People Try Foie Gras For The First Time

People Try Foie Gras For The First Time
People Try Foie Gras For The First Time
Published on 11/19/2017
People Try Foie Gras For The First Time


Let's not even cry about animal rights most of you buy chicken and beef and pork without any research on it. It's okay for America to buy chicken from horrid factories that abuse and neglect them but how dare they sell duck fat !? Let's not even talk about what's in a hot dog. Some places will be humane and others will not. So just do your research- this chef did his.
You know what the best garnish for foie gras is?
Hippie tears.
We eat animals! Get over it. The guy said that the ducks aren't treated in a disgusting way. I'm so tired of "First-World-Problem", cry-babies, that want everyone to be Vegan (or vegetarian). There are people out there (kids) who are starving and would love a piece of meat on their table. I'm going to eat and live. You can starve and drown in your tears. Now where is my bacon at?
All of you social justice warriors on here, trying to see another justification why eating any and ALL types of goose liver is animal cruelty. This guy did his research, and does not support the mass farms. I think it's funny how a lot of you will criticize goose liver no matter what, yet go the store and buy from mass-produced agriculture, where the living conditions are probably worse then the farms where this foie gras is from. It's a part of an animal. What makes it any different if you fatten a cow and fill it with hormones, then sell steaks from it? If you criminalize goose liver regardless how humane the processing might be, then you might as well become a vegetarian. Don't call it disgusting unless if you've actually tried it. And you aren't making anything better by forcing everyone to become vegetarians. Smh...
Fucking disgusting. I can't believe buzzfeed is really promoting this.. Disappointed.
"You should be able to eat what you like" exactly.
The fact that you are promoting foie gras is absolutely disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourselves.
THIS is not why people enjoy buzzfeed.... This doesn't bring a smile to anyone's face or to brighten a persons day... Being the owner of two very much pet ducks this burns me to the bone and doesn't make you buzzfeed, any different from a person on the street promoting dog fights or people committing animal cruelty acts... THIS is sicking ...
This is absurd. I don't care how you raise the animal, you are still forcing it to endure a process which so fattens its liver that it can never be healthy. It's cruel, no matter what.
Love me some duck liver! I get mine from a family farm here in Alaska. I can tell people didn't listen to the video. You don't have to get it from mass farms over seas, you can go to a local farm and see how the duck get treated.
There's a reason this stuff was illegal in California. We really need to stop supporting animal cruelty.
Theres people who eat meat and those who don't. Its all a choice. Its okay to speak your opinion but damn, do you really have to be so closed minded?
Buzzfeed isn't here to suit and meet your expectations because you shouldn't have any on them.
You don't have to agree with everything, just at least try to understand the multi sided aspects of it. Humans are quick to jump to the first thing that comes to their mind but horribly fail at understanding that their side isn't the only fucking side.
There is no right or wrong.
There is just your opinion and millions of other opinions.
Get over yourselves.
There are worse things happening in this world.
This chef needs to do some more research. Just because the goose/duck doesn't have nails through its feet doesn't mean it's being treated humanely! It is still being force fed to the point that the liver is grotesquely poisoned and fatty. That doesn't happen naturally, I promise you there is still a tube being forced down its throat!
Actually, I take part of that back. Surely he knows exactly how disgustingly, horribly and irresponsibly he has sourced his protein; he just cares more about selling a $75 plate to "foodies" than morally and ethically responsible cooking.
I am shocked, appalled and utterly disappointed that buzzfeed is promoting foie gras. They should be ashamed and embarrassed!
Should be banned everywhere. why the hell do we only value animals if we can find a way to eat them?
Disgusting. One of the most inhumane sources of meat.
Despite all the PETA worshipers, I'll probably still try some Foie Gras. On my bucket list...
I'm actually glad they posted this video so I can get a glimpse into what I might be eating someday. :D
Wow Who knew you americans cared so much about ducks!
Wow some of you vegans are really judgmental and ignorant.
Vegetarians and vegans complaining again turning somethig normal into animal cruelty (y)
We chefs take pride in presenting the cleanest type of meat in the food we produce. To say it's disgusting that a chef whom said he gets it from a farm he believes is humane means the ducks are treated correctly. Yes there is a horrible way ducks are treated but there's also places that treat them the same way an organic chicken would be. Free range, growth hormone free, they just get fed a few more times a day with a more nutritious feed. Do your research before you put down a person who has gained a degree within a craft he takes pride in.
Must say I'm disgusted that buzzfeed are promoting foie gras, it's vile
I hate buzzfeed now. Look it up...
This makes me want to throw up lol
Can everyone please realise that the chef is using FREE RANGE foie gras. Free Range is when the animals are roaming free and not being harmed in any way. Please watch and listen to the video!!! BuzzFeed Video has done nothing wrong neither has the chef, neither has promoted animal cruelty... It's all good guys! Keep the peace guys...
I like buzz feed because they try a bunch of random stuff that's foreign to me. Like I've never heard of this before! Now I wanna give it a try. I already eat burgers wings, barbacoa, tripas, etc. Might as well try some liver fat :p
Wow those people have no empathy towards animals. What monsters. I would love to stick a long tube down their throat. "Cage free" or not they never said that the ducks were not force fed!!!! Omg how can they put this on buzzfeed? And that last guy talking " sometimes you just have to not think about where meat comes " what a loser! I'm sorry but if you can't see how an animal is raised/killed for meat because you think it's not right you are being a complete hypocrite!!!! Ignorant.... Too many people are in thankful and ignorant.
"Snap, crackle, foie." hahahha.
Foie gras is always inhumane, no matter if it's raised in a home in a king sized bed or a tiny cage. They shove a tube down the goose's throat and stuff it until it can no longer breathe. Like I said, there's a reason it was illegal.
Omg this is horrible ANY animal raised fot slaughter doesn't live a very good life even if " humane" is the term used to describe jts life!
I never knew this is what happened- I'm glad I've never tried it. This is awful.
They force feed the ducks with a tube down their throat. The ducks are tortured until they get killed. Its really sad.
Wow suddenly everybody's vegan. O:
Supporting animal cruelty. Not cool
Lol I bet none of you even knew what this was until you watched the video, yet you have opinions up the ass about it. A quick YouTube search and post against something doesn't make you look intelligent.
I don't see any the animal rights activists spouting off on the hamburger taste test video. These geese are eating well and being treated humanely...and they're delicious.
BuzzFeed tells stories. Just because you don't like the story or message doesn't necessarily mean it's wrong. It's not BuzzFeed telling the story per se. They gave this chef an avenue to tell his story. I think the takeaway was to be a responsible consumer and know where your food comes from and how it's made. Like chill. Seriously.
Oh shut the fuck up, you bleeding heart dumbasses. Do you eat beef, pork or chicken that is not labeled "free range"? Yes you do. The living conditions of those animals are often NIGHTMARISH, so shut your hypocritical asses up.
there are so many people who nee to get over them self's and watch it before saying anything he dosnt use the caged one and forced feed ones so get the fuck over ur self
Boy I would hate to see what happens if the world ever came crashing down and we had to survive by hunting and catching ur own food a lot of would die...Oh well more for me and mines
Gross. Did not want to see that video of that duck having that tube forced down its throat. Disgusting.
We are so spoiled as Americans that it's sad how trendy Vegan and Vegetarianism has become. I briefly tried to be Vegetarian in my youth, blindly following a fad and others to be cool. It was the COOL thing to do, and I feel like that's how it still is. Yes, you may love animals. Yes, you may want them to be treated more humanely BUT a percentage of all you vegans and vegetarians only do it because you thought it was COOL. Do not even go about denying it. If you lived in a third world country your vegan ass would die out so fast. Take your 1st world thoughts and stick them up your ass.
Oh no, Buzz Feed is supporting eating animals. How cruel. Unbelievable. How dare we eat things put here for our consumption. Shame on us.
Jessica Allen Axmear these people are idiots - the guy at the end quotes if you're going to eat meat you just have to not think about how it's prepared so who cares - in relation to how foie gras ducks are enslaved and force fed. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 there's no such thing as humane meat people
No matter how 'humane' anyone claims this is it simply isn't.... Being force fed until shit explodes ain't anything humane and it's the only way to attain the product. Buzz feed I love you but promoting this is a disgrace.
I don't know how to feel about this :(
Really? Half of you are going crazy over this. Buzzfeed is not promoting animal cruelty. They acknowledge the fact that the way some farms treat the animal is terrible. So? What is the difference from ducks and geese being treated over how pigs,cows and chickens are being treated? They are all terribly mistreated and animal cruelty shouldn't happen in general. When they did the video on meat sweats. I didn't see anyone cry about how they promote meat eating even though we all know how the meat is produced and how the animals are treated.
You are fucking stupid if you are saying Buzzfeed is promoting animal cruelty. In fact, you probably didn't even watch the video. You all eat meat? Ever look up US meat factories? Or how you get your milk? LOL.
Hell, this guy is probably 10 times better than your grocery stores way of getting meat.
the way the chef got the food is right way i don't eat much meat but i do eat meat and i would try it

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