People Share Their Best Vomit Stories

People Share Their Best Vomit Stories
People Share Their Best Vomit Stories
Published on 10/17/2017
People Share Their Best Vomit Stories


Try vomiting about 15-30 times a day for 20 weeks straight.
On that note... Use protection kids.
One time I puked and then when I was done I saw the puke and then I puked again because of it. It was tragic.
Replace "vomit" with "fart" and this video will have just gotten 100x funnier.
I have a phobia of throwing up. I hate it, it's awful!
Pregnant at 37 weeks currently. Was eating soup, felt sick and gaged thought I was gonna make it to the bathroom made it but threw up on the floor instead of toilet. And if any of you have been pregnant your bladder is not the same. So I pee'd myself while throwing up. This just happened 3 days ago😖😩
So back in elementary school I had this friend Esther she wasn't feeling too good so we both sat down on the side, I saw her drink this weird tea or something and next thing I know she threw up on my shoes and just the sight of her made me throw up and we went down to the nurse together to this day I've been best friends with her
I literally would rather take a bullet than vomit or see someone vomit. Biggest phobia ever!
I got really sick before a trip to Vegas to with my then bf, I thought you know I'm gonna tough it out, go and have fun. While we were waiting to board the plane, I felt the need to throw up, so I go to the bathroom, as I'm throwing up I get massive diarrhea, so I literally shit my pants and threw up at the same time. Needless to say, we broke up after we got home lol
I'm having more fun with the personal stories in the comments more so than the video!
I puked white that night, and it was black the next morning. The grass still doesn't grow where it all landed
Sixth grade. I told my teacher I wasn't feeling well and was sent to the nurse's office with an escort who had been audibly told, in front of the whole class, to make sure the nurse knew I had a test that day.
The nurse, following my teacher's prompting, didn't take me seriously, told me I didn't have a fever, and sent me back to class.
I completed my test, then ran out of the classroom and back to the nurse's office. Didn't make it and wound up puking in the hallway on the floor. Was sent home with the stomach flu.
Got a 96% on that test, too. Bitches.
Buzzfeed must be buzz-bored. Haha, I made a funny
Is buzzfeed putting subtitles on their videos? Or is it just my settings?
Once my sister was playing with our grandma's dog and he got super excited and started throwing up which made my sister throw up and then me and so on. It pretty much looked like the seen from family guy.
I HATE that feeling when you're like ok I'm going to make it to the bathroom, am I going too make it...oh wait shit here it comes BRACEEE youreself lol..
Why am I watching this while eating? 😂
I barfed on my boyfriends head well he was sleeping (I was super wasted at the time) and then when he got up I tried cleaning it with my bare hands and wound up laying in my own puke crying. At which point my boyfriend picked me up and put me in the shower, he then preceded to clean the bed.
I had the most embarrassing vomiting story ever!!
Buzzfeed is running out of ideas.
I once drank a bunch of water and, for whatever reason, it made me have to barf. So, I ran to the bathroom but didn't make it toilet in time. Instead, I projectile vomited all over the wall and simultaneously laughed SO HARD because my barf was spraying the wall and it was really hilarious.
My dog puked last month and I puked while cleaning it! She started wagging her tail- I guess she thought we bonded a little!
One time in french class I was laughing so hard that it made my abs make such a force that I puked.
On my 19th birthday I started throwing up over a patio at a bar, and I turned around and did a celebratory "I'm ok!" and the entire patio and bar erupted into cheers and applause. I felt like I had just done an amazing gymnastics routine and stuck the landing. You bet I rallied.
3foot bong + jack n the box+ public transit bus
I threw up in 1st class on Virgin airlines. I filled that bag!! No one knew because we were in front. But the flight attendant took the bag from my hubby. I was super embarrased. My husband handed the flight attendant $20 when we got off the plane.
I had a few friends come over when I had the flu. I told them how sick I was and I proceeded to projectile vomit every where while simultaneously shitting my pants. Yea at least they were nice enough to take me to the hospital after I took a shower... though I had to sit on a towel haha AshleeGerrard.
Way back when I was 21 my girlfriend and I had some guys at the bar buy us tequila shots. The second it hit my throat I knew it was coming. I ended up puking down the back of a girl I didn't know wearing a backless dress in front of hundreds of people. Could not get out of there fast enough! My apologies random girl!
Sandra Carolina I would share one of your stories but there are just too many lol hands down you win classiest throw up story 😂
Every time I puke is the worst time.
I hate the word puke. Bleah. I'm not watching, but I think there should be fart stories. FART, not SHART.
As i was "pushing" (i was in labor with my youngest son )managed to projectile vomit on my mother and the nurses in the room. Worst part is i had peas for dinner that apparently never digested.
When I was 6 my sister took me to the movies to see titanic I didn't want to see so to keep me from complaining she got me my own popcorn and let me put on the butter myself during the part where jack dies I told my sister I didn't feel good she didn't take me to the bathroom and I ended up puking in the lady next to me popcorn bucket pretty much feeling it half way. I didn't know who she was I just took her popcorn while she was still eating it and just let it rip. I'm so sorry lady now that I'm older I feel ready bad.
Ugh. Reminds me of when I had to drink a bunch of liquid charcoal to pump out my stomach. I had to hold my own barf bag and had just finished my umpteenth barf attack when in walks this nurse with beautiful, pristine white tennis shoes. That's when my body decided it was too weak from all the vomiting and explosive butt syndrome [diarrhea] to hold on to my barf bag it just fell out my hands and onto the floor, then proceeded to splash its contents all over that nurses' beautiful shoes and the bottoms of her scrubs. I still feel so, so bad about htat.
Katelin Lepp... I think mine story is better
I think your story should be on here 😂 Wesley
I think your story should be on here 😂 Wesley
First grade. Girl sitting across from me at the lunch table puked up her hotdog. I looked down, and when I saw the soupy hotdog substance all over her tray and mine...I lost it....then made my own contribution.
Even amongst first graders, everyone was appalled.
When I was little I pooped myself in bed. The smell was so bad I puked afterwards. When I was done with bodily fluids fiasco I tried to hide the evidence under the mattress. I had poop and puke under my nails for days!😕
I remembered a friend of mine told me that Takis and beer don't go well together because you'll throw up. I told him that I don't throw up dude. After a few beers and eating almost half of the Takis of the regular size, my friend drove me about 1-2hrs to my other friends place but decided to go through a drive through to get food. I woke up and saw the sign of Carl's Jr at night and threw up on my friends door because I couldn't open it in time. 30min later or so, we went to my other friends house and I threw up again but this time in my friends bushes. LOL never again will I ever mix the two ever...
I sat there in the class, 4th grade, minding my own business when my stomach decided to mess my day up. Being the kind of person I am, the vomit came up my throat and I managed to hold it in my mouth. The whole mouth filled with the vomit, with one little drop coming out the side of my lips. This girl was sitting right next to me, I nudged her, and tried to tell her what's wrong with me so she can ask the teacher for me to be dismissed for the toilet. Obviously without any words. After a 5 min struggle, I ended up writing on the table the word 'vomit', she went 'Oooooooooooohhhh' and quickly called upon the teacher. I left the class, scurried towards the toilets and this peon/sweeper walked past me staring at me with a big smile on his face, he gave me the thumbs up and well.... End of the story.
I was playing quarters with girlie beer and THEN liquor. (I was young) There were 4 of us. I'm an empathetic puker so when the first person started puking on the back porch, I ran to the bathroom. There was one bathroom. The last two, induced by myself and the first person, hit the bathroom sink and the tub. At this point there are 4 people puking in harmony. I don't even have to lean over. Just stood at the toilet and aimed.
Lms if you havnt vomit in 12 years 🙋i have a phobia.
Well, it wasn't me vomiting, but one time my best friend came over, and she was sick but we where like 6, so who even cares if someone is sick as that age.? When we got home everything was going great, until she went and puked, but she didn't tell me it was all over the toilet seat, and again being 6 she didn't think to clean it up. So its the middle of the night, and I go to the bathroom and I sat in it. I immediately screamed and called for my mom, waking everyone in the house up. I was crying and she was laughing at me and it was just not a good time for anyone. But we look back and laugh about it now, so its cool.
Considering the fact that I am going to go do Semester at Sea, this is something to really think about...
It was Valentine's Day in the third grade. my best friend Chandra Williams started to feel sick. (after eating too much candy) she told our teacher she wasn't feeling good, but our teacher was a bitch and told her to sit back down. 3 minutes later I watched in slow motion as She sneezed and then projectile vomited pink puke all over her desk. I think our teacher learned a lesson that day...always send a kid who isn't feeling well to the nurse 😐
Kalia WilliamsChelsea WilliamsTayler Williamss
I was pregnant, (only like 12 weeks) and ran to the bathroom at a public place to barf. When i came out, there was a bunch of girls standing there staring at me asking if I was ok to which i replied, "yeah no problem, I do this everyday." afterwards, i realized the look of confusion on their faces, meant they probably thought i was bulemic or something
So one time at girl scouts during our Christmas camping trip, we all slept in the mess hall and I ate too much and had to puke. Well the bathrooms were on the other side of where we slept and so I tried to run the 30-40 feet that was the mess hall and I puked and then slipped in my puke and landed on my butt. It was bad.
When I was like 10 I puked on the way home from somewhere. Looked my mom in the eye and said puke then puked into my lap in the front seat. Got the floorboards my lap, completely missed the teddy bear sitting in my lap, then got in the backseat as I tried doing round two out the window. She had to clean the entire car inside and out. That crap got on the roof of the car somehow
When I was a kid I was at a friend's birthday party, and that morning I had eaten a blueberry muffin and it just wasn't sitting well but I blew it off and played with my friends on the trampoline. All the sudden, I get cold sweats and start panicking, enough to draw the attention of EVERY KID AND PARENT THERE so when I ran into the house to hurl there were like 20 people following me. I didn't make it to the bathroom though, I projectile vomited all down their hallway and all over their bathroom. All of my friend's friends (that I didn't know at all) were watching me demolish my friend's house. The puke was bluish and I swore off blueberry muffins for at least 12 years.

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