People Try Eating Houseplants

People Try Eating Houseplants
People Try Eating Houseplants
Published on 10/19/2017
People Try Eating Houseplants


"Your rabbit eats this?"
"Yeah but he also eats his own poop so"
Buzzfeed has officially run out of ideas.
I mean if they are running out of ideas. We as fans should give them some appropriate ideas instead of complaining. Ijs
"Now this is appropriate for ranch I assume, because it would be found on a ranch" badumtss. lol
"Anything is edible if it's small enough right?" To that I say anything is a dildo if you are brave enough.
Should try sourgrass. Sourgrass is good.
I thought this was pretty funny. If you're complaining that Buzzfeed has ran out of ideas... how bout you make a page & record more interesting stuff. 😒
Are we not going to talk about the people in matching outfits?
Normally buzzfeed is pretty funny, did they run out of ideas?
"This is purple haze"
Those are not prickly pears they are nopales. Nopales are slimy, prickly pears are not. Prickly pears are a fruit. That red thing in the plate might be but a small one.
Sooo... I just found this here when I got home.. Fred Desjardins Jillian Nemis Kelly Luke Vika Pertsova Gary Charlebois
Next up: Buzzfeed Staff Try Eating Plain Toast
Followed by: Buzzfeed Staff Sample Distilled Water
"Anything is edible if it's small enough." He's one of those guys that's going to accidentally eat hemlock and poison himself
Jake that looks like u @0:26
Nicole Schiff "it's basil! You're right!"
Vivian Whidden Iris Thomas Madison Faulk
i can make an entire meal from wild stuff
aloe vera can be tasty if you prepare it right
Aloe vera, cactus and dandelion are actually pretty popular things I sell at the grocery store I work at. So yes people eat this normally
Thao Nguyen
Sermin Yilmaz
"That's purple haze right there"
Best line
Jes Pulver
Renée Ssance Malham
Adriana Nelson
I wish they would have had them eat sour grass
Edible doesn't mean digestible.....
Jaquelynn Roque
The aloe part was the best Erica Laizure
Sarah Christley idk why I laughed at this hahaha I could see us doing that
actually in the middle east dandelion greens are served with breakfast and we eat them alot!
ohhh my grandma makes kind of like a salad with dandelion greens where she puts it in soysauce with crushed peppers on top and its pretty good
These people are pussies. It tastes like SALAD.
Amy Valencia
Remember those may have pesticides on them
Tia Bailey eat meat.
Some are poisonous. Don't try at home.
First time I've seen creepy guy crack a genuine smile :)
Kimberley Phillips
Whaaat the fuuck?? o.O
We actually eat the fruit of the prickly pear in Italy! It's a little bit difficult to clean cause it has tiny little evil thorns which hurt a lot but it's very sweet and tasty inside :)
You guys are just eating everything aren't you lol
Michelle Warrenh
Why is this a thing? WTF is wrong with people?!?
If trying this , do it with care . Some people might be allergic to some plants .
haa haa.. this was cute
Show this to Ceci Sarah Dolittle lololol
Kippy Kip

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