watch a Barney & Friends DVD and I dislike Barney very much. LOL
You know Buzzfeed is running out of ideas when this pops up on your feed.
I call bullshit because a company that revolves around pop culture, hasn't seen a Kardashian episode.
"Worst scripted show in the world" "Kardashians are irritating people"..
i love watching the show, its so funny!!!
They're multimillionaire, successful family oriented business women. Lmfao
why does the people of buzzfeed have to suffer ,what did they do wrong? And I am really curious can someone tell me how the kardashians became famous?
I never seen that show in my life.
They Talk like the kardasians lol
If you actually watch the show, you'll learn to like it. Haha
Ana Laura ta Ai uma coisa que eu não sabia, elas são ricos porque o pai delas foi o advogado do OJ Simpson, tipo eu sabia que elas eram ricas pelo pai delas mas nunca soube o motivo
What did they ever do to u to deserve such punishment???
i didnt even have to watch the entire video to know it was shade 😂😂
"I don't really know what the Kardashian's do." Me either girl. Me either.
I'm pretty sure I lost braincells the one time I watched that show.. 😒
I also like Scott. 😁
That show is like a car accident. Fucking horrible but you can't look away..
"This is the worst scripted show in the world, its not even reality" -Guy with Glasses. I like him already.
I fell asleep watching Faceoff and woke up to the Kardashian show. My only reaction when I woke up was fear.
Thank you, Hulu.
+1 for subtitles!
I don't understand the point of them do they even make all their money?? It just does not make sense to me. Just because their dad was a lawyer to OJ? And Kim's skank tape? So the whole family is famous over I missing something? Lol

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