People Attend A Passover Seder For The First Time

People Attend A Passover Seder For The First Time
People Attend A Passover Seder For The First Time
Published on 10/18/2017
People Attend A Passover Seder For The First Time


"Honey you can have the whole bottle" :) HA
Do they do the same story every year? I lived in University City, MO for a year or so. Huge Jewish population there, I was the only Christian in my apartment building. Best neighbors I've ever had.
I've been to Seder twice; it's an amazing experience.
I need Jewish friends
I'm 22, Jewish and live in Israel. That is the first time i see a woman wearing 'kipa' and call herself a rabbi. I like her.
Hahaha "if he doesn't show up, do you pour a little bit out?"...."for the homies". I died!!
terrible representation of the seder
What was their prize for finding the afikoman??? We always got money :P
I love Passover seders. Never left one sober before thats for sure 😏
I need Jewish friends in my life. Honestly, I'm an atheist but out of all religions a like jewish people the best. They just kind of do their own thing, and the briskets. The delicious briskets.
I love that you guys did this!
It's not about religion, it's about relationship. Relationship with Jesus Christ, and sharing that life changing relationship with those you come in contact with every single day.
A woman rabbi? Come on... If you are going to teach a tradition, do it right. Men has his roles so does women on judaism. Good initiative, bad performance.
That is not a Rabbi. Should have brought in a Chabad Rabbi.
Love this! I am so interested in other cultures and religions. I wish I could be a part of something like this.
They should attend a Sephardic Seder. We have much better food, as anyone ;-)
I always see people complaining about these videos and people not being 100% serious and respectful. I can't help thinking that these same people must be a barrel of laughs at holiday gatherings. They weren't being disrespectful, they were enjoying themselves. That's not wrong.
the proper term for her is a "Rebbetzin"
Ya'll gotta sit thru a real religious chareidi seder to see what a pesach seder is whooole different expierence
"It kinda cleanses the palette." -Really bro?
a female rabbi tho.. if ur gonna do it, at least do it properly
this was great to watch and can i just say CONGRATS everyone! we made it through passover!
At our Seders we do the Passover rap
You rock, female Rabbi!
Definitely not a Jewish woman rabbi...
Haha that was so cute when they were looking for the matzah. But why did the female rabbi need a kippah?
Why hate.... just love 🙏 👬👭👫
Passover as a kid was torture....worst memories of my childhood come from Passover Seders >>
As a jew, it was wonderfull to see another type of a seder especially one with people that dont know what a seder is! my favorite part is the songs and reading together with your most loved people!
I'm Jewish and I find it really interesting to see other people try a Passover seder :)
God has not given the authority to women to lead the home and therefore be the "rabbi" of the home. The Seder is much more sacred than this. More cherished.
I've been to a Passover Seder before...this is funny lol
Omg people stop complaining about the female who wore a kippa!
Yeah i know she shouldnt but she doesnt know
At least they tried to do the passover seder. And thats make me glad :)
why is that stupid bitch wearing a kipa? im fucking ashamed!
They forgot the slaughtering of the lamb that's involved in a traditional passover Seder.
i thought watching this was going to explain to me what a passover seder is. al i saw was people eatting drinking and saying stuff i didnt understand haha
Been to passover three times now since my fiancé is Jewish. Anyways a good time for family and friends to get together!
Overall, this captured it well. Nicely done.
I would like to go to a Passover Seder.
I'm glad that they were able to have this experience; however, Jewish law explicitly forbids the presence of non-Jews at the Passover Seder. Gentiles can come to any Jewish holiday, just not this one.
The leader of the Seder did not look too happy that the Buzzfeed people were focusing more on the food than the spiritual meaning.
Some Christians also host Passover Seder.
Good thing you can't post pictures in the comments....sooo many assholes would have posted Hitler pics
ok but why the hell does the woman wear kippa? is this some kind of reform judaism crap?
Respect to those who participated and actually learnt something. It shows the immature attitudes of some participants. Surely participating in a ritual you should be respectful.
I don't understand why there are so many people saying that they're being disrespectful. They're all experiencing something new to them and it was refreshing to see them express themselves as best they could. I personally would probably feel the same way at a Seder, seeing as how I've never been to one. Doesn't mean I'm disrespectful to the religious tradition. You self righteous facebookers need to get a life.
Mmmmmmm Manischewitz
Great rabbi!!! No one could've explained better
I love the positivity of both the video and the comment section :)
I lost it when the guy at the beginning said "I've watched the Prince of Egypt" XD

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