People Try Vegan Cheese For The First Time

People Try Vegan Cheese For The First Time
People Try Vegan Cheese For The First Time
Published on 10/22/2017
People Try Vegan Cheese For The First Time


*stops everything to watch the video*
"Liberal packaging really pisses me off" Is the best line of the video!!!
Vegan cheese alone tastes awful. When used in mac&cheese or on a veggie burger, however.... HEAVENLY.
Really? They find vegan cheese weird but don't find it weird to eat cheese made of pus?
Where's the buzz feed video on people's first trip to factory farms and slaughterhouses? K, thx.
It's not cheese if it's vegan you idiots. Literally CANT BE CHEESE IF ITS VEGAN. Fucking freaks
oh my gosh why did they pick all the gross cheeses!!!! The swiss and provolone Daiya is the WORST daiya, if they would have given them the jack or a melted cheddar it would have been way different. damnit.
.lol but nobody questions all the stuff thats in real cheese lol
people commenting "omg vegans shouldn't ask for dairy tasting things!" here are overlooking the lactose intolerant population. just because it says 'vegan' doesn't mean that it's directly aimed at vegans. :/
Yes, because pus and blood from a cow's teat is so much tastier!
Because what's in real cheese isn't disgusting at all (eye roll) if only people knew what was really in cheese
If you need to chemically modify your "cheese" to make it "look" "feel" "melt" and "stretch" like real cheese then you should really reconsider your dietary choices. Those chemicals and additives will kill you before sharp cheddar does.
Smh to vegans and vegetarians.
I like how dude is all, "Oh this smells so gross...duhhhhh." Because dairy cheese smells like flowers and does not in any way smell like the five-day-worn sock off a jock's sweaty foot.
Most cheese containa rennet also.... Natural calf rennet is extracted from the innermucosa of the fourth stomach chamber (theabomasum) of slaughtered young, unweanedcalves.
Wow the ignorance and vitriol against vegans and their lifestyle is horrible. Think about what you're saying. Think about what you're defending. Vegans live a lifestyle of non-violence. They are opposed to oppression against all species. Racism = speciesism = sexism = homophobia and so on. It's all connected.
A group of people who are dedicated to doing the least harm possible. A group opposed to the exploitation, rape and murder of anyone.
I just don't get the nastiness.
There are plenty of excellent dairy substitutes. Sad to see this video perpetuating ignorance.
Vegans miss out on nothing. The food is varied and amazing. Please stop coming from a place of ignorance.
"You can't make dairy out of nuts. You can't. Cows and nuts are different."
Ummm, point of clarification. Nobody is making *dairy* out of nuts. They're making cheese...which there's no rule that says cheese has to come from a cow. If you're still confused, please see goat cheese.
I've been Vegetarian/Vegan for 9 years now. I can not tell you how many times someone has tried to convince me to eat meat, started arguments with me and were seemingly offended by MY dietary choices. I've lost count at this point. I can, however, tell you how many people I've personally tried to convert to vegetarian/veganism or lecture about their choices. ZERO. Do you know why? Because what other people eat has absolutely no effect on me. I don't know why people haven't gotten past their obsession with finding things to be pissed off about.
Vegan cheese is a good thing to start off with if you are going vegan for the 1st time for whatever reason you're picking that lifestyle/diet (save the animals, environment, health reasons). A lot of vegan cheese is process and not that healthy for you but I've came across vegan cheese recipes made with nuts. I'm going vegan starting this new year and I'm planning on making my own verison of vegan food or just skipping the eggs and diary stuff in general. There are a ton of yummy vegan foods and replacements, you just got to test it out and if it's bad- try something else. :)
Buzzfeed videos are the reason why I procrastinate.
You need to cook it!
Ok so continue eating your stinky full of pus dairy cheese and just let vegans alone.
I locked this woman in a room once and I forced her to get pregnant by sticking my hand inside her and when she finally had the baby I took it away and killed it and I pumped all the fluid intended to feed the baby out of her. Then I did it again and again until her body was too feeble to be able to so I killed her. She was really strong but she was too stupid to get away, and she was really gentle in temperament but she couldn't talk so she could ask for help. But the stuff that came out of her was sooooo yummy!!!
"Liberal packaging really pisses me off!" Hahahahahaha that made my day! Jonathan
I don't think the point of Vegan cheese is to put it on a meat sandwich xD
The new line of Chao Cheese from Field Roast is amazing!!
If you choose to lead a vegan lifestyle then you shouldn't be allowed to eat an imitation version of something you choose not to eat. Just like lesbians shouldnt be allowed to use penis shaped sex toys. lol
Alone it isn't great. But put it in a recipe and it's HEAVEN. I made vegan baked mac and cheese and brought it to work. Didn't mention that it was vegan. It was devoured and everyone said they absolutely loved it. When I told them it was vegan they were astounded!
This is the taste trial that most dairy/lactose intolerant folks have suffered through just to find something similar to cheese. I can't eat vegan cheese uncooked so props!
The Buzzfeed office is right down the street from my work. Thinking I should pop in and see if they'll visit a slaughterhouse or factory farm where their "beloved" animal products come from.
If urban outfitters sold cheese, this would be the packaging loooool
i wanna try vegan cheese! i wanna try more vegan foods but i love chicken so it gets me sometimes...i'm like yeah i and do it...then mmm chicken. -_- '
Clearly those people have no clue why us vegans do not eat dairy cheese. We first stop consuming the violence versions of it, your body gets over the addiction to reg cheese after a few weeks, then your taste buds change and you learn to appreciate the taste of some vegan versions or go without. We are vegan to reduce demand & stop contributing to so much violence to the innocent animals. It's a selfless act & it's a lifestyle. It's not about us, it's about the animals & the planet benefits. It's a win win! <3
Lmao why do I always do this to myself. Coming and reading all the idiots comments about meatless meats or vegan cheeses on a big public page...sigh. Humanity is hopeless.
I would 100% fly out there on my own and do all of these taste tests with those dudes and chicks. It's just sad when I do it alone in my apartment with only my computer monitor to shine some light on why my life is going downhill.
I eat vegan cheese and they couldn't have picked any worse types to try. They're are tons of alternative cheeses that taste amazing even my husband will eat them and he loves dairy.
Ive tricked people with vegan cheese so many times...this video is dumb.
cheese from cow titties is less offensive than soy/nut based cheeses? these people are brain washed into actually believing excretions from cows taste better
"Was that like a $1.50 a bite?" Lolololol
I don't understand why vegans and vegetarians try so hard to fake themselves out. If you aren't going to eat dairy or meat then why trick your mind by eating things that kinda look and feel like the real thing?
Field roast chao cheese...the best!!!
funny how they tried all the worst ones, I was waiting for them to try chao! Chao cheese is EXACTLY like dairy cheese, its delicious and cruelty free :)
Shame they didn't try biocheese! I'm actually vegan and had pretty much the same reaction as these guys at the start to most of the cheeses I tried. I was hesitant to taste bio cheese but it's a staple in my fridge now :)
Because veggies cannot make good cheese. GROSS!
I don't understand why vegans won't drink milk. That's God's gift to you. It's a naturial food. You're not killing anything!
Aisha Davis yea when I was thinking of becoming a vegan a few years ago I tried vegan cheese and ground "beef" and changed my mind. Everything else was great though.
I wonder what they say if you didn't tell them that the cheeses were vegan? Once you say it's vegan, they're expecting it to taste different.
My carnivore husband loves his vegan follow your heart cheese!
Daiya Cheese is delicious Shanice D the difference is your not supposed to eat it as just block cheese like why do people just eat blocks of cheese anyway and just a slice with nothing else?? I put Daiya on my pizza with seasonings and on sandwiches - it's SOOO GOOD! Granted I never understood why people just eat cheese and grapes anyway
cheese 1 (chēz)
a. A solid food prepared from the pressed curd of milk, often seasoned and aged. Sorry vegans, but this is not cheese. That's about as real as a slice of Kraft american...
I once tried vegan blue cheese . It smelled like baby farts!

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