People Shared First Date Horror Stories That'll Make You Glad You're Single

People Shared First Date Horror Stories That'll Make You Glad You're Single
People Shared First Date Horror Stories That'll Make You Glad You're Single
Published on 10/17/2017
People Shared First Date Horror Stories That'll Make You Glad You're Single


On our first date he threw my flip flop into the ocean as a prank, cackled as it wash up onshore and I waded in waist deep water looking for it, gave me a piggy back ride off the beach to avoid getting my feet sandy and lost all the color in his face when I had to confess that my tampon had failed me and I bled on his back through the soaking wet shorts. Worst date ever; we're celebrating 5 years in July.
"homegirl comes out butt ass naked"
It was a blind date, and the guy lied about where we were going, took me to church instead, and introduced me to everyone as his girlfriend.
90% of my socks are single and you don't see them crying about it.
I expected Quinta to be in this
None beat Ross from FRIENDS and the date where he wore the leather pants that ended up shrinking :D
The broken penis story killed me .
Wouldn't it be funny if the people they dated is looking at this now? So heartbreaking lol
😑 how is this suppose to made me feel happy about my single life??? At least they got stories!
Went on a date with a guy who asked if we could give his friend a ride to work on our way and we 3 even stopped for coffee. She seemed very rude and bothered by my presence. Later on I pointed out how bothered she seemed he was like "yea she is trying to get used to me dating." When I asked what he meant he went on to explain that she was his ex of 4 years that he had broken up with a 1 month prior. Yea that's not weird at all...
Is it crazy that I've never been in a date with anybody .___,
I once went on a date and a damn maelstrom hurricane rain ensued when he was driving me home....the water was lookin kinda deep there in the street and he didnt want to risk messing up his truck so he just opened his door like, yup. Thats as far as I can go. And I was like, thats as far as you can go? And he was like, yep, I can't go no I had to run/practically swim down almost waist deep water to get home. I was 16 and awkward and about 1/2 way through movie he realized I wasn't gonna put out (*_*)
One guy took me to see Zero Dark Thirty on our first date and tried to kiss me while seal team six was killing Osama Bin Laden. Wasn't feeling it for sure.
i went on a date with a co-worker when i was a teen. he took me to his school basketball game. didn't introduce me to anyone, nor did he include me in the conversations. then we went to a movie that sucked,--again, no talking. He then drove me to the duck pond in the park & jumped on me. He was really shocked when i asked to be taken home, since i had no intention of making out with someone who ignored me all night. he was really mad & never spoke to me again.
Bigger 1st date horror story... We were stopping by his house to grab something, asked me in, told me to hold on and went into a room. Im thinking nothing of it. A kid runs up and greats me, followed by his mom (guys sister in law) we say a few things to each other before she's off to chase him again. Hear another door open and here comes an old lady in nothing but her bra and underwear. It was his 60+ yo mom.
The Naked (Wo)Man!! - How I Met Your Mother
I went on a date with a guy who picked his nose throughout the whole movie in the movie theater. He thought I didn't notice because it was dark. Oh, I noticed, buddy!! Then, he took me to the mall and he wanted to get something to eat. We went to the food court and I had no appetite whatsoever. I just watched him eat his food court meal with his chapped lips. He drove me home and hooray, there was a blizzard. It took almost 2 hours to get home when it was normally a 20 minute drive. Good times.
Orrrr stories that make me glad I'm married :P no more awkward dating for us!
Blind date I met on aol (yeah I'm that old) went to see a double feature at a drive in, and was invited to sleep over at his house. After 2 movies and my I don't think so meter going off he agreed to take me home (about an hour and a half away) I felt bad because I'm a silly cancer sign so being he's a city boy he's never been in the country. So we go out to complete boondocks and I tell him only to pull over a tires width on a country road with a high ditch. This dork proceeds to pull ALL THE WAY INTO THE DITCH. To the point he can't get out. I had to go to the closest farm (a pig farm no less) wake up a poor farmer to get the city boy out the ditch. We didn't speak back to my place. When I got out I heard him piss and moan about not getting laid. Little did he know I had the passenger window rolled down. I said for him to go back to that ditch and go fuck himself. No one messes with this small town girl. Lol
The loud eater lose weight guy - who IS that and is he single? Rawr.
also, that's wonderfully hilarious.
Blind date - Same guy: Insulin shot to the stomach at the table.. Then told me that his grandfather fell off a tractor in his back yard and was ran over... That his dad killed himself in the same spot in the back yard but before he did the act told his son (who I was on the date with) that he would die in the same spot in the yard too...... He still owns the trailer.. Last date with that guy
Holy shit. the one where he said i agree to her losing weight because he wasn't paying attention made me bust out laughing. I'm not even gonna lie.
Only gabby could play off throwing up that cool
I went on a date with this one guy...and he and I went to his house little did I know that my ex was his brother. My ex walked in on our kiss and almost beat the shit out of his brother. I ran out and that's the last time I ever saw that family again...
First date with a guy,he got pulled over for speeding,had a warrant out for his arrest. Last fixup I ever agreed to.
It wasn't exactly a date but good old fashion hook up via Grindr. Thing was flowing and it was the time for him to leave, instead he insisted to stay and cried because he was not going to see me anymore. We just celebrated our very 1st ever anniversary, which is like you know, 5 years in straight world. Ha ha
So bc he kissed a girl a few weeks earlier..her sister won't date him? That's stupid
I went on date to a show and dinner in vegas and went to my House to blow an L after the show. super blazing and I cough so hard I sharted my pants... Needless to say I went inside and changed and came out and she asked me to take her home
imagine the other person in the story watching this lol
I once went on a date where he didn't talk much, wouldn't walk with me, refused to wait a few minutes to eat and ended up taking me to a Wendy's and canceling halfway through our date and never talking to me again.
...and she was expecting a kiss after throwing
One of the great things about getting older - dating becomes completely superfluous. Which means you can get back to doing more important things like, well, just about anything else lol.
I remembered going on a date with a stranger I didn't really liked much.
I was crying and just going through a breakup, wearing a very sexy dress (it was sort of my revenge dress) and having a cigarette. This guy started talking to me and asked me for a date on the spot, then we went out for coffee then decided to text my friend to call me in 5 minutes pretending that she just broke up with someone. Well, I escaped the date knowing he was only staring at my tits.
My first date ever was worse than these. What guy pretends to hug you - then when he gets close opens his mouth and sticks his tongue out as he tries to go in for a kiss?! I literally ran to my front door.
My sister set me up on a blind date so I took her out to a place that specialized in Prime Rib. She got the prime rib and I got the fish. She finished her entire dinner and half of mine. When I took her home, she asked to go out again and we did. Next thing I know, she's telling everyone we're getting married.
I went on our first and only date with a guy who began the date by trying to get me interested in looking at Furrys. I thought okay a little weird but will finish our date and he then proceeded to tell me toward the end of the date that I would not be able to meet his family because they had shunned him for sexually assaulting his sister. I met another guy from the same site who on our first date told me that he's glad he never followed his serial killer tendencies because if he had he might have killed an innocent person like me following me giving my dinner's leftovers to a homeless man on the corner
My first date we tried kissing and we bumped teeth :3 Imagine the feeling.
Well I've never been on a date before and this just seems like they are all awkward or just want sex... From what I can tell of my friends telling me about them any ways
Or make you glad you're married...
I LOVE animals and the first date I ever had he took me to a restaurant where the whole taxidermied cast of bambi decorated every wall. I was mortified.
It's not butt naked It's buck naked.
the first date me and my boyfriend went on was his worst not mine. He was coughing and a huge ball of phlegm flew from his mouth and onto the windshield. He was 15 and I was 16. And he was mortified.
knew this one girl that was riddled with more insecurities than i can work with or tolerate worse as well as the of crime having irrational fear of dogs, i am very friendly to a pack of stray dogs (as their leader - this was my trip to brazil), then my cousin kept talking, whereas i wanted her to LEAVE. one of the dogs of pack notices me from the distance cousin is telling me "don't do it" asked my self "do i?" looked at did my calling (two claps) each of them crawled out under cars, fences, around the corner to assemble then chased her off i was never found again
So who's the dude who spoke first? He's so cute. D:
43k views and only 782 likes? Buzzfeed is going downhill
My first date ever was with a foreign exchange student and we went to Dairy Queen and had ice cream after school. Long story short he needed up on the same side of the booth as me and tried kissed me and kept kissing me. All I could taste was his nasty cigar mouth. Let's just say I didn't see him every again because he went home two weeks later.
What man tells a naked woman to get out of their apartment? That's the most gayest thing I ever heard 😂😂😂😂
Went to Prom as a Sophomore with a Junior boy whom I had told repeatedly that we were going as friends. He had his Grandma drive us, and I didn't mind. We went out to dinner first, and he made his Grandma sit at a different table and then after she dropped us off, he spent the entire night talking about his family members who were in prison. To make matters worse, he texted me exactly one month after Prom and said "Happy Anniversary". I'm thinking, "Of what? We went to Prom as friends!" A month after that he sends me this run-on text about being in the wrong part of Iraq and working with the gang he used to be in. This is a poor country boy from backwoods Tennessee whose idea of fun is sticking pencils through his gauges and super-gluing magazines to his nose. If he considered it a date, then it was my worst one ever.
That poor guy with the loud moth date lol

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