People Try Popular Beer From Around The World

People Try Popular Beer From Around The World
People Try Popular Beer From Around The World
Published on 10/21/2017
People Try Popular Beer From Around The World


Bud Light? C'mon USA, I know we're better than this...
Okay where's the Canadian and German beer?
@buzzfeed, San Miguel Pale Pilsen is from the Philippines and the leading bear brand in the country. Please correct the credits. Thanks
"this is like mistakes but the ones you dont regret" lol
It's hilarious to me that a group of Americans and none of them chose the American beer
all shitty beers.. i'll stick to my Belgium beers that win International Beer awards
Seriously you guys chose bud light to represent the US? It's like piss water. 😹👌
Um, where is Canadian beer?
San Miguel Beer is more popular in the Philippines, though... :
Corona is quite popular in Mexico, but not the best beer... Best beers are Victoria and Modelo dark
What about canada, we have better beer than america by far
Corona is definitely a light lager pilsner beer. The guy totally nailed that. But it is Mexican and though it might not be the best beer Mexico has to offer, it is the most popular.
How can you guys talk about beer but ignore German beer ! Come on !!!!
OMG where is the Belgian beer?
It is also really popular around the world!!!
What about the Danish beer? Its really popular
Really BuzzFeed you leave out German beer AND Australian beer!? What is wrong with you!?
anyone tried hoegardens?? its a Belgian white beer..its Awesome if ur into white beer
Dutch people would never pick Heineken as their beer. It sucks! What happened to Grolsche beer? I like Irish beer best.
No Belgian or German beer?! Seriously, Buzzfeed?
Try Belgium Beer (Westvleteren 12, Rochefort Trappistes 10,...) and Germany (Star of the North,...)before saying Usa popular Beers are the Best. The Best American Beers are :"Alchemist's Heady Topper, Zombie Dust and the famous : Bourbon County" , very very Good ;)!
So you made AGAIN a beer video without BELGIAN beer... Belgium : the country of beer...we have te most different beers in the whole wide world.... #buzzfeedfail
the most popular beer in mexico is TECATE
Are you guys drunk when putting the Hong Kong flag to San Miguel Beer is not from Hong Kong! it's from The Philippines!!!!! 😩😩😩😩
@buzzfeed, Corona isn't even Mexico's most popular beer (you should try "Indio") !!!! And you forgot to include a belgian beer...... of course I'm not suggesting Stella Artois cause that's crap (like Corona beer!)
OMG they didn't try Presidente the Best beer ever from dominican republic :P and they didn't try Medalla, a beer from Puerto Rico I tried it and it's pretty cool.
You guys want to know the best tasting beers? Come to jamaica, best beers around
San Miguel beer. It's so popular in the Philippines some people opt to drink it and forget about having dinner.
Buzzfeed should do a video of taiwanese beer! There're tons of flavors!
I really want to make a day like this with my friends.. Just a bunch of beers to try from and good vibes :)
Uhm Belgium has the best beer in the world...this is stupid.
shame on you buzzfeed!!!!! NO BELGIAN BEER! come on!
Seriously Heineken, that is just the most disgusting beer in the Netherlands :')
Where is the Aussie beer buzzfeed!!!!! Our beer would have won hands down....
Are you sure? Yo want to talk about the best beer and the is no german beer? Are you kidding me? I mean the first the what a person in the world think is BEER when you think on german...
Corona is the most popular mexican beer in the world, but not in Mexico, there are a lots of better mexican beers
dude where is the belgian beer !! best beer in the world
guys.. belgian beer is better than german beer....
where is the Belgian beer? You guys decidedly know nothing about beer :) :) :)
how do you make a video about beer without Germany? You cruel people
San Miguel Beer, Hong Kong come on now. That's the product of the Philippines.. that country should represent cause that's the main beer in that country..!! Smh... and German beer too.. Wow.. y'all not a beer drinking kind..!!! I guess out 32,000 beers you had to pick and choose... But still San Miguel.. is more popular in the Philippines then Hong Kong lol...!!
Hold up San Miguel Pale Pilsen Beer is from the Philippines!!! And not just popular in HongKong WTH's wrong with the caption BuzzFeed??!!
So San Miguel Beer of the Philippines is the most popular beer in HK. okay got it.
Heineken best beer ever
Ok- I have to say you obviously didn't get real beer drinkers to try this beer but they are funny
IF people in this video liked "Cristal" caz is the most popular in Peru... They'll melt for " Pilsen . <3
By not including a new zeal and Australian English and Canadian beer, or German or scandanavian beer you have drastically missed amazing beers
Beer bid without German beer...waste
Where CANADA AND GERMANY BEER! Those are some good beer there
The only beer there is guinness and maybe heineken.. The rest is not beer.. Greetings from Munich - The capitol of beer

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