People Try Military Field Rations For The First Time

People Try Military Field Rations For The First Time
People Try Military Field Rations For The First Time
mre food bag week cracker
Published on 10/20/2017
People Try Military Field Rations For The First Time


They forgot to read the directions when heating, Place top of folded heater back in box, prop up at a 45 degree angle on a "rock or something". I read it every time and laugh.
These aren't even actual military ones they are disaster relief ones
The chicken tomato basil one is delicious for food coming out of a bag!! #goarmy
The last thing they are thinking about is food? I'm always thinking about food
Hey they didn't lean the heater pouch against a "rock or something"
A couple things: They need to make a video about how that mre comes out of the body. : ) lmao. Also I don't even think that was a real mre. I've heard of that main meal before. But none of the other sides exist in the mres I eat. Try chowing down on beef taco for breakfast. Imagine tacobell meat except soup. Try only having 8 minutes to eat the whole thing and not being able to use that fancy heater. #getonmylevel.
My name is James and i am an Army Medic.
They should do "people try military field rations every day for a month"
After awhile you know which ones have the nice treats in them like the reeses pieces and skittles.
But if I have the choice of a MRE or the DFAC, I'm choosing fresh food.
I'm sorry did they repackage them?? What happened to the deadly no poop for weeks jalapeño cheese spread? Or the pound cake? Or the unlucky charms that we refused to touch. Or making fucking ranger cookies sigh those were the days. Those are not what I was forced eat for years lmao. It did make me giggle a touch about the worst thing being not able to open them.
Haha wait for the bricks you're going to shit here in 3-5 days... Bye bye colon
These aren't real government issue MRE's....and where's the tiny tobasco?!?!!
My dad is a 32-year Marine Corps veteran and he used to have a ton of those in the basement and when my mom would leave he would tell us kids we had to eat those like he did and we would all cry but then he would order us pizza. One of my fondest memories honestly.
Veggie omelette. They would have died.
No, the MRE does not give you "an emotional push" when things are bad. The only emotion it engenders is the overwhelming feeling that, even after you finish this half-cold package of shit, you're still fucked.
Top 3; Chicken pesto pasta, chilli mac, the fiesta beef stew thing. nom. Bottom 3; anything that started with the word "pork."
Try eating them for more than a week. Then call me and let me know how good they are. Then after you get tired of them for that one week replace two meals a day with an MRE for a year.
It's adorable how fascinated they are by these... *someone wanna trade for their peanut butter?! ANYONE*... Little do they know they just ate almost 2000 calories.. Get to the gym fatties.
(2:38) food is always the first thing I'm thinking about
At Basic people sold MRE contents like it was heroin. Buddy of mine made $50 off a single MRE selling snacks to moron privates.
Wonder which one of you poor bastards chewed the gum...
What they don't show in the video is that two weeks later they still haven't pooped
half the fun was using that heater to make bombs and chemical bombs to cure bordem in the field.
They should be thankful they didn't have to eat the veggie omelet main meal.
Try eating them for three times a day for about 5 months and how "great" they are and how you colon feels.
There are few things that soldiers look forward to: Handwritten letters/carepackages, a hot warm home cooked meal (I like grandmas cooking) , sleep, and most of all our time. These are things that most soldiers hold close when they are down in the worst parts of their careers in the military but the most of all is family. I have no clue on how to contact buzzfeed video i would like to know
Ask them again how much they like them after they haven't crapped for a week, haha!
Sad thing is, the ones we had in the 80's didn't have half the shit they showed in this video.....we used tiny balls of C-4 explosive to heat our MRE's up. And all we had was the main entree, a side, a cracker, and a condiment bag that usually had salt, pepper, small bag of coffee and a small bag of powdered creamer(which was actually flammable!!) Sometimes you got lucky and got a hot chocolate, which you could mix with a little water and the creamer, and heat it up into a cookie. We called those Ranger Cookies.
It's food that is good for like 10 years without refrigeration. It tastes like you would think and has the exact opposite effect of any laxative you have ever heard of.
Those are the training environment MREs, gotta get the tan bag for the full effect lol. Please find the omelet one of you wish to experience true ecstasy.
As a tip put the cardboard back over the heating bag to trap in the heat and heats them faster
They should have eaten the newer MREs. These lacked the the MRE crackers (not animal crackers, but two big square crackers so dense they may stop a bullet). I love those crackers. Well, the regular and not the vegetable ones. They also come with skittles or M&Ms now and no matches.
"Eating is the last thing there thinking about"
Lady, most of the time that's the no. 1 thing
Feed Hipsters MREs? Why the hell not! Wonder how they liked not being able
to rock a deuce for 3 days then having Godzilla explode out of their
Damn this took me back lol. And don't stash the candy from the MREs either. If a DS found out, it was over for you lol.
They hand these out to people after major hurricanes in Louisiana (at least where I lived). It's amazing how good these things are when it's all you've got. 👍
I want to see the video of them trying to take a shit after eating this.
After awhile you lose the sense to eat them individually and you get spoonfuls of peanut butter, jalapeño cheese, vegetarian burger, coffee grounds, sugar, dirt, and regret.
In the field in sucks eating them for two meals of the day, but if you haven't eaten in a day or so hunger is a good seasoning.
"The last thing you are thinking about is food ". If only you knew how many hours were spent talking about food.
Yes I meant 312 not 3 1/2 years. With nicknames for entrees like Logs & marbles (beans and wienies) you get the picture. Hug a Soldier/Airman/Sailor /Marine cook them something tasty and thank them. Sempre Fi and thank you for your service.
They should have given each of them the veggie omelette MRE....
It's funny that they're playing "Dixie" in the background. That song is generally considered to be about as racist as the Confederate Flag, yet I haven't seen one comment on here offended about it - out of the first hundred, only one even acknowledged it. I guess people don't actually get offended by stuff unless they're told to be.
Fun fact: They used to have cigarettes in them.
Cheese tortellini is the best one! MREs can be so good that steam from the bag smells so bad though
Lol they shoulda tried the jalapeno cheese and bread. That was my favorite when living off mres I traded almost everything for the cheese and bread
Give the demonstrators C-Rations instead of MRE"s. Then see their reaction. Eggs or Pork. Or even first generation MRE's that were dehydrated and did not have an included heating pouch.
The real problem with MRE"s is waiting a week to have a bowel movement.
Eat 5 and you will be afraid to shit without morphine haha
Who the hell heats then up!?!?!
There should be a follow up video to this in a day or two called, "Civilians Try To Poop After Eating An MRE For The First Time."

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