People Try Celebrity Alcohols For The First Time

People Try Celebrity Alcohols For The First Time
People Try Celebrity Alcohols For The First Time
Published on 12/11/2017
People Try Celebrity Alcohols For The First Time


Am I the only person who didn't know that celebrities had their own alcohols? Lol
"I could see him sipping on this after Beyoncé has yelled at him a little bit." LoL
"Which head would you like?" "Wooooooooooooooah..."
I never would have imagined someone would use elegant and Nikki Menaj in the same sentence.
"Dan Akroyd has never been among a cooler group of people..." ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!
Where can I apply for this job?!
"Justin your tequila is just like you. It looks white, but then there is juuusstt a little kick at the end." 😂😂😂
Nicki Minaj ?? Queen ?? Daffuq
"This taste like an apple crayon", all crayons taste the same though. Lol
How come Andrew and Ashly weren't paired up together? :(
How could none of them know Ciroc is Diddy's? It's like the most commonly bought vodka now.
Club goin up, on a work day.
must be fun as hell to work for Buzzfeed.
I like how they act progressively more drunk.
I had no idea Crystal Skull was from Dan Aykroyd!
"That's like, get you fired up for a fight"
Celebs have alcohols now?
I lost respect for the buzzfeed crew when the guy said "Dan Aykroyd has never been with cooler people in his life" you sir are a fucktard.
Why did they not try Mansinthe? (Marilyn Manson's Absinthe)
Dan Ackroyd hasn't been with a cooler bunch of people??? Friggin KIDS!!! He's Dan Fucking Ackroyd. Hello.. Blues Brothers! Saturday Night Live! This is what you get when a bunch of 20 somethings do a grown-up's job.
I didn't realize Nicki Minaj had so many fans.
Boom, nobody cares if your first or second.
Its offical. Life goal is to do buzzfeed videos. Lets do this.
These people have preteen taste in celebrities. Who disses Dan Aykroyd and applauds Nicki Minaj?!
I need to see the after video of their conversations! It's a must! They had to be buzzed!
Did they really just say that "Dan Akroyd has never been around a cooler group of people"?!?!?! That was a joke right?
"I think this is Nikki because it looks elegant." Riiiiight... Because Nikki Minaj is just the definition of elegant.
"It tastes like Nicki Minaj's lipstick." hahahaa
I love how none of the "first comments " are gonna matter in a few seconds when they aren't top comment
"It has a sweetness to it that my face would indicate otherwise!" bahhaahahaha
I'm 100% pure, i Don't even try this shit and i WONT !
Healthy people where are you ..
Celebrity alcohol? Since when?
Boom!!! First
Dan Aykroyd's never been with a cooler group of people? Really? Obviously that guy has never seen original SNLs or Ghostbusters. Or anything interesting.
what about Marilyn Manson absinthe?
Pause this shit..... did she just refer to Nicki Minaj as Queen and associate her with elegance? SINCE WHEN DID AN ELEGANT QUEEN SHAKE HER ASS FOR THE MASSES???
Try outlaw moonshine for our moonshine bandits 👌🏼
"It tastes like an apple crayon"
Crystal Vodka smells like Isopropyl alcohol and tastes as bad as the generic Alberston's store brand vodka. I would rub it on skin before taking a flu shot because that is about all it's good for. Grey Goose and Cîroc have nothing to worry about as Crystal Skull is shit vodka
Hey Buzzfeed, need anyone in the UK to work for you? 😁
smells like a yankee candle and low and behold its by a yankee lol
alcohol taste tests are my favoriteXD do more international ones!:D
Lol should've gotten them to try Marilyn Manson's alcohol Mansinthe 👏🏻
I could care less about celeb liquors. I just like watching the staff at BuzzFeed get hammered.
What does Pharrell's And Kanye West's Alcohol taste like?
"it would be hilarious if this was p diddy's alcohol"
"It's 11am. On a work day."
I'm in the wrong line of work.
I thought they were tasting the fake alcohol they drink in movies
So.....why are Andrew and Ashly not getting drunk together D:
Celeb alcohols?Weird! :/

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