People Eat Bugs For The First Time

People Eat Bugs For The First Time
People Eat Bugs For The First Time
Published on 11/24/2017
People Eat Bugs For The First Time


"tastes like stainless steel animal sadness"
Brb boarding a train to NOPE-VILLE
When almost everyone enjoyed the scorpion and tried to eat more 😂😂😂
"Don't lick the bug, that's not the right way to eat the bug" omg I died :'D
That last comment though😂😂 "mushing together different chicken bits into dinosaur shapes"🐛🐜
I had the deep fried scorpion in Beijing back in 2006, it was SOOO GOOD, I couldn't get enough of it!!!
That's nice. Still ain't eating 'em.
Wow they act like the never ate bugs as kids, big babies, I ate a live grasshoppers when I was little, it tried to crawl back up my throat so I drank soda and drowned that b*tch and a hand full of live worms, that was delicious...At least ya'll had sauce and stuff and the bugs were dead, wimps lol =)
High in protein.
People in 3rd world countries eat things like this all the time.
Just gotta watch Andrew Zimmern's show... it's a trip.
I don't think I could ever do this. Kudos to people who can... I wouldn't be able to get over the fact that I'm eating little antennas and legs. 😩😩
Did anybody else notice that Quinta didn't eat ANYTHING 😄😄😄
I know we got some cheetos lmaooo
Well, we eat bugs in Thailand.
And obviously it's not because we don't have other food to eat. (Duh) Some people like them, some people don't. It's not unusual but it's not what you'll find in every place selling food. It's like one of those stuff people eat when they drink and when you're about to order you kind of look around the table and ask if other people would be okay with that. lol
Personally, I like bamboo worms. When I see foreign people try to eat crickets or grasshoppers I just think to myself "Hope you know to remove legs and wings first... Those are a real b*tch."
I've always heard the song as "nobody like me, everybody hates me, guess I'll go eat worms. Long thin slimy ones short fat juicy ones, itsy bitsy fuzzy wuzzy worm!" HA HA!
'Don't lick it! What are you doing Keith?'
Isn't this how Steve Irwin died? 😂
Well now I know that if I was deserted somewhere that SCORPIONS are the most delicious bug. Thanks.
Just looking at them eat makes me cringe. Like, that's how much I hate insects.
Crickets, grasshoppers and worms are mexican snacks :)
Hakuna Matata." Hahaha LOL
Eventually bugs are going to be a huge food resource in the future, so stop being little bitches.
I freakin love Justin and Zach.
You'd have to pay me big bucks for me to eat a bug. Gross!!! 😩
Quinta B didn't even eat one...I was waiting the whole video for her to eat one :(
Justin is so hawt.
Scorpions are pretty good. Ate some deep fried ones at a camp when I was younger.
My stomach is lurching just watching this......NOPE
Marisa Ramli waah, jadi tmbh pnsaran nih :v di thailand kan banyak yg bginian beb :3
I don't understand how every video is so entertaining. They'll probably have a tv network by the end of the year. BuzzFeed OE
😂😫 this made me laugh so hard!
"But right now, we got some Cheetos."
oh hell NO
Just did a last week where we did the tin can challenge but had bugs involved. we had two different types of scorpions which neither were in this video, a zebra tarantula, a rhino beetle, and a bag of mixed larva. to me everything was just really dry but scorpions and pineapple juice taste great together
No...t-that was a sting ray honey...
Have you looked at any member of the shellfish family we all eat regularly? Not a huge step to the left here.
Haha! i dowanna tRy it 😨😨
Can this be served to the Missouri legislators?
But right now I know we got some Cheetos 😂😂😂
Steve Irwin died from a sting ray not a scorpion
Poor crickets
where is ash and drew :(
Feed me Buzz ,bugs. thank you. Eww.Gross!
I'm glad these guys do the videos. Makes for much more entertainment. Haha
If you don't wanna eat meat and still need protein (we do need protein), bugs are actually good choice for subsitute. They are rich with such nutrient.

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