People Try Bizarre American Food

People Try Bizarre American Food
People Try Bizarre American Food
Published on 12/10/2017
People Try Bizarre American Food


The chick in the red sweatshirt is cute as hell!
Hey America! You always say something about other countries food but you are pretty gross too!!!! So we are all even..... :P :P
I'm from the south never heard of pb&m
I don't know anyone in the midwest, including myself, that eats olive loaf. Gross.
I'm beginning to wonder if a pregnant woman come up with a few of these foods. haha
That lady's brunch is damn good
I would try that pickle, though. I'm the same exact way, I HATE pickles, one bite and out it goes. Blah!! If he liked it, I'm a believer (not belieber.)
I'm never going there , all looking gross , I'll stick to my bacon and poutine .
I'm from Texas & I've never had nor heard of "lady's brunch" or "PB&M" barf!
Who is the short hair girl with the maroon red sweatshirt? She's a cutie ;)
☁☀ ☁ ☁ ☁
☁ 🚁 ☁
/ | \
🌴 /🚔 \ 🌴
/ | \
🌴 /🚖 🚔 \ 🌴
/ | 🚔 \
⛽ / 🚔 🚔 \
🌴/ 🚔 \ 🚦 🚲 🏃
__/ 🚧🚧🚧 🚧 \____________ __ 🚗__ __ 🚙 __ __ 🚕 __ __
C' gave them OLIVE LOAF without any bread??! NO ONE eats olive loaf without BREAD!!!? I'm callin' shenanigans...
Lady's brunch looks like it should be going into my stomach right now lol
Who would want to puts mayo on peanut butter sandwich? 🙅
I love pickles. I love kool aid. I want a koolickle!
Ugh that girl in the red sweatshirt is way too adorable.
Where can I pick up a jar of koolaid pickles? That i want to try!
I'm from the south...born and raise. Never heard of ladies brunch or PB&M who tf puts mayo and peanut butter on the same damn sandwich? I almost threw up.
I am from the US and the only thing I would even touch in this video is that Ladys Brunch. The rest made me want to barf.
that girl... the red sweat... soooo cute :3
I'm from the south where do you get a lady's brunch? It looks great! I've never done just peanut butter and mayo but we've done peanut butter mayo and bananas and it's awesome
What on the eff is happening with the food outside of New Jersey?
I have no idea what brand of scrapple they are eating, but it does not look right, looks nothing like what we have in Delaware
Scrapple is amazing <3
What about Rocky Mountain oysters?!?!
The girl with the red sweatshirt, is a hottie!
That Asian girl is actually cute.
One of my favorite things in the world is a peanut butter and miracle whip sandwich.
We don't eat PB&M in the south.....
PB&M??? What part of the South are they eating this in? I'm from Mississippi and have never heard of such a thing..
Peanut butter & Jelly
Peanut butter & Banana
That didn't even look like scrapple we have in Maryland! Yikes. Lol
A ton of Philadelphians eat scrapple, but it doesn't look like that.
Olive loaf is way better from the deli. Its a must have in our house, but we have moved from PA to Texas and there isnt any olive loaf except prepackaged and its eww.
Scrapple!!!! Mmmmm
Peanut butter and Miracle Whip is what they should've tried. Mayonnaise holds no attraction!
" it's like really salty but I don't hate it" kind of like cum .-. Ahaha
As a resident of the Mississippi Delta, I have never even heard of a kool-aid pickle or a lady's brunch. Just putting that out there.
Next time have them try chamoy pickles. They look exactly like kool-aid pickles. I still haven't decided if I like them or not, but a lot of people here in South Texas do.
I'm from the south and never heard of either of those! Where in the south did THEY go? Lol
Yum! Scrapple!
omg i haventy had scrapple in forever
Why couldnt i be cast as a food taster!? 😠
Just proves the south has better food. Except pb&m never even heard of it till today
Scrapple is so good <3
I'm sorry...KOOLAID-PICKLE?!?!?!?!?!
Scrapple and olive loaf are both good.
Lady's brunch is actually amazing! Without the burger though. I used eat Olive Loaf all the time when I was little but now I think it's gross!
The scrapple was cut too thick
Wow! Never heard of some of these foods!

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