People React To Extraction Videos

People React To Extraction Videos (WARNING: Not for the queasy.)
People React To Extraction Videos
Published on 10/19/2017
People React To Extraction Videos
(WARNING: Not for the queasy.)


That moment when you actually have been watching those types of videos for the last week or so then BuzzFeed actually does a video on it...
I found this satisfying to watch XD
Please tell me I'm not the only one...
"It's attached to real parts!!" LOLOL 😂😂😂😂😂
I was tricked into being in this.
"It's frosting right?" "It's cheese" 😂
Once you pop, the fun don't stop
Nope. Fuck you. Not watching.
Is it bad I went to her Instagram page and spent a good hour watching her videos?
Who actually watched the whole thing lmao am I the "1 view"
I was going to comment how disgusting this is but I'm to busy taking a dump to do so
I was too scared to watch so I came to the comments to get a feel of what I might be seeing... More scared than I was before. Nope.
I am terrified at how fascinated I am at this.
Gross but, ugh, somebody went to school for it.
I love cyst extraction/blackhead popping, etc videos. It's just satisfying to see something removed where it shouldn't be. Wanna see something gross? Watch a bot fly removal - that's gross.
Extracting wha--- oh...
Love those videos they fascinate me
Mr. Wilson. Ha I watch these. I love them. I need a life.
I was eating. Thanks buzzfeed
So I watched this and didn't turn away or feel grossed out, watching horror movies pay off :D
I love watching extraction videos and I have a queasy stomach lol
I love watching those kinds of videos lbvs! It's cool I wish I could pop them ...
Nasty. Absolutely not relaxing for me! I covered the actual videos with my finger so I could just watch their reactions.
I thought this was a blowjob video...
Why the fuck did I watched this before going to bed? #GrossedOut Like I saw the Warning and totally went for it.
I'm totally a popaholic. I really like watching those videos.
I like earwax videos lol
I am guilty of watching these types of videos on YouTube. 😂
I've watched that first video just a couple of days ago. I don't know why, but from time to time when I'm using youtube for what it's mainly for - kitties and epic fails - one of the related videos takes me to the dark side of the internet - either botfly larvae extractions or Dr. Vikram Yadav (this indian doctor who says "comedone extractor" the cutest way) and Dr. Sandra Lee... She talks about zits and blackheads as if they were cupcakes. "Mmm, this is a good one!" 😐 😓 And then I'm grossed out... but can't look away. Idk, there's something satisfying about seing dirt being removed from the skin... I just turn it off when it gets to the cottage cheese ones.
"It's attached to real parts!"
I love Keith 😂😂😂😂
The best part is watching people's reactions.
I don't enjoy watching videos like this, but I do enjoy doing it, but only like black heads.
Annnnd then the truth comes out where people admit they've already watched these videos...and can't stop.
I'm an esthetician and I love watching these videos!!!!
Is my guilty pleasure watching these kind of videos!
Jessica Jenkins This is the videos of the chick I was talking about that puts her extractions videos of blackheads and cyst on Instagram. Enjoy…
Who doesn't enjoy popping pimples or getting black and whiteheads out? I have a black head extractor and I LOVE it. Makes me feel clean!
Nothing but satisfaction when you rid your pores of toxins and dirt. Not to mention everyone has tiny, minuscule mites living in your pores and on your skin...right at this very moment.
My lord I just threw up! People need to take Better care of their skin & hygiene Period & stuff like this won't happen.
I can't believe I watched the whole video!!
Couldn't finish it! I tried to just want their reaction but hovering my thumb over their screen was too gross! I couldn't even put my finger near it!!!
Ya I'm gonna puke. My legs are tingly lol
Can't believe it's not butter.
I kinda like watching these videos 😂😂
Is anyone else not bothered by it 😂
Or is it just me
Very interesting, I wanted to look away at times but I'm a curious feller
"Isn't this going against Instagrams guidelines "😳😳😷😱
"I feel queasy 😷" .. "I feel sad 😢 " lol
"But I can't look away."
"I can look away."
I love all of Dr. Sandra Lee's videos! I've had a weird obsession with watching stuff like this for a while and it never makes me feel queasy lol each one has its own mystery, it's fun not knowing what's gonna come out!😂
Am I the only one who made it 10 seconds into the video before I had to shut it off? Ewww! 😷
I just followed that lady on IG. idk what to say.

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