People Try The Virtual Reality Experience "Use Of Force" And Are Shocked By How Similar It Is To Real Life

People Try The Virtual Reality Experience "Use Of Force" And Are Shocked By How Similar It Is To Real Life
People Try The Virtual Reality Experience "Use Of Force" And Are Shocked By How Similar It Is To Real Life
Published on 11/19/2017
People Try The Virtual Reality Experience "Use Of Force" And Are Shocked By How Similar It Is To Real Life


BuzzFeed Video now let that crew experience a shoot don't shoot scenario. They experienced one side, now let them experience the other side.
This is a very tragic event but I hate how recently BuzzFeed is coming out with all these videos about how horrible cops are. Not all cops are horrible, just like not all people are horrible.
God forbid buzzfeed's made a couple videos making their views clear they'd like crooked cops to held accountable for their actions. All you cop defenders can get lost. There's no fight in the cause for you here. Fact of the matter is cops have been recorded like nobody's business and people want them held accountable. It's garbage they get out of sentences and lesser sentences just for their occupation when these cops committing these crimes in particular obviously don't care for people. If any of you were on the end of a beating or mistreatment from police, you'd start to think differently about what's really happening in the streets of our country. Not saying all cops are bad by any means, but to not point this out and want justice is sooo un-American. It's exactly what principles this country is the opposite about and was built on.
Here come all the blind sheep gonna cry about how cops can do no wrong
It's apparent that buzzfeed likes to make videos of the police mistakes and wrongdoings... How bout buzzfeed does a reality video of the Deputy Dinkheller murder?
How about a virtual game where you're a cop, and some criminal is running at you trying to take your gun and shoot you with it, but you if you do anything about it you'll be called a murderer because you protect yourself.. That sounds fun, huh?
BuzzFeed Video - contributing to more of the "anti-cop circlejerk"......good to know. BTW - Considering all police contact w/in the United States, only 1.4% involves using force. Even less is classified as excessive force. But lets look past that. Hernández-Rojas was resisting arrest, had meth in his system, and suffered from a an enlarged heart according to forensics. He was also here ILLEGALLY, which means he shouldn't have been here in the first place....
Its funny how people think that because cops face "danger" everyday they have the authority to beat people that are pinned down to death... When its wrong its wrong, dont try to justify bad cops for the good ones.
Ok BuzzFeed Video, now you should do a police virtual experience where a cop gets a gun pulled on him. No need to be biased against all police officers and the public needs to see what they go through everyday just as much as this
Has anyone on here actually watched the incredibly shitty quality original video, that you can't see a goddamned thing in? Probably not... Did any of you know that poor Mr. Rojas was jacked up on meth, and out of control? Probably not... Has anyone commenting here ever had to try to subdue a violent, tweaking meth-head before? Besides me? Probably not. Just saying.
They spent this much money so they could let you "record" this? How about they put their investment to work in training for use of force. Or showing people what a real life "use of force" situation is like. Lost respect for Buzzfeed on this one
I hope they burn in hell... That's the least they deserve. I am beyond mad... God is the only real justice we will all face.
I'm far more than disgusted with this comment thread
There are good Police officers who has respect for people and unfortunately there are some that respect people little less. I think it all comes down to how people treat each others.
And COME ON! I don't care what that man did, I don't even care if he deserved it. Police officers are people you're supposed to trust, to depend on! (And based upon these comments some of you trust them too much). It's brainwash. You've been conditioned to believe police officers are all good ans can do no harm, and it's about time we put an end to that fantasy. It's videos like this that i appreciate because it's illustrating indisputable evidence that SOME cops are bad! As I was saying, no matter what the man had done there is a protocol that MUST be followed. If they felt he was dangerous, and actually threatened - shoot to kill. If not you arrest the man accordingly. What you've all just witnessed is a disgrace. Its brutal and disgusting and far too many of you have the audacity to defend them because they have a god damn badge. It's people like you who are part of the problem!
The point of this video was to call to light that one situation. In this instance, all those border patrol went so far past the line that it can't even be seen anymore. If anyone can defend what these particular border patrol officers were doing you in this situation you are just as bad as they are. People are tired of police usually never having to answer to a higher power for their actions, especially in obvious times when a cop is just on a power trip. They can be prepared for a situation without treating everyone like a criminal and often times grossly overstepping their bounds.
Buzzfeed is so incredibly left and ridiculous. Why don't you have them take the police use of force simulator.
I get it, some of you think this is really far left and extremely one sided. You're probably right to a degree. The only thing I think of when seeing this video is that if the individuals in this scenario weren't wearing uniforms and you didn't know who they were, you would assume they were criminals just based on behavior.
By no means does this apply to all cops/border patrol, because I know a few (cops) and they are great people. But supporting anyone that does something like this, cop or not, is a disservice to all the good people you're attempting to represent.
It goes both ways.
Why do people keep saying things like "they're trying to make ALL cops look bad?" No one is trying to make ALL cops look bad. This is simply drawing attention to the ones who are not being held accountable for their actions. Whether this was based on race or not, beating someone to death while in handcuffs is not bringing them to justice. It's murder.
Im getting a little sick of buzzed joining in on this whole "all police are evil and beat on anybody who isn't white". Its annoying. Everyone needs to take a look back on the 1920s that was an era of crooked cops, 2014 is not
This should be the very first stage in police training. They should be forced to go through different versions of this from different perspectives to see how they would react. Is there a way we can make that happen?
When did caring about people and being empathetic mean liberal? And why is expecting those who enforce the law to not kill like criminals mean you're not allowed to call the cops?
Make one about what the officers go through sometimes. Why does the topic of police always have to be one sided?
What's up with all of buzzfeeds police hate videos...gets old fast
Wow. I'm a firm believer in doing what is right no matter how hard it is. But really??? Doing this at a time as such is just poor taste. To enrage a fire that is out of control already is just ignorant, bias, and heartbreaking. So sad, I really liked your site. It's obvious that nobody there is connected to law enforcement for any serious period of time. And if they are, the bigger shame is that they didn't fight against this BS post. This DOES NOT represent the huge majority of law enforcement that wants to do what's right and go home to their family after a long shift.
The more I watch your liberal, left wing-extremist bullshit, the more I want to strangle myself... Clearly your closed-minded, uneducated, and grossly misinformed editors are outside of their own minds. Please quit with this hugely biased, projectile digital vomit you keep posting!
Seriously... Give it a rest. You guys used to put up enjoyable content...
I'm not at all excusing what these border patrol guys did or any other violent cops. Police brutality is horrible. But let's see the virtual reality where they show illegal immigrants throwing rocks at border patrol and being violent towards them and putting their lives in danger.
Yeah crooked cops are what's really wrong with America... Nothing else, not the gangs that some how we accept in society but a few bad cops is what we focus on. Stop labeling all cops as bad. That's ignorant. I'm done with buzzfeed.
At what point did anyone in this video state that all cops are bad? And since when does a call for justice equate to an anti-cop agenda? The ignorance of the masses confounds me. This represents one incident. It is not meant to imply that this is the behavior of all cops. It is simply calling to attention the case of Mr. Rojas who was beaten to death by multiple border patrol agents....and none of them were implicated in his death. There is no scenario in which a handcuffed individual, who is face down on the ground, requires THAT level of force. This was a gross abuse of power. Remove the uniform and everyone would be outraged at the actions of these thugs...and they most definitely would have been charged with murder.
Boo. Not that I condemn these cops... But the buzz feed peeps comments are ridiculous. How about a virtual reality on what the cops face EVERY DAY when they leave their homes and family. Let's see BOTH sides!! Liberal bullshit is all this one is. #shameonyou
So buzzfeed is going to push anti-cop propaganda too? Of course they're bad cops, but they're are way more good cops. He was an illegal alien lets get that straight!
Just another liberal agenda being brought up to support this Obama BS about legalizing these illegals. He was reported to be on drugs by the medical examiner, Plus he had an enlarged heart. He died from a heart attack. BuzzFeed is notorious for bringing this crap up to support their agenda.
Thank you buzzfeed for bringing attention to this situation!! & for those people bitching... Stop being so damn high & mighty & realize this is just disgustingly wrong!! There is NO excuse for these kinds of actions & anyone who can find one is a pig.
& lastly Everyone knows NOT ALL COPS ARE LIKE THIS! We know! However videos like this are to bring attention towards cops who think they're above the law. Because they're not & any cop who believes he/she is shouldn't be allowed to wear a badge.
This isn't just one case of border control doing injustices. It just never gets brought out to light because it deals with "non-citizens." Thank you BuzzFeed for bringing attention to this.
Is someone gonna say buzz feed is running out of ideas in these comments? Cause this is a fantastic fucking idea.
Everyone claiming that buzz feed sucks for this video COMPLETELY missed the point of the experiment.
Ok, with everything that's going on, I'm not saying all police are the same, but some are just taking advantage of their position. Beating people and killing them is no ones right, I know that police have a job to do, but hurting others to an extreme is something, and doing their job to try to stop violence is another. I'm sorry but some people take their power to the extreme
First, buzzfeed did not create the game for the people challenging them to make one based on cops. Second, they also didn't say all cops (are in this case border patrol) are corrupt. They are saying this particular group, which obviously went to far, were not punished for their behaviour. If someone is already hand cuffed and on the ground without access to a weapon, they do not need to be beaten to their death! And third and last, regardless of your citizenship status, no one deserves to die in a situation where you are unable to do harm.
I know BuzzFeed is known for their funny videos but I'm glad they bring realistic points to the table as well.
Anti police is not the answer. Accountability is the answer. Just hold criminals accountable too. Citizens don't say I know my rights when you don't know them. In some jurisdictions making a false statement is a crime. Don't interfere, resist , or impede. Don't aide or abet. No more plea bargains, for criminals including when law enforcement commits crimes too. No good time or half time in jail or prison. No 25 year appeals in death sentence states. But understand that a lawful killing / justifiable homicide is not a murder or manslaughter.
These are border patrol agents, not cops. And Buzzfeed isn't shaming cops they are simply talking about an unjustful situation that occurred
Saying all cops aren't bad is stupid for the simple facts that no cop should be bad and still have their job. People don't focus on good cops as much as bad cops because there's more wrong being done than right.
sorry, but the white girl sounds really naive. these ppl sound like "ooh, it was such a discomfort to me stepping outside of my comfortable life to see a virtual reality recreation of someone being beat to death by those who are sworn to protect us." the only one who seemed genuinely upset & bothered was the asian. it really sucks.
Maybe they should do a "use of force" from the cops perspective? Just to be fair right? Obviously these particular cops were in the wrong but Id love to see these people experience a situation gone bad from the cops perspective and see what they think then. Seems pretty one sided to me BuzzFeed Video. Lets see a video from the other side.
Definitely came here bc I misread the title as virtual reality "use of the force"....thought it was Jedi related.
When ppl say "why isn't anyone doing anything to help?" What were they supposed to do? You can scream for the police to stop and that will bring unwanted attention on you! If the cops are of with beating a already handcuffed man while being recorded I doubt they would care about arresting or even abusing you.
From some of these comments it's perfectly fine to beat a handcuffed man because he's an "illegal alien"....of course it is!!! Silly me for seeing a problem!
Buzzfeed don't call police if y'all need them. Lol
Worst game ever
Starting to realize buzzfeed is for a lot of cop haters but its ok call them when u need them cause they will keep u safe in the long run....
Now do a virtual reality program from the peace officers point of view and see how people handle the situation, don't be one sided Buzzfeed

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