People Of Color Try Sailing For The First Time

People Of Color Try Sailing For The First Time
People Of Color Try Sailing For The First Time
Published on 10/23/2017
People Of Color Try Sailing For The First Time


I'm black. I have been sailing plenty of times...this video doesn't offend me. Stereotypes exist for a reason...who cares? Each race has their good stereotypes and bad it is what makes us human. At the end of the day we are all human and equal in the eyes of God.
"People of Color"
Here's what we will call "Soft Racism"
This is the best racist video you guys have put out. Everyone is throwing their own stereotypes for their own color. Rich white people, asians do it for a purpose, black people can't swim. Lmfao.
There is only one race. Human race but a lot of cultures.
Couldn't we just said "People who have never sailed" Everyone are "People of Color" holy hell buzz feed.
Because all white people sail on weekends.
Honestly sick of the race crap Buzzfeed. It's not funny!
Black and Yellow Black and Yellowwwww
I'm starting to think people have no clue what racism truly is.
Dear Buzzfeed, please edit the title of this video (preferably removing the "People Of Color" bit) so that these butthurt bitches will STOP complaining and sucking every ounce of hilarity out of your otherwise awesome videos like this. Sincerely, Black And Still A Fan.
I'm still trying to figure out why Jamar is wearing a sweater vest.....
Queue all the butthurt white people, upset about nothing.
Y'all people of color call themselves people of color. Calm down. It's politically correct.
"People of color" refers to anyone who isn't white
Why do people get so butt hurt over "people of color"
This was meant to be funny you people are taking it all the way left....Laugh a little it doesn't hurt. Everything isn't a race issue :)
ATTENTION fellow white people: stop it. Obviously the "people of color" in the video didn't care!
ummmm, i'm confused.... cuz I was in the Navy for 9 years.....just saying. This vid makes no's weird
Part of me is offended but most of me is just annoyed. Maybe it's because I live on the coast and have spent my life in and around the water but this is just silly.
I really don't understand this video. It insinuates that white people are always comfortable with sailing but every other ethnicity is not. That is a huge stereotype. There are plenty of white people who would be uncomfortable sailing. This video only strengthens racial prejudices. Also, "people of color", really? What is this, the 50's? If I said someone was "colored" nowadays I'd expect to be slapped by that person. If this does not offend you, then you're ignorant. Plain and simple. Shame on you BuzzFeed.
Is there a presumption here that colored people don't sail? You know like all those indonesian and arab fishermen
sailing for anyone and it doesn't matter what color you are.
Because all white ppl have been sailing and its commonplace for white ppl? None of the white ppl I know have been sailing. This is a stupid video
Can we get a video of white people trying pig's feet with collard greens, grits, watermelon, and strawberry lemonade? How about gin and juice?
Whats next buzzkill asians using forks for the first time. Blacks playing golf?
I think were all missing the real problem at hand here which is Why the FCK would you get on a boat named "poltergeist" ? lmaooo
I just don't get why they think colored people don't sail...and really a lot of people don't own boats but have still been on a boat before. I'm not rich and I'm not a person of colored but the video gave me a weird vibe. Why cause drama where there's not any?
WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT!? Its so cheap of BuzzFeed to label their videos with such borderline offensiveness just to get people to comment. Be creative without being stupid.
I'm a person of color and know no other people of color who sails, I thought it was funny, and didn't get offended by the term "people of color", if they said "colored folks" I would've been like waaaaaait a minute
why cant it be people who are sailing for the first time. what is the point of saying people of color? why does that matter?
Do "people of color" not normally sail?
A tad bit on the racist side.
Is this satire?
Don't like the title
"Rich white people".....I'm sure plenty of black rappers and athletes have yachts, I'm sure plenty of asian international business leaders and celebrities have been sailing. White people aren't the only people with opportunity, let's get out of the dark ages shall we?
I was under the assumption that anyone could sail a boat
i like they they could only find two black people and an asian to go.
How narrow minded can someone get! 'People of Color'? Doesn't matter what color you are....there's always a first for everyone.
So apparently all "people of color" are so underprivileged that they need to take pity on us....right this video is fucking stupid
How stupid are yall? Colored people go sailing? Are yall running out of ideas for videos? Two black people, and an asian chick on a boat with a white lady isnt entertaining.
This is so racist
I was expecting some lost tribe from the amazon to sail, according to this title.
Fucking stupid, I sail and a lot of the people I bring on the boat are black and never acted like this. And people wounded why there is still racism in America
I play Assassin's Creed: Black Flag, so I know how to sail. lol :P jk
Why didn't they just title it "People Try Sailing For The First Time"?
But then again, when they add the first part, it stirs a little more curiosity
"Asians like to do things with a purpose. Like shrimping or getting on a boat to escape a war torn country" truest shit I've ever heard
I live in FL and I'm around the water and boats constantly. I'm a person of color soooooo whatever lol. I think it should've said, people who go boating for the first time. No need for the color thing, we gotta stop dividing ourselves. We are all the same.
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